Documents for Study in the USA application

If you are a full-time student, you can live in the U.S. However, having your documentary work right while you are here can distinguish between successful studies and possible deportation — even if temporarily preventing you from returning to the country.

It is important to ensure that you have the right documents for your studies abroad.

Here are the documents which are required for international students in the USA

1) A legal passport.

2) previous educational records.

3) acceptance letter of the previous school

4) your student visa

5) Or if a visitor visa.

6) An admission stamp and arrival or departure records.

7) Tax arrangements and forms

8) Application fee and financial data

9) Passport

10) Academic records

11) Test scores sheet

The following information is needed in most applications:

Personal information which includes your name, age, address, family background, birthplace, citizenship, etc.

Extra educational Activities like club memberships, awards, team or achievements.

Educational plan in future in the form of essay with an explanation of why you want to get admission in a particular school, courses of study, your career destination and plan.