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What We Do - WSL Consultants



Free Counselling

Being a visa consultant in Lahore our team of professional specialists will provide you with free counseling for study abroad. Our team of trusted advisors will examine your case properly and then will guide you accordingly. They will give you that advice which is suitable for you. First-time assessment of your documents and your case if totally free for all.


Visa Services

We offer particular visa services in Pakistan. We actually care for the application procedure and guide the students properly to make the correct arrangement of documentation required for visa application. Being a visa consultant in Lahore we believe that the visa application process is not so simple that everyone can do this. To apply for any kind of visa you need specific knowledge to place an application in any embassy. Otherwise, your case will be refused due to improper documentation.


Financial Assistance

Our consultancy is one of the best education consultants in Lahore for a more significant level of instruction where we can bolster our customers according to their money-related documentation by giving them a Facility In which we care about our students’ needs. We generally keep in contact with our customers and regard every one of them.


Health and Travel insurance

Indeed, even with limited spending, we can offer you the most qualified education and wellbeing or travel insurance. We will push you to essentially spare the absolute expense of instruction through the build-up of the enlistment and preparing systems. We will direct you to the most ideal method for wellbeing and travel insurance from all over Pakistan. In Case of Addressing to us, you can get the most elevated opportunities to acquire extra subsidizing sources, for example, grants or awards and so forth.


Accommodation Services

We spare your time in the numerous instructive establishments of abroad, WSL is an official agent of them. We likewise apply fruitful affirmation techniques, as well as utilize a solid and demonstrated strategy for scanning for scholastic projects, so our customers abstain from making superfluous advances and don’t waste their time in searching for recovery of information. In the life of everybody, there are significant and urgent strides to Entering in a college. Let the experts help you at each progression for the confirmation.