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WSL Consultants are providing Study Abroad Visa Solution and Visit Visa consultancy services in Pakistan. We are providing this service since 2012. Our core services are Study in Canada, Study in Austria, studying in Italy, Study in Turkey, Study in UK and Study in USA etc. If you want FREE ASSESSMENT please fill the form or CALL US.

Our visit visa consultancy services are USA Visit, Canada visit, Malaysia visit, Turkey visit. We help our students and clients related to their documents and file preparation, Bank statement sponsors and invitation from any international firms. We charge minimal services. We provide FREE Case Assessment, please check the below list of our services in detail.

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Our Services
WSL Consultants are providing Consultant services in Pakistan since 2011. We are dealing in different countries like Canada, Austria, Italy, UK, and USA . Our consultancy services are on reasonable charges. We are dealing following countries :

Study in Canada with & Without IELTS
There are a lot of people who look forward to studying in Canada in 2020-21.Regardless of who you are and from where you belong. You may have a desire in pursuing higher studies in the country. Students from all over the globe enroll in various Canadian institutes to seek higher education. WSL Consultant can provide you complete information regarding Study in Canada and can help you to obtain admission in Canadian institute, form filling and complete guidance .

Study in Austria
Austria is European country and offering Free Education for international students to study in their public universities. WSL Consultant is offering opportunity to study in Austria. Free Study in Austria is an opportunity for those students who cant afford to pay the heavy university fees, but they want to study abroad. We are guiding students to study in Austria and providing complete guideline to cover all aspects of that news and will be providing you with useful information regarding the process of application, benefits, and ease of studying in Austria .

MBBS in Turkey in public University on Scholarships
Turkey is one of the preferred destinations for international students. It is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer to the world. For students, there are certain institutes that are known all over the globe for the quality education they provide. So, you might want to enroll in a university in Turkey and may look forward to a scholarship. Call +92 323 8451958

Visit and Tourism (USA, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia)
WSL Consultants offering consultancy services for visit visas and tourism. We have vast experience in USA visit visa and Canada visit visa. We are also dealing in Turkey visit visa as well as Malaysia visit visa. Consultant for these services are available but we offer complete package, including invitation, file preparation and form filling etc .

Jobs in Canada
Canada is offering jobs for foreigners to fulfill its job market. We are helping those person who want to get job offer from any Canadian employer and want to do job in Canada. You can send you detail about your age, education and desire job to us and we will apply for different jobs in Canada. The process takes some time but you have good chances to obtain Job Offer Letter from Canadian employer. We are only providing consultancy services for this. Please contact us +92 322 6742267 (same on whats app) for further detail and procedure of application .

Study in Hungary
Hungary is European country and offering international students to study in their public universities. WSL Consultant is offering opportunity to study in Hungary. Study in Hungary in 2020-21 is going to be an amazing experience for students and they are going to enjoy a lot of benefits. This guide will cover all the aspects of that news and will be providing you with useful information regarding the process of application, benefits, and ease of studying in Hungary.

Higher Education in Turkey for Pakistani Students
The universities in both societies( Egypt and Turkey) are overcrowded. Their output of students is not closely aligned with the needs of their national economies. There are great social inequalities in both societies which are reflected in patterns of admission to higher education; some groups, particularly among the poor and those from rural areas, especially women, are badly under-represented in the student body. Although the reasons behind the eruptions have been different in each case both in Egypt and Turkey, students have come to play a direct and often violent role in the political life of the society and the university campuses have become political battlegrounds for warring factions. That, at least in the Turkish case, was unti11980 when the Turkish army, for the third time in post-war history, took over the running of the state.

Since 1980 universities in Turkey have faced a new set of problems. The problems of political unrest have been overcome, although for how long no one can tell, and the military regime has consolidated itself. Universities have been brought strictly to heel under the direct central control of a Higher Education Council (Y0K). They have been purged of staff thought to be politically unreliable and their former autonomy has been taken away from them. National curricula have been imposed and new institutions set up to cope with the large numbers of young people who seek higher education. Staff have been redeployed and severe new disciplinary measures have been imposed. Many Turkish academics have been sacked; many more have resigned and there is grave concern in the country among academics about falling standards in Turkish higher education.

The aim of this post is to explain why these problems have developed and have taken their particular form. In what follows the development of Turkish higher education will be examined first and some of the values which have inspired it. These developments are then set alongside patterns of social change to explain the social, religious and political differentiation among Turkish students. Since the quality of higher education is critical to a country’s ability to profit from modem science and technology, the role of Turkish higher education will be discussed in relation to the economy and in particular to the formation of technically qualified personnel. Finally, the development of Turkish higher education since the military coup of 1980 will be discussed.

The unique developments of Turkish higher education there is an underlying logic at which work sets the constraints and opportunities on what can be achieved in Turkey given its particular economic structure, development strategies and state form.