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Study Abroad Consultants

WSL Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is one of the top study abroad consultants in Lahore, Pakistan. WSL is also a visa consultants in Lahore providing study abroad and visa consultancy services to Pakistani students for different countries like Australia, Austria, UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan and China, etc. WSL provides free assessment to all students. We offer our students a variety of institutions and courses to choose from. As a study abroad consultants, we have the wide-ranging capability in the education sector.

Our success rate for our students is remarkable. Our core responsibility is to make sure that students who want to study abroad should get the latest information about that country where he wants to study. We are dedicated to providing an effective step by step guide to all levels of students and professionals according to their Attitude, Aptitude, Affordability, interests, and plans about their future.

I would like to thank W S L Consultants and the entire team, especially Ms. Raffia Shabbir for helping me get my student visa for Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria. She helped me in finding the right university and course. She was there for me through the entire process and was knowledgeable of everything. If I had any queries, She would always reply promptly, no matter how many times I called her. Thanks again Madam Raffia Shabbir, for helping me achieve my dreams.

Umar Farooq Student

I applied my Austria study case through WSL consultants in three Austrian universities and got admission in 2 universities. Now my case at the process of legalization and verification. WSL provided me complete information regarding admission, verification and visa. Austria is recommended for those who want to study in Europe in very low budget.

Bilawal Afzal Student

I found them very professional, WSL helped me in Austria admission, form filling and case preparation. If you are looking for good consultancy services with affordable and reasonable charges then do contact WSL consultants. Recommended.

Abdul Razaq Student

Very good consultants of Pakistan. I am in canada and i consulted them for my mother's visit case and she obtained visa also. They guided me very well in case preparation and documentation. recommended for canada tourist case processing.

Fahad Naveed Visitor

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