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Austria is the 12th wealthiest country in the world. It is located in central Europe and surrounded by land and mountains. Austria is bordered by 8 countries which are Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy. About 16. Foreigners are only 2% (two percent) of their total population.

Austria is recognized for its strong historical and cultural background throughout the world.
Austria has seven top universities globally ranked. In these universities and other institutions of Austria more than 87,000 international students are studying. Different institutions in Austria offer funding and scholarships to these international and European students.

Students can work to accommodate their daily expenses with a work permit.

The Educational System in Austria is divided into two groups. One is public institutions, and the other is the free school system run by the Austrian Government. First to nine years of education is compulsory in throughout Austria.

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Why Study in Austria?

There is a number of reasons which will motivate you to study in Austria. Few are given here.

Lowest Fee in Austria

  • Students must pay the social and student union fee of about ₠363.36 per semester. The students belonging from the third countries will have to pay about 726.72 Euros as a tuition fee per semester, and the students who are admitted in some definite lectures will have to pay only 363.36 Euros as a tuition fee per semester.

Scholarships in Austria

  • The Austrian universities offer different scholarship opportunities to the European and International students. But these scholarships are offered on the basis of your country’s origin and the degree level of your studies. These scholarships are funded by the government and different higher education institutions to undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, P.hD. students and researchers.
  • If you wish to study in Austria in any diploma or degree and you want a partially or fully funded grant/scholarship, then you must search for available scholarships at the Austrian Database for Scholarship and Research. The available scholarships will be enough for your entire degree program, for a semester or summer scholarships. Different institutions offer scholarships for a different degree or diploma levels.

Part-time work allowed

  • During a study in Austria, students can apply for work to accommodate their expenses. They are required to provide an employment permit. This employment permit allows them to work up to 20 hours a week.

IELTS not Required

  • IELTS isn’t required to study in most of the universities in Austria. This doesn’t mean you can study in Austrian universities without any other English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, PTE, CAE, CPE, etc. To study in Austria a German language proficiency certificate or diploma is mandatory.

Documents required for admission process

The following documents are required to apply to in Austrian university.

  • Applicants passport photocopy or CNIC photocopy
  • An equivalence certificate of either higher secondary, bachelor or master’s
  • Applicants’ transcript from the previous school year
  • The completely filled application form for admission
  • The registration form for admission
  • The identification documents of student
  • Passport size photographs
  • No objection certificate for the continuation of studies
  • Paid tuition fee receipt for the semester
  • Evidence that you can cope with entire costs of stay
  • The most important thing to be kept in mind is that all of these forms and applications must be filled in the German language.

How to Start Your Admission Process

The higher education system of Austria is of top quality. About 87,000 international students are studying in Austria’s top seven universities. These top universities are globally ranked. You can be one of these students if you wish to study in Austria. You should follow the following application procedure step by step to fulfill your dream to study in Austria: –

  • You must check the application deadlines before applying them in any course. Because your documents must arrive before the closing dates.
  • The application form is downloadable from your chosen institute or that institute can mail it to you or check they are taking online application
  • You must have a photocopy of your passport or photocopy of your National Identity Card.
  • Your educational certificates are mandatory. High school certificate for bachelor and bachelor certificate for master’s studies.
  • Certificate of English language proficiency issued by your prior institute
  • Your funding evidence to cover all the costs.
  • After submitting the application form wait for the acceptance letter from the university you wish to be enrolled at. You will receive it by email or post.
  • Follow the enrollment process by submitting the original documents, paying the tuition fee, to confirm your spot and get you student ID.
  • After completing the above procedure, Now apply for a visa. List of Visa documents is given here:

Documents Required for Visa Process

You need a student visa before traveling to Austria. You will get a visa from the Austrian embassy, Islamabad and for visa process, you need the following document:

  • Confirm admission letter from any Austria University ( Letter once issued by the university is valid for two years)
  • All education documents attested by MOFA & Austrian Embassy Islamabad
  • Birth certificate attested from MOFA & Austrian Embassy Islamabad
  • Police clearance certificate attested from MOFA & Austrian Embassy Islamabad
  • Bank statement of 15 thousand euros (Account must be three months old)
  • Confirm residence in Austria
  • Confirm appointment from the Austrian Embassy Islamabad.
  • Insurance documents
  • Any other supporting documents

List of Austrian Universities

Here is the list of the universities who offer free study in Austria: –

  • Vienna University, a public university located in Vienna, Austria.
  • The University of Graz, the second largest and oldest university in Graz, Austria.
  • The University of Innsbruck, a public, third-largest, and oldest university located in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Anton Bruckner University, a private arts University located in Linz, Austria.
  • Salzburg University, located in Salzburg, Austria.

Fee structure of Austrian Universities

Austria is one of those European countries which provide free education to both national and international students. Not all but some of the colleges and universities provide quality education to their students without charging heavy tuition fees. These institutions are funded by the Austrian government or State. Despite this, students must pay the social and student union fee of about 379.36 Euros per semester. Point to be noted is that the student s belonging from the third countries will have to pay about 726.72 Euros as tuition fees per semester.