Privacy Policy of WSL Consultants

In this Privacy Policy, it is hereby declaimed that is the sole property WSL Consultants(PVT) Ltd. It is openly declared in this privacy policy what information we use of our viewers and how, where and why we use this information. Privacy Policy may be updated with the passage of time, such being the case, we will be obliged to post its notification on our home page, is advised to our visitors to read this Privacy Policy prior hand as when you visit our website it is taken that you agree to all terms and conditions of WSL Consultants (PVT) Ltd.

What Data Do We Collect?

We basically have two types of visitors on our website. First are our registered members who in order to be registered have to provide their Name, Personal Email, Company Name, Company Website (Optional), Company Address, Company Number, Company Email and their Logo. All of this record is saved as profile of our client in our database. When you create an account with us, some of your profile information may be viewable by the public or other registered users. To see what information is available to other users and update your information, visit your Profile page on the Services.

Our second types of user are occasional visitors who come to this website seeking information and assistance in offered services. These visitors can share their information like Name and Email when they ask question or subscribe to our News Feed. Their asked question and information can be shared on website as comment or only be shared with admin depending on what user’s choice.

Other than mentioned information our website uses cookies that are saved in a file and stored in user’s browser. We do not collect any browsing history, browsing data, passwords or anything else. However, just like most of other websites, some of specific data is automatically collected for later use when you visit our website which includes your IP address and website usage information.

Sharing and Usage of Data:

We respect our member’s right to confidentiality and do not share any of their information with any third party without their permission. When a user fills the form for registration, his or her all information is first verified to become a registered member. Once all the data is verified then his profile is created, store in our database and posted on our website. Anyone who visits our website can see their public information which includes address, contact number or email and other shared material about their company.

Our second type of users provide sonly their name, email and mobile. When user provides this data it may be shared with our registered member consultants for further user guidance and consultation. When users subscribe for newsfeed, they have to provide their email which is then used to send them latest updates. As defined in upper section, we just like most of the websites use cookies, so next time when user visits us he will have a better user experience and his page loads faster. All the open comments a user makes are seen by public; this information includes, your name, comment, date of comment.

It is ensured that all the private discussion between the user and admin is confidential in between and will not be shared with anyone or made public. All the information and data collected or provided, in form of cookies or form, will not be shared unless there is some legal issue and we are bound by law to cooperate with the authorities. It is to be stated that if any visitor or member is to meet another visitor or member on this site and they share information with each other personally or through website query form or comment, it is their own personal choice and in future it is their own responsibility so, in case of any conflict, WSL Consultants (PVT) Ltd. has no obligation to take responsibility.

Content Policy:

All of website’s content is daily updated and none of the content is copied or machine generated as it is written by professional writers. All graphics and images are designed by professional designers. Only graphics or images that may have been used from external sources are from,, and and none of the graphics content have any copyright issue. It is to be noted that whole content is Copyscape and DMCA protected. It is advised to not to copy our content for further commercial use as in such case we have every right to take any legal actions.

Security Practices:

All necessary security measures are taken to keep our website and information secured. As mentioned above all our content is Copyscape protected and DMCA privacy verified. protected privacy verification status can be seen on DMCA official website. However, in case of any data leak or hack, we are not to be blamed nor do we take responsibility. We assure you that we will do everything possible to secure our respected visitors privacy, however, we are not promising nor guaranteeing that this privacy will always remain secretive.

If anyone wants their information to be deleted, they have any other query or need any guidance they can contact us on In addition, we have shared our social media features and widgets on website to contact us.