About USA

America is a land of immigrants. Immigrants shaped and fed its democracy, explored its interior, built its infrastructure, and honed it, brick by brick and invention by the invention, into the world’s greatest economy.

These immigrants came to this country from everywhere around the globe for its promise of freedom and unlimited potential. They came to build a better life for themselves and their children. With a combined 10 years of experience handling B1 and B2 visas, WSL Consultants have worked with hundreds of employers and thousands of B1 and B2 professionals. These thousands of B1 and B2 cases have brought benefits to all concerned.

Employers are able to find the best and brightest workers from a potential applicant pool of 7 billion people (the population of the world) instead of 312 million (the population of the United States, representing less than 5% of the world’s population).

The society of the USA has been arranged in such a way there are a number of immigrants working to boost society. Immigrants are capable to share the wonderful gift of living in America. The USA is a place of living where you can get everything you want. To enter the USA B1 or B2 visa is the gateway.

We have provided B1 and B2 visa services for several purposes:

To provide a guide through the maze of B1 and B2 laws and policies

To help you ensure the success of your application, from B1 and B2 petition to visa issuance

To help you avoid the pitfalls, liabilities, and disasters that are sometimes associated with B1 and B2 status

Types of USA Visit Visa

A USA visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa that is given to those people who wish to travel to America for business, medical and tourism purposes. There are two major categories first one is a B1 visit visa and the other is called a B2 visitor visit. These categories are basically categorized according to visa requirements. The person who wants to do business-related activities in the USA will apply under a B1 visitor visa. The persons who want to go to the USA for medical or tourism purposes then they will apply under the B2 visa category.

B1 Visa

B2 Visa

What is a B1 Visa?

A B1 visa provides the authorization for foreign professionals to work for certain purposes (tourism, educational and etc.) in the United States for 90 days (and even longer).

The current B1 visa program allows for USA business for those who:

Medical and tourism purposes

Attend any business activity (educational, professional, scientific, conference, or business convention in any part of the U.S.

Meeting with business partner

To make an estate deal with someone in the USA

To do or negotiate a contract with any business partner

The B1 visa has contributed significantly to the U.S. economy. However, the B1 visa program is a poor fit for boot-strapped, hardworking, talented, and creative entrepreneurs, who generally don’t have this kind of money at their disposal. This visa is for the investor or visitor who is not interested in being the next Google founder but wants to dump money into a safe and successful project that will allow him or her to fulfill the requirements to obtain a green card.

B1 Visa Requirements

There are certain specific requirements for B-1 Visa which must be met by the applicant under USA immigration law

The purpose of the trip or visit is to enter the USA temporarily for business

He plans to visit and remain for a specific interval of time

Evidence of fund sources for a stay in the USA and departure

He must demonstrate that he is not an intending immigrant by showing strong ties to his home country and residence information outside the USA

B1 visa Eligibility for USA Visit Visa

Most B1 visitors are engineers, IT workers, scientists, and teachers, but anyone with a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent education and experience) may be eligible for B1 status. B1 visas have been granted to a wide range of professionals, including accountants, medical technologists, logistics experts, business managers, statisticians, doctors, nurses, and marketing professionals.

B1 visa Documents for USA Visit Visa

If you are applying for a business visa, you must provide the required documents

An online nonimmigrant visa application form (DS-160)

A valid passport for traveling to the USA with a validity of not less than six months apart from your planned duration to stay in the USA

If any of your family members are traveling with you, s/he must submit a separate application form.

One (2” ×2”) photograph which must not be older than the last six months and must meet the requirements

A fee paid receipt for the e-application form which is non-refundable and is paid in the native currency.

Traveler’s last 10 years traveling history

List of traveler’s siblings and children

In addition, you must provide your appointment letter.

B1 visa document requirements

Further documents that are required by the applicant are supporting documents. These include one to many factors that a consular officer will ask from you during your interview. The consular officer observes every application and considers professional, cultural, and social factors, and may look at personal intentions and family situations, and your future plans in your home country. Each application is looked into individually and is considered under the law.

You need to be careful and do not present false documents. Any type of misrepresentation and fraud can result in permanent visa ineligibility. Additional documents base on your planned trip.

Evidence to cover all the costs of the travel (if you can afford), and if you cannot afford you may show evidence that another person will cover some or all the costs of your entire trip.

Your plan to leave the USA after the trip

Evidence of your business or employment and your family ties

B1 Visa duration For USA Visit Visa

The initial B1 visa is normally issued for 90 days.

B1 Visa Extension For USA Visit Visa

If you want to extend the visa in the USA, you need to file a visa extension application request with Citizenship and Immigration Services of the USA on the form l-539 before your visa got expired. If you stay in the USA longer than your authorized stay, then you may be prohibited from returning, and or you may be deported from the USA. It is suggested that you must apply for an extension of your visa, 45 days prior to its expiry.

You may apply for a visa extension if: You have a legal nonimmigrant visa to enter the USA

Your nonimmigrant visa is valid you have not committed any illegal activity has not violated any conditions that make you ineligible for a visa your passport’s validity will remain active during your stay

B1 Visa Status For USA Visit Visa

The B1 status can be extended for at least another five years.

B1 Visa renewal For For USA Visit Visa

For visa renewal, applicants will use the same process as applying for the first time.

Some applicants may be eligible for the interview waiver program which allows them to apply for a visa renewal without being interviewed by a consular officer.

B1 Visa invitation letter for USA Visit Visa

A letter of invitation is written by a USA citizen or legal resident, to confirm that they are willing to admit an international into their home with whom they have family ties or friendship, and the visitor can stay into their home for his entire scheduled time period to stay and work in the USA.

The invitation letter is the guarantee of visa issuance.

B1 Visa cost or fees For USA Visit Visa

The normal online nonimmigrant visa application fee is US$160. However, most urgent based or petition based visas for work and religious purposes costs about US$190.

B1 Visa application process

The application process is as follows:

Completely and carefully fill the nonimmigrant visa e-application form (DS-160)

After form filling, pay the visa application fee, i.e., US$160

Schedule your interview appointment. For this purpose, you need this information to keep in mind: –

Your valid passport number

Visa fee paid receipt

The confirmation page of the DS-160 application, which has ten digits barcode.

The applicant must appear for his/her interview at the US Embassy.

The applicant must have a copy of his/her appointment letter, one photograph, your DS-160 barcode confirmation page, all of his/her old and current passports.

Application without all these required documents will not be entertained.

B 1 Visa Online form filling

The Online Form Filling is as follows:

Each applicant must submit completely filled DS-160 via the internet to schedule an appointment at the Consulate. Your Embassy for the interview and the Embassy selected in the application must be the same, for convenience at the time of interview.

A complete application is filled in English language only, but your name must be written in your local alphabets.

Upload your photograph.

If you stop working on the application for more than 20 minutes, your last session will expire. Then start writing a new application, until you complete it and note the application ID number or save the application on your computer.

Note down your application ID number, before closing the browser.

After the completion of the DS-160 form, an alphanumeric barcode confirmation page will appear, print this page. The confirmation page is required at the Embassy during the interview

Copy the confirmation page and email the application form to yourself. This emailed form will be in pdf format.

B1 Visa Appointment

Schedule an appointment at the US Embassy either online using Embassy or Consulate website or by calling at the visa center, you must have the following information and documents available

A valid passport beyond your planned period of stay in the USA

Visa e-form fee payment receipt

DS-160 confirmation page

Applicants’ email address

Required documents based on visa class

Last 10 years’ travel history

Your list of siblings and children

B1 Visa appointment waiting time

Although visa waiting time is five working days but it may vary under individual circumstances or other special requirements by the applicant.

B1 Visa consulting and our services

Invitation letter For USA Visit Visa

A letter of invitation is a letter which is written by a US citizen or legal resident to confirm that they are willing to admit an international individual into their home.

File preparation For USA Visit Visa,

You must have the following documents prepared in your file;

Unexpired passport

All original civil documents

One copy of each document

Financial evidence

Business invitation

At the interview, you must bring another important document that is an invitation letter. The document file must include the letterhead of the company that makes the invitation, which should state,

The reason for your compulsory visit to the USA in person.

Benefits of the US company in the result of your visit,

The meetings you will attend during your stay in the USA,

Your partnership or collaboration time period with that US company

Hotel Booking,

Hotel booking is not mandatory for a US Visit Visa. Only the CBP officer checks where you will stay and information regarding hotel booking.

Form Filling,

The online form or visa application is for temporary travel to the USA. It is submitted to the States Department website via the internet. The consular officer of the Embassy or the consulate uses the information written on the DS-160 form and applicants’ interviews to determine his eligibility for the nonimmigrant visitor visa. You must follow these steps:

Your Embassy for the interview and the Embassy selected at the beginning of the Form DS-160 must be the same, for convenience at the time of interview.

The complete application form must be filled in English using English language characters only, except your full name which must be written in your native alphabets.

Upload a passport size photograph not older than 6 months.

Your session will expire if you leave your application for more than 20 minutes. You will have to start writing over until you complete it and note the application ID number or save the application on your computer.

Note down your application ID number before closing the browser.

After the completion of the DS-160 form, an alphanumeric barcode confirmation page will appear, print this page. This page is required for the interview at the Embassy.

Appointment from the embassy

You must schedule an appointment from the Embassy in the country in which you live for your visa interview.

Business Documents For USA Visit Visa

All the documents must bring with you to the interview are: –

USA electronic visa application

Fee receipt for visa application

Appointment letter for interview

Business invitation letter

All civil documents along with all old passports

Evidence to cover all the costs of the travel, if you are paying and if someone else is covering, you must show the evidence

Your plans to depart the USA after your trip

Evidence of your business or employment and your family ties.

B1 Reasons for visa denial

There are some common reasons for visa rejection, and are as follows:

It the applicant is applying for the wrong visa, then his/her visa will be certainly denied

If you are going unprepared for the interview

If you have input insufficient or incorrect information in the DS-160 form, then your visa will be rejected

If you cannot communicate in the English language, ask for a translator, or have an interview with someone who is native. Because poor communication results in miscommunication and your visa will be rejected

Having confidence for the interview is great, but if you are overconfident then you are bound to have a visa rejection.

What is B2 Visa?

The B-2 visa is a non-immigrant USA visa that is temporary and allows the visitor to enter the USA for a limited period for different purposes like, tourism, holidays, or meeting friends and family.

All those people who wish to travel to the USA for any of the following reasons will get a B2 visitor visa.

A person has purposes of tourism

A person who wants to spend a vacation in the USA

A person who wants to visit his relatives or friends

For own or any of his relative’s medical treatment

Wants to participate in any kind of social event which may be organized by any organization.

People want to participate in sports or musical events, or he/she is contested in that event.

He can use this visa to attend short term study courses like the cooking course for two or three days.

Who can apply for B2 Visa?

If you are traveling for Tourism, Meeting family, friends, or relatives, Rest from work-related to medical treatment usual, social, or service nature activities, and Participation in musical, sports contests

Then you must have to apply for the B2 type Visas.

B2 visa qualifications

The B2 visa is temporary and is for recreational courses. These courses must be less credited than a degree program. You are qualified for this visa type if your planned visit is compliant with the B2 visa purposes. Moreover, if you have enough financial purposes for your stay in the USA and you will return to your home country after your trip is over you are eligible for a B2 visa.

What are the document requirements of the B2 visa?

B-2 visa document file includes all the documents which you should show to the US Embassy or consulate to permit you the visa.

Here is the list of the documents required for the B2 visa: –

Valid passport

DS-160 application form

Fee paid receipt

Interview letter

Invitation letter

Evidence of financial means

Bonding to your home country

A letter stating that you do not have any criminal record

Previous visits record

If you are a student, then must bring your transcript or diploma with you

Your payslips from the last three months

Letters from your doctor on your treatment and diagnosis

Your social media details

Your asset proof

Last 6 months’ bank statement

Photocopies of your relatives’ status are in the USA.

You must bring all these documents to your visa interview.

B2 visa application documents

US B2 tourist Visa application includes all the documents listed above along with valid visa photographs.

B2 visa sponsorship letter/Invitation letter

An invitation letter for B2 type Visas is optional which is sent by friends and family in the USA.

B2 visa bank statement

For a tourist visa or B2 visa types, the last 6 months’ bank statement is mandatory, though they are rarely looked at. At some exceptions, bank statements are ignored when applicants’ visa is easily accepted or ignored. Fake bank statements are easily detected and cause visa rejection for many years.

B2 visa cover letter

A cover letter includes the table of contents of what is included in the submission documents. Other than this, the cover letter includes all the information about the reason for your travel, your planned time to stay, and your departure from the USA. moreover, s/he must show evidence of appropriate use of visas during her/his stay.

B2 visa cover letter sample

A cover letter for a B2 visa is available, you can check by calling our representative

B2 visa sponsorship documents

There are certain documents that need to be sent by the person (friend, relative, or family) who is sponsoring his or her relatives, friends, or family to visit the USA. These documents must be sent to the person whom you are sponsoring, not the US Embassy. These documents must be current, legible, and complete.

Following are the sponsoring documents: –

Form l-134, which is the affidavit of support form

Statement from your employer called the employment letter. Date and nature of employment, salary paid and employment status must be mentioned in the letter

Most recent, 3 or 4 pay stubs should be enough.

Bank letter mentioning date account opened, total amount deposited for the past year, present balance, and average balance of the last year.

Bank statement for the last 6 months.

Letter to the consulate

Invitation letter

Copy of last three years of Income tax returns

B2 visa documents for parents’ self-sponsor

If your parents are self-sponsoring and they can afford all of their expenditures, then they must submit ITR (income tax returns), income details, their strong ties to their homeland, etc.

The required documents for the B2 visa for parents are as follows: –

Your parents must have valid passports

Completed DS-160 form

A verification letter from the bank

Employment verification

Invitation letter

B2 visa extension documents

If you want to stay in the USA longer than your issued visa, you can get an extension in your visa for an additional six months. For this purpose, you should apply at least 42 days before the expiration of your l-94 card.

Please submit these documents to apply for a B2 extension: –

Completely filled I-539 form

Your valid passport

A letter with a written statement of the reasons behind the visa extension.

Evidence to cover all of your trip cost

Pay the visa extension fee of US$370

Photocopy of I-94 card

B2 visa extension time varies on the basis of the number of applications USCIS is conducting at the time of your application.

B2 visa port of entry documents

Applicants should have the awareness that a visa does not confirm their entry in the USA, instead, they must be prepared for the inquiry held by the CBP officer at the US airport. Therefore, the applicants should have prepared a letter for the port of entry in case visitors do not know English or are not fluent, to explain the reason for their visit or planned tour, and they must show the invitation letter. Otherwise, the CBP officer can reject their entry into the USA.

What is the B2 Visa application Procedure?

If one or more than one person is traveling to the USA, each individual must submit a separate visa application. The detailed procedure of the B2 visa application is as follows: –

Completely and carefully fill the electronic application form DS-160.

Upload your photo with a valid format, i.e., 2” ×2”.

The applicant must pay the visa application fee, US$160.

Print the application barcode confirmation page.

Schedule the interview appointment with the US Embassy or Consulate.

Prepare for your interview.

B2 visa online application

The B2 visa electronic application DS-160 form is filled and submitted via the internet.

B2 visa application fee

The B2 visa application fee is US$160 which must be submitted in the local currency.

B2 visa application status

The visa status refers to the state of an electronic application for a nonimmigrant visa.

B2 visa application processing time

The processing time for a B2 tourist type visa may take a few weeks up to a few months. It may vary from country to country and on the workload at the US Embassy where you have applied.

B2 validity period For USA visit visa

The nonimmigrant B2 visa has a validity period from one (1) month to ten (10) years, which allows from one to multiple entries in the USA, and allows a maximum stay of six (6) months.

B2 duration For USA visit visa

The maximum duration of stay in the USA on a B2 visa is six (6) months.

B2 visa Total cost

The B2 visa totally costs US$160.

B2 visa how long can I stay in the USA

With the B2 visa, one can stay up to six months. And you can extend your duration period of stay even longer.

Family visit visa

The family must enclose a registration certificate from NADRA.

Important Information

The embassy can ask the applicant for some additional documents if needed.

The visa fee for Turkey is not refundable

Anyone who finds to be submitting any fake document may be taken for legal actions by the embassy

By having a visa, you don’t get an absolute right to enter Turkey.

A Transit visa is not necessary when the person has only 24 hours of stay in Turkey.

To obtain the work visa for Turkey demands the applicant to apply directly to the Turkish Embassy.

Application sequence

Once all the documents are prepared, all the documents are to be submitted in the following order:

Step-2 submission of documents

According to the Turkish government Once you have completed all the document requirements according to the above-mentioned list, get the printout of the filled visa application form, take photographs, and your passport. Go to the Gerry Fed EX office and get your documents submitted on the counter. You will receive a token in return keep it with you as it will be needed when you’ll go to collect your documents.

Visa Processing Time

Once you have submitted all your documents, the verification process will not take more than 4 days and then your application will be forwarded to the Turkish Embassy. The visa processing in Turkey takes almost 2 weeks but still, it depends upon your type of visa application.

Visa Refusal and Turkey visa fee

If the application for a visa is rejected, no explanations are given to the applicant and he has to apply again after six months.

Turkey visa fee for Pakistanis

Turkey visa fee:

Pay the Turkey visa fee for single entry, the fee is RS. 7,350 and for double entry, it is Rs. 23,930.  For single transit, the fee is 7,350 and for double transit it is 14,700. The fee for the processing of a visa is 37,800. Gerry’s service charges per applicant are Rs.2500. Turkey visa fee is a non-refundable amount and you will be lost this amount if you get visa refusal.

Step-3 Taking back documents from Embassy

The last and final step is to take your documents back from Gerry’s dropbox that you once submitted for the visa processing. At the time of submission, you must have got a token to submit that token back and then get your documents back from the office.

Its offices are located in almost all the cities of Pakistan including:

Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot

Turkey visit visa Types

There are three ways in which a Pakistani can stay in Turkey mentioned by the Turkish government.

The first one is the regular Turkish visa for which the details are provided below.

Secondly, you have the e-visa option for which you are required to hold a valid visa of UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen countries. If you have it, you can apply at evisa.gov.tr.

And lastly, you can obtain a free Turkey transit visa that allows you to stay in the country for up to 7 days. It can be obtained if you, being a Pakistani National, is traveling in Turkish Airlines to UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen countries, and have a stay in Turkey. It is free and the individuals that take a trip via Turkish Airlines to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and hold a valid Umrah visa are also eligible to apply for the 7 days transit.

However, in any case, you should not be banned and your documents should not be objectionable if you are to access Turkish land.

Turkey Visit Visa requirements and process and Turkey visa fee

First of all, get the visa form from https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/ and download it. Fill in all the details required and make sure that you are listing all the information correctly. Application for a Turkey visit visa from Pakistan must be properly filled and correct.

Then, with your application form, you need to attach the passport copies that show the first and second pages of your passport. Moreover, if you have any used page on your passport with an entry or exit stamp on it, you are required to attach a photocopy of that as well.

Also, attach two photographs, make sure that you get them from a studio and should be taken recently. Take a look at the documents and verify that all the documents are valid for a minimum of 6 months or 180 days.

As a Pakistani national, you have to attach your national ID card along with your visa application form.

Individuals are also required to obtain a police character certificate, which can be obtained from police stations or al-khidmat centers established in all the districts by the government of Pakistan. It verifies your profile and assures that you don’t have anything wrong in the record.

When submitting the visa application, come up with a flight reservation copy and also attach a hotel reservation copy or address of the place of accommodation in Turkey.

Individuals applying for a Turkish visit visa are required to come up with an employment history. It can be a reference letter that includes your name, position, salary, and duration of employment, along with a statement that shows the last three month’s salary. All the details should be listed on the letterhead of the company. As for the government employees, a NOC form is a must.

For a visit visa, you are required to attach a travel health insurance certificate. It must cover all the stay that you have in Turkey, including your travel. The embassy may verify it from the website of the insurer.

A valid health fitness certificate is to be attached with your application which can be acquired from a registered hospital or a qualified MBBS doctor. The certificate must be stamped and signed by the doctor.

Apart from the above, other important documents include the polio vaccination certificate, bank statements for the last three months, consent letter for verification of documents, students with a signed letter from relevant college or university, and the person traveling with a parent having a letter of consent from another parent.

Final words for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan

So, these are Turkey visit visas from Pakistanis. For further details, you visit https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/VisaInfo/Index. Here, you will have visa requirements, Turkey visa fee information, and other necessary stuff that you might want to check before applying for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan.