About UK

The United Kingdom is also known as Great Britain is the most powerful country in the world. Study in the UK is a dream for Pakistani Student. It is leading the world in many ways. The United Kingdom is one of the ruling countries of the world and its policies affect not only Europe but the entire world. English language which binds the whole world into one relation is a precious gift of the United Kingdom.

Why Study in the UK?

The United Kingdom is the homeland of education. A lot of prestigious and historical universities are present here providing quality education. It is the land of universities as about 30% of universities in the world are present in the UK.

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are world-famous universities, colleges, and schools of the UK. Students from all over the world love to come and study in England. Every year about 400,000 students are given admission chances by the Higher Education Institution of England.

The top 19 universities of the UK have got a 5-star rating in teaching which is a unique world record. Research is necessarily involved in the education system of England and about 38% of noble prize winners have studied from the universities of the UK.

National language

It is an understood thing that English is the national and official language of the UK as well as of many more countries.

Economy of UK

The United Kingdom has a strong economy as it stands at 5th number in the national economy ranking list in the world. The unemployment rate is only 4.8% in England.




❖ Affordable living costs
❖ Good value for money
❖ Multicultural city
❖ Safe environment
❖ Scholarships
❖100 % Visa Ratio


Additional Documents Required for visa

❖ Motivationa letter
❖ Passport Scanned (Bio + Sign)
❖ CV (Fresh with contact details)
❖ 2 Reference Letters
❖ Work Experience
❖ Motivationa letter


Documents Requireds For Visa

❖ Bank Statement outside London 9000+ Remaining fees.

❖ Bank Statement In London 10000+ Remaining fees 9000*6



UNIVERSITIES FEES12000 - 16000 GBP Per Year




❖ Engineering & IT
❖ Sciences
❖ Health Sciences
❖ Arts
❖ All other programs



❖IELTS 6 overall
❖Minimum Qualification: 12thGrade
❖ Minimum Percentage: 60%
❖ Interview must be passed taken by university

The education system of the UK

The Higher Education System of the UK provides top-quality education to students. The oldest universities in the UK have 1000 years of teaching experience and the professors are rich in experience and knowledge. They encourage the students to ask questions and give them group projects or individual practical assignments. The universities provide student-friendly environments.

UK for Pakistani Students

A lot of prestigious universities are present in England as it is the home of education. It is also the homeland of science and technology. All the modern trends in different fields like architecture, electric and electronics, education, automobiles, machinery, scientific equipment, medical & hospital machinery fashion and style industry are the gifts of England to the world. A lot of new inventions have been made by the English nation. Pakistani students show great interest in studying in the UK.

Great Britain is the most literate country in the entire world as its literacy rate is 99% which is the highest.

Study programs offered in UK

The Higher Education System of the UK offers a variety of study programs in different study fields like undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. The duration of higher education degree is a minimum of three years in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland but it takes about four years in Scotland. In the higher education institutions of the UK European and non-European international students can take admissions or enroll for

✅ Bachelor’s Degree Program

✅ Master’s Degree Program, or

✅ Doctoral Degree Program

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Bachelor’s degree program is also known as an undergraduate degree or first degree in the United Kingdom. Those Pakistani students who have completed their secondary school or intermediate courses and are keen to take admission in one of the higher education institutions of the UK must take admission in the international foundation course.

After brightly completing their international foundation course students can take admission in bachelor’s degree program. But those Pakistani students who have completed their A-level and are excluded from taking admission in the international foundation course.

Pakistani students who have completed their 2 to 3 years of bachelor’s degree course with 60% marks are also excluded from taking admission for an international foundation course in the higher education institutions of the UK.

Master’s Degree program

In the UK, a master’s degree program is also called a postgraduate degree course or second degree. Those Pakistani students who have completed their 4-year bachelor’s degree program or 16 year’s M.A/MSc degree program with a minimum of 60% marks or 2.6 to 3.3 out of 4 CGPA are eligible to take admission in the postgraduate degree program of the higher education institutions of the UK.

Doctoral Degree Program

The universities of the UK offer doctoral degree programs in many study fields. Students with good CGPA and academic records are eligible to take admission in the Ph.D. program.

The doctoral degree program is based on research and practical experience. Students must have good research work, knowledge about their research work and an impressive thesis that can be defended at any study forum.

Tuition Fees In UK

The fee structure varies from university to university. Also, different courses have different fees like classroom-based courses have less fee as compared to laboratory-based courses for Pakistani or international students. Generally, the fee of the higher education institutions is starting from £8000 to £37000 annually for different universities and different study programs.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students in the UK

The higher education institutions of the United Kingdom offer a lot of scholarships to intelligent and needy students. Different scholarships and study grants are given to different study programs like;

✅ Chevening Awards is given to postgraduate and doctoral research,

✅ Erasmus programs are given to all degree programs

✅ Euraxess UK is given only to the researcher for research in the UK

✅ Royal Society grants are given to postdoctoral research in UK, and

✅ Newton fund is given only to science students to study and research.

Visa Requirement

Following documents are necessarily required to apply for Visa;

✅ Original and valid passport

✅ Bank statement with sufficient funds

✅ Guardian consent certificate

✅ Form B for Pakistani students

Health or medical certificate