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USA-How To Apply - WSL Consultants

How to Apply?

Apply via Study Group to universities in the USA for quick and easy access.


View and save your three choices in degree. If you need advice, please contact us.


Fill out the online form. Your application form will be directed to an advisor who has experience in providing assistance to students in your home country. You also may download, print and sign the application form and e-mail, fax or post a copy to us.


Bank statement showing sufficient funds for one year

1) TOEFL / IELTS certificate showing your level of English (as available *)

2) Copying your passport identity page

3) Your students ‘ essay

4) You often don’t need a TOEFL official score or IELTS score for university-based ESL Programs, Bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree program to qualify for your degree.


When you can apply?

you can apply in university at all times of the year. At the beginning of the fall, spring, and summer months, most schools accept new applicants. In the autumn, spring and summer semester, preparation and English language programs for international students begin. You must apply earlier because the application process can delay your admission as soon as possible. you should apply at least 10 weeks until your selected courses start date. You would immediately be taken into account for the next appropriate starting date if your submission is too late to begin the semester.

How WSL consultant can help you?

Our mission

1) Facilitate admittance and visa treatment, enhancer the university’s application by the partner

2)Ensure access to solely recognized International Education Partners for aspiring students

3)Easy access to the external world for everyone heading into higher education

4) Increase of student experience through expert counselling, and unmatched support services

Our Vision towards your success

We remain committed to supporting goals. Our goal is to ensure foreign education is done for those who are interested. The cycle of international education can be messy and disturbed. This is where we step in and make it simple, stress-free and straightforward to experience the whole process of studying outside.

Do not hesitate to contact our professional international education advisors and get immediate advice if you are one of those students who wish to study abroad.