China is one of the biggest super power of the world. China has vast culture. History professors throughout the world visit china on a study visa. China progress can be seen by the quality of education they are giving. Students around the globe are visiting china for educational purposes. Following is a list to answer the question Why study in China?


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Travel and Exploration

China is full of population. Living with such huge size population can make one learn many things. Chinese people are very fond of their unique culture. It’s their custom to follow the culture. Chinese have ancient history and every city of china is full with the mixture of the culture and their history. As china is also a study hub many of the students of china regard china as a hub of meeting different people around the globe. The country faces all different climates one by one over the year.  China economy is rapidly growing. They are preserving their country with the growth to promote the tourism in china.

Less expensive

China is a super power but living in china is cheap than any other country. There are many countries where studying can cost a fortune. The United States and the United Kingdom have the highest fees in the world. These are the country that almost runs on the student fees. Studying in Asia is not cheap. Japanese have highest monthly rents while the Koreans are categorized as the most expensive country for foreign residents. Tuition fees in university in china are very less than other universities. The tuition fees don’t increase than thousand dollars. That is half of the amount than others countries. Jeans don’t cost more than fifteen dollars. Food prices are very low. Local transport fare in is in cents.

High employment rates

China hasn’t faced any financial crisis since twenty years. Chinese are creating more jobs day by day. Their economy is increasing and they have already crossed the Japanese. China is ranked second in the world largest economy after the United States.  China is a hub of business for different countries. As china is a super power with the highest economy on the board it becomes easy to think china as a headquarter for business in Asia. Most of the business is done in Hong Kong and shanghai. People especially learn china language and Chinese culture to work for greater experience. Being experienced in different languages and learning Chinese is a plus factor for studying in china.

Quality of Education

A Chinese university student has accepted anywhere in the world for the job. The reason is not economy this time but how hard it is get passed from a Chinese university. Their universities are top universities of the world.  Their education is renowned in the world. Their students have greater experience than any other universities students in the world. Chinese’s universities are offering majors in every subject. They have their own country PHD’s. These Ph.D.’s Professors are top of the line professors and their work is acknowledged around the world.