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There are a lot of people who would like to go to Turkey on a Turkey visit visa and a Turkey visa from Pakistan. Whether you want to go on a job hunt or you are willing to explore the country and its culture while spending a few holidays there, you will be in need of a visa to access the territory.

Being a Pakistani, you will have to satisfy certain Turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistanis to obtain the permit. Here, we will give you a comprehensive overview and will also tell you about the Turkey visa fee of what you can get, and how to get it.

Turkey Visit Visa Cost & Expenses

  • Duration: 6 Days visa
  • Visa Validity: 90 Days ( Travel Time)
  • Expenses / Charges : Pk Rs 30,000/-
  • Includes: Invitation from any Turkish company
  • Embassy Visa Fee + FedEx Charges

Turkey Visit Visa Cost & Expenses

To apply for a Turkey visa from Pakistan you have to fulfill the following requirements.

  • visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant. Complete residential and host (if applicable) address.
  • If you have a valid visa USA, UK, and Schengen visa then you get a turkey e visa
  • Passport copies 1st and 2nd pages and all users (Visa & entry-exit stamp) pages copies
  • Two (2) recent photographs (White Background) of the applicant.
  • An ordinary passport or other recognized travel document valid for at least 180 days from the third-country nationals residing in Pakistan must provide their residence in Pakistan.
  • Copy of flight booking (Reservation), Accommodation hotel booking (Reservation)

Original singed cover letter of applicant’s company/employer (where applicable) standing name, position, salary, duration of employment, address and contact number of the employer, purpose, and duration of visit to Turkey state(s). Government employees must provide the Ex Pakistan leave or NOC from relevant departments if he/she is granted a visa. If the applicant is a student original signed letter from the applicant’s school college/university.

Supporting document of personal income. Original bank statement of last three months Bank account maintenance certificate Last three salary slips (Where applicable signed stamp where applicable) National Tax Number Certificate (NTN) and proof of income tax payment with FBR (where applicable). Original travel medical insurance (TMI) policy, the policy must cover the entire period of valid stay on turkey territory as well as repatriation costs.

Original MRC (husband/wife/children) traveling together, applicant traveling without family member do not need to provide MRC. If the husband’s name is mentioned on the passport then MRC is not mandatory.

For underage applicants (under 18) traveling with a single parent, a written consent of the other parent is required with a photocopy of (his/her) NIC. Students is traveling with school groups etc must provide consent from both parents with copies of their NIC. This consent should be made on legal paper.

Polio vaccination certificate (Valid) from a Government hospital

If applying transit visa transit must be more than 12 hours at the airport

One (A4) Copy set of all the above documents.

All Previous Visas photo Copy

The sequence of Application:

VAF visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant

  • Passport copies 1st and 2nd pages and all users (Visa & entry-exit stamp) pages copies
  • Travel insurance
  • Health Fitness Certificate
  • Polio Card
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement
  • Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
  • The rest of the supporting documents
  • Copy of flight booking (Reservation),
  • Accommodation Hotel Booking (Reservation)

Requirements by the Turkish Government:

Further Details:

When someone is applying for a Turkish visa for the visit purpose, he should be having complete knowledge and information regarding the documents and the procedure that is needed to be done in the applying process.

First of all, there are two types of visa application that can be used by the visa applicant from Pakistan to apply for the Turkey visit visa:

Regular online visa for Turkey

E- Visa for the Pakistani applicants who are having the valid for some countries including the USA, Ireland, and the UK.

This guide would be helpful for you to learn more and develop your understanding of the general visa details and the documents which are required especially from Pakistan’s applicant and the turkey visa requirements too.

Turkey Visa fee

If a Pakistani use to travel through the Turkish airlines to the countries like Ireland, UK, and the USA and he is having a visa for these countries, therefore there will be a great chance for that person to get a seven days transit visit visa to Turkey. The other condition to get access to the free Turkish visa is that if a person goes to Saudi Arabia with the purpose of offering Umrah and he is traveling through the Turkish airlines, then he also becomes eligible to get access to free 7 days transit visit visa to Turkey.

In both the above-mentioned scenarios, the person could not be banned or his visa for turkey can’t be objected to. If someone really feels himself to be eligible for 7 days free visit visa to Turkey by reading the above conditions, he can apply and obtain the visa from the Consulates of Turkey in Pakistan and you can also contact the Embassy in Islamabad Consular Section via visa drop box center named “GERRY’s Pakistan”.

Procedure for Turkey visit visa

The procedure mentioned by the Turkish government for a Turkish visit visa is given here. The application process for tourism and family visa contains three main and basic steps and by following these simple steps, any Pakistani meeting the general requirements can get access to the turkey visit visa for Pakistani.

Step-1 Turkey visa from Pakistan

According to the Turkish government In the first step, the basic things are done and that is the preparation of the documents and filing of the necessary forms. These forms are submitted online. Complete the forms by entering the exact accurate information and then submit them on the portal online. Once you have done filling the forms then take the printout of the properly filled form and sign them on a certain block. Every visa applicant is required to fill in his or her CNIC number, the address and the contact information, and the parent’s information completely and accurately.

Passport Requirements

The passport that has been submitted with the other processing to obtain the Turkish visa must be having a validity of a minimum of 6 months. Getting Turkey to visit visa from Pakistan is not tough, neither it contains any complexities but still, you have to follow the procedure step by step. The applicants for a Turkey visit visa must enclose some necessary required information about them and some documents too. They involve the copy of the visa, passports, and the exit and entry stamps for the old and current passports.

If the nationals of some other country are resident in Pakistan and they want to obtain the Turkish visit visa must have to get a resident permit in Pakistan.


Turkey visa requirements for Pakistani also require two recent biometrically verified photographs of the applicant. The photographs must be with white background and they must be in the size 5 x 5.

Employment Record

The applicants who want to apply for the visit visa of Turkey must enclose their employment history by submitting their employment reference letter along with the other documents which are submitted to obtain the Turkish visit visa.

The reference letter of employment which needs to be submitted by the applicant must contain the name, salary, position, and the duration of employment of the person. The salary slips of the last three months on the company letterhead shall also be accompanied.

If the Pakistani applicant has applied for a Turkish visit visa and he is a government employee then he had to submit the NOC from the relevant department. The three months slips for salary are also being enclosed.

Character Certificate by Police

Normally all the countries for the processing of visa applications require the character certificate from the Police and the same is the case with Turkey. According to the act of Foreign and International act, it is compulsory that all foreigners need to submit a valid character certificate by the police.

Travel Health Insurance

All the applicants who have applied for the Turkish visa must submit a certificate showing the Insurance for Health and Travel. The insurance should cover the time period of stay of the applicant in Turkey. It must be properly stamped and could be easily verified by the company’s website.

Health Fitness

To obtain the visit visa from Turkey it is necessary that the applicant must require a proper valid health fitness certificate from a registered hospital or from any MBBS Doctor. The health certificate must be having a detailed description of the health condition of the applicant and also whether the applicant is fit for traveling or not. The letter must be duly stamped and signed by the doctor.

Polio Vaccination

The applicant must also obtain the polio vaccination certificate from any government hospital of Pakistan that must be valid for a minimum of one year and submit it with other documents.

Hotel Reservation

A hotel reservation at the time of applying for the visa is required by the applicant and the paid hotel bookings are encouraged in the visa process.

Flight Reservation

The flight should be priory booked and the copy of the air ticket must be attached to the other documents in the visa application file.

Bank Statements

The bank statement for the applicant’s account for minimum last three months from the date of application for the visa must be submitted along with the other documents. It must be signed by the bank officer.

Verification Letter

For the processing of the documents, a verification letter should also be submitted making sure that the documents and the processing are real.

E-Visa copy

If the visa applicant is accompanied by any people who have the E-visa for Turkey, then its copy must be attached. You have to pay Turkey visa fee for E-vias

Applicants under 18 Years.

The applicants under age eighteen must be having the consent letter signed by the parents along with their CNIC copy on a stamp paper. Please check the Turkey visa fee for underage.

Family visit visa

The family must enclose a registration certificate from NADRA.

Important Information

  • The embassy can ask the applicant for some additional documents if needed.
  • The visa fee for Turkey is not refundable
  • Anyone who finds to be submitting any fake document may be taken for legal actions by the embassy
  • By having a visa, you don’t get an absolute right to enter Turkey.
  • A Transit visa is not necessary when the person has only 24 hours of stay in Turkey.
  • To obtain the work visa for Turkey demands the applicant to apply directly to the Turkish Embassy.

Application sequence

Once all the documents are prepared, all the documents are to be submitted in the following order:

Step-2 submission of documents

According to the Turkish government Once you have completed all the document requirements according to the above-mentioned list, get the printout of the filled visa application form, take photographs, and your passport. Go to the Gerry Fed EX office and get your documents submitted on the counter. You will receive a token in return keep it with you as it will be needed when you’ll go to collect your documents.

Visa Processing Time

Once you have submitted all your documents, the verification process will not take more than 4 days and then your application will be forwarded to the Turkish Embassy. The visa processing in Turkey takes almost 2 weeks but still, it depends upon your type of visa application.

Visa Refusal and Turkey visa fee

If the application for a visa is rejected, no explanations are given to the applicant and he has to apply again after six months.

Turkey visa fee for Pakistanis

Turkey visa fee:

Pay the Turkey visa fee for single entry, the fee is RS. 7,350 and for double entry, it is Rs. 23,930.  For single transit, the fee is 7,350 and for double transit it is 14,700. The fee for the processing of a visa is 37,800. Gerry’s service charges per applicant are Rs.2500. Turkey visa fee is a non-refundable amount and you will be lost this amount if you get visa refusal.

Step-3 Taking back documents from Embassy

The last and final step is to take your documents back from Gerry’s dropbox that you once submitted for the visa processing. At the time of submission, you must have got a token to submit that token back and then get your documents back from the office.

Its offices are located in almost all the cities of Pakistan including:

Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot

Turkey visit visa Types

There are three ways in which a Pakistani can stay in Turkey mentioned by the Turkish government.

The first one is the regular Turkish visa for which the details are provided below.

Secondly, you have the e-visa option for which you are required to hold a valid visa of UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen countries. If you have it, you can apply at evisa.gov.tr.

And lastly, you can obtain a free Turkey transit visa that allows you to stay in the country for up to 7 days. It can be obtained if you, being a Pakistani National, is traveling in Turkish Airlines to UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen countries, and have a stay in Turkey. It is free and the individuals that take a trip via Turkish Airlines to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and hold a valid Umrah visa are also eligible to apply for the 7 days transit.

However, in any case, you should not be banned and your documents should not be objectionable if you are to access Turkish land.

Turkey Visit Visa requirements and process and Turkey visa fee

First of all, get the visa form from https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/ and download it. Fill in all the details required and make sure that you are listing all the information correctly. Application for a Turkey visit visa from Pakistan must be properly filled and correct.

Then, with your application form, you need to attach the passport copies that show the first and second pages of your passport. Moreover, if you have any used page on your passport with an entry or exit stamp on it, you are required to attach a photocopy of that as well.

Also, attach two photographs, make sure that you get them from a studio and should be taken recently. Take a look at the documents and verify that all the documents are valid for a minimum of 6 months or 180 days.

As a Pakistani national, you have to attach your national ID card along with your visa application form.

Individuals are also required to obtain a police character certificate, which can be obtained from police stations or al-khidmat centers established in all the districts by the government of Pakistan. It verifies your profile and assures that you don’t have anything wrong in the record.

When submitting the visa application, come up with a flight reservation copy and also attach a hotel reservation copy or address of the place of accommodation in Turkey.

Individuals applying for a Turkish visit visa are required to come up with an employment history. It can be a reference letter that includes your name, position, salary, and duration of employment, along with a statement that shows the last three month’s salary. All the details should be listed on the letterhead of the company. As for the government employees, a NOC form is a must.

For a visit visa, you are required to attach a travel health insurance certificate. It must cover all the stay that you have in Turkey, including your travel. The embassy may verify it from the website of the insurer.

A valid health fitness certificate is to be attached with your application which can be acquired from a registered hospital or a qualified MBBS doctor. The certificate must be stamped and signed by the doctor.

Apart from the above, other important documents include the polio vaccination certificate, bank statements for the last three months, consent letter for verification of documents, students with a signed letter from relevant college or university, and the person traveling with a parent having a letter of consent from another parent.

Final words for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan

So, these are Turkey visit visas from Pakistanis. For further details, you visit https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/VisaInfo/Index. Here, you will have visa requirements, Turkey visa fee information, and other necessary stuff that you might want to check before applying for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan.