USA Visa Requirements, Process and Document Files

Have you any doubt or uncertainty to if USA is the good education choice. You’ve come to the right place then. Here ‘some lines to help you determine why you should study in the USA, the 1ST point to study in USA or get admission to a university. You then have to choose a university of your choosing. After that, they fulfill all their admission requirements. WSL researchers have detailed and extensive research details in the U.S. Here are the United States of America’s top universities and their rankings to help guide you. Knowing the full application process in 2019. Check out this article, please.    

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Once you are accepted to a university, they will provide some paperwork for acceptance.  You will apply the paperwork for your study permit in the Embassy. The first step is to apply for a visa after university admission after that your last step is to travel to the USA. This detail helps you to study in the USA.  This is done by the team of WSL consultants.

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Kind of study visas:

When you want to study in USA.  so you first need to know about the visa. There are three forms of U.S. visas that an immigrant may obtain. 

F-1 Visa:

 If you are preparing to come to the USA for education you will register for F-1 visa.

If your research course is about 18 hour in the week then you need F-1 Visa. This is what you need for full time studies. Upon finishing education, F-1 visa container can stay in USA for 60 days.

Student can work during studies.20 hours allowed in a week. On vacations or breaks, you should work full time.

  1. First you need a visa approval from Homeland Security
  2.   Intentions to return home after the program has been completed.
  3.   You are admitted to the approved U.S. University.
  4.   Adequate financial support must be given
  5. Strong links to your country of origin

J- 1 Visa category

 Those all candidates who want to take training that is not provided in their home country.

Students receive J-I visas only when that is needed by their financial sponsor or exchange uncertainty program.

J-1 visa allows the candidate to come back to their home country for 2 years after completing of studies in USA. We will then be qualified for a permanent visa for residency.

M1 Visa (Vocational Student)

It’s a limited visa for visitors. It only requires us to join a registered technical or non-academic education,

Required Documents:

1–A template for a non-immigrant visa (DS-160). Here is theDS-160 Template and visitDS-160 Information for more details about this template.

2– White background picture in 2/2 size


  • Taken right in front of the eye in full-face vision.
  • The facial expression is passive and both eyes are open.

You normally wear it in clothing on a daily basis. (No lenses with Jackets, Pants, Tinted Lenses, Headphones and Glare).


3–A new visa with an expiration period of 6 months for transport to the United States. In comparison to your expected period in the United States.

4 –A report must indicate a visa processing charge of $160. It is a tax that can not be reimbursed and must be charged in rupees.

  • An extra reciprocity charge can occur when a visa is given.
  • Section of State’s database will assist you to discover to pay the reciprocity charge for the issuance of a visa or about the cost is.

5–Non-immigrant Student Eligibility Certificate: • You will receive a SEVIS-generated FormI-20 from your school / university. It’s only when your information has been entered in SEVIS account.

  • When you are planning to live with more students in the United States. The student or Exchange visitor (SEVIS) must be registered.

6–For example, your all Academic Documents from the schools you attended.

  • U.S. schools require standardized test scores such as IELTS or SAT.

7–The willingness to depart the United States once the course of research is finished.

8–The bank statement is required for you living cost.

9–Prove that you’ve got any scholarship.

10–You must obtain visa in the three weeks of finishing interview. You should notify the U.S. Embassy in your city in the event of pause.

How to apply: 1–Complete theDS-160 Online Application Form for Non-Immigrant Visa.

2 –Charge the application fee for a visa.

3–Create an appointment plan. For arrange your appointment, following are some points

  •     Your passport number
  •     Your Visa Fee receipt number.
  •     Ten-digitDS-160 authorization page barcode number.

4 – Visit the United States for the interview on the you have been appointed to review the following records

Appointment letter copy

Confirmation sheet DS1-160.

  • one picture in the last six months
  •     The new and all expired documents, • Receipt of the initial visa fee.

Hope this article helps you.


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