Getting UK Student Visa is not hard, some years back. Today, students have to fulfill the criteria of the universities first. It is important for starting the formal procedure of UK student Visa. It makes the procedure difficult for the candidates and they want to know how to get UK Student Visa.

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  1. First of all, make sure that your institution in London.
  2. Candidate must check with the university before starting the procedure of Tier 4 application.
  3. Check the immigration website and UK visa for checking the eligibility
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Types of UK Student Visa

  1. Short term Visa

Candidate must be over eighteen years old. If candidates have applied for short term course then he/she can apply for this short term visa. Its validity is up to 6 months. It extends up to eleven months for English Language course.

  1. Tier 4 Sponsor License

For the candidates who have applied for the longer courses, it is issued. It is for the candidates who are sixteen years old or over.

  1. Tier 4 Child student visa

It is for the children who have the age limitations four to seventeen. The candidates of age sixteen are eligible for this visa.

How to get UK Student Visa?

Requirements of UK student Visa

Your course provider will help you in applying for UK student visa. If you have been offered a course then you can easily apply for the visa. A candidate has to apply for visa three months before of the course starting date. For this purpose, you must have to check average visa processing. Start visa processing before plenty of time. It is granted on points based system. For getting the visa, you need to meet these requirements.

  1. Recent photograph
  2. Details of your passport
  3. Fill the CAS form for to meet the requirement of the Tier 4 sponsor. It has the worth of thirty points.
  4. For student visa, a candidate has to provide the proof of the adequate English language skills. It is required for those students who do not belong to the native English country. It has the worth of ten points.

Procedure after approval for UK Visa

After getting the approval you will get the letter of introduction.

  1. Proof of Acceptance

The letter that you get from the recognized institution in UK, university, college and school is known as proof of acceptance. In the study permit application, you need to attach the original letter.

  1. Proof of Identity

It is one of the important items. Provide these details with the visa permit application.

  1. Two passport size photographs. Write the date of birth and name on the back of the photograph.
  2. Letter of explanation

Proof of financial support

  1. Proof of a bank account in the UK, where money will be transferred
  2. From a financial institution, get the proof of an education or student loan
  3. Four months bank statement
  4. Proof of accommodation and tuition fees payment
  5. Proof of paid fund in the UK (if you have scholarship program)
uk-TOP-Colleges-&-Universities How-to-get-uk-student-visa UK-Visa-Interview-Questions
study-cost-in-uk why-study-in-uk uk-Student-Visa-Process-and-Documents