Malaysia is a wonderful Muslim country that is the one of the most attractive places in Asia for tourism and to live. The country is said to be one of most multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. It is a group of thirteen states and three federal territories. This country has also maintained an education system that rivals that of China, housing many world’s top-ranked universities. It is the 44th most populous country and is the 66th largest country by land area. From the very time it achieved its liberty, it has maintained one of the best economy of Asia.

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Malaysia’s official religion is the peaceful of most Islam with 61% of their total population following it. In Malaysian constitution, freedom of religion is guaranteed. Before you apply for study in Malaysia, you should validate that you have proper information of every essential detail about that country. Here in Study in Malaysia Guide, you will discover all the facts and figures a student must get before concluding a destination to study abroad, brought to you by WSLConsultants team.

1 – Great Education Standards:

Great-Education-StandardsIn Malaysia all higher education institutes and sectors are controlled and administered by the Ministry of Higher Education to make Malaysian higher education system as pure in quality as possible. There are many Higher Educational Institutes from United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, New Zealand and United States offering dual and joint degree programs having partnerships with numerous Malaysian universities and colleges. Many of world’s prominent countries in education have developed their sub campuses there.

Malaysia also has an aim to accomplish 20 Research Excellent Centers competing those centers of international standard by 2020. Malaysia has a rating system to measure the performance instruction and learning in higher education institutes like university and colleges in their country. This system is known as SETARA. This way they know exactly the standards they on global level and they improve it.

2 – Universities in Malaysia:

Malaysia has a number of higher educational institutes educating hundreds of thousands of young minds and future leaders. Total universities in Malaysia can be divided into two categories:

  • Public Universities
  • Private Universities

All the public universities in Malaysia are government universities that are funded by government and government employees and teacher administer the institution. Public universities are usually more respected and they less tuition fee.

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Private universities in Malaysia are the ones owned by some personals or organization usually made for business purposes. Private universities can be bit more expensive compared to public however they still prove their worth.

Universities-in-MalaysiaThere are over Twenty public universities, Fifty-Three private universities and Six foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia. Moreover, there are over 4 hundred active private colleges, Thirty Polytechnics, and Seventy Three public community colleges. The university of Malaya, located in Kuala Lumpur is the most top ranked university of Malaysia. In QS world ranking of best universities of the world, it has secured 131st position. University of Putra Malaysia is the second most top ranked the university in Malaysia and it ranks 238th in the university world ranking of QS.

3 – Student Attraction:

Student-Attraction-in-MalaysiaThe highest priority of all for Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia is to internationalize their higher education sector. They are currently making lots of efforts to further improve the world ranking of their universities and colleges. They have now created a friendly and cooperative environment to attract as many international students as possible.

The city of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounds have many exciting and attractive places to visit. Their universities also have an astonishing environment that leaves students breathless.

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4 – Admission Process:

Malaysia has always welcomed international students with open arms. To get admission in a university, there are two ways. The first way is that you can send your documents through an overseas education consultant. Second way is by applying online. You must select a university of your choice then go to their official website. Look for admission menu or option. There you will have to fill an online form where you may have to provide scanned copy of your documents. At the end you will have to pay registration fee (if any) then your form will be submitted.

It is now a law in Malaysia that every international student must first be accepted in an institute only then he will be allowed to enter the country on student visa. There are chances that you may not get in admission in your favorite school because the better the institute the higher their merit gets. This also wastes your fee of registration form. So as our job is, it is referred to contact an experienced Overseas Education consultant. They have lots of links and knowledge of all the latest updates and requirement. Here contact WSLconsultants for free consultancy any time.

5 – Jobs for International Students:

A great proportion of students work in part time jobs by managing some time from their studies. Part time job while studying is a great way to not only getting financial resources to afford your living and studies but it also gives students experience, a professional and social network and also prepares him for what the practical life has to offer. Even when studying in a country like Malaysia, studying abroad can be pretty hard on finances. To overcome this hindrance, students can get job according to their own comfort and skills.

There can be two types of job:

  1. On-Campus
  2. Off-Campus

On-campus jobs are no problem. There are plenty of opportunities inside a university for earning. You just need to have enough skills or experience of some daily routine or usual works.

Off-campus job is any work outside your university premises. Off-campus work is allowed for international students but only during holidays that are for more than 7 days. In these holidays students can for up to 20 hours a week in a markets, restaurants, hotels and petrol pumps but not in the positions of: musician, cashier, Guest Relations Office,  singer and masseur.

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6 – Cost and Accommodation:

At time of deciding a study abroad destination, every student is worried about how much it is going to cost him and where he is going to live. Here is all the information possibly needed to study in a foreign country.

There can be two types of accommodation for students:

  1. On- Campus
  2. Off-Campus

On-campus is the Halls of Residence inside the university especially established for students. They provide all the facilities a student needs including furniture, en-suite bathrooms and basic needs like electricity and gas.

Off-campus accommodation is any residence outside the campus like private house, hostel or flats. Your first try should be to get an accommodation On-Campus because they are cheap. If you don’t get On-Campus then you should rent an Off-Campus accommodation.

Living Cost in Malaysia While Studying

7 – Scholarships:

There are as many scholarships in Malaysia as any other developed country. In order to appeal international students into their country, they are issuing as many grants as conceivable. There can be multiple types of scholarships:

  1. Government
  2. University Specific
  3. Non-Government

When you get admission, you can contact your university authorities. Most probabilities are that they can get you one if you manage to impress them. Some of very renowned scholarships of Malaysia for reference and to apply are following:

  • Sri KDU International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Scholarship Award
  • ISKL International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Limkokwing Scholarships
  • The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards
  • Here see many more Scholarships in Malaysia of all categories.

8 – Wonderful Culture:

Malaysia has many cultures, festivals, and traditions that make it even more of an attractive to live and enjoy. Art and Music have a long history in Malaysia. People may think of it as Chinese but, as a matter of fact, that Chinese manifest is just a part of their culture. There are lots of various ethnicities that are present in Malaysia. All of these ethnicities have exclusive and distinctive cultural characteristics but several crossovers can be found. They have a totally different style of Architecture, Clothing, Music, Literature, Cuisine even Sports and Media from the rest of the world making it, even more, fun to live in.

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