sholarships in turkeyTurkey is one of the preferred destinations for international students. It is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer to the world. For students, there are certain institutes that are known all over the globe for the quality education they provide. So, you might want to enroll in a Turkey university and may look forward to a scholarship.


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There are numerous scholarships available for students that are willing to enroll in various courses. Different institutes offer you a chance to acquire a scholarship that comes with a handsome reward. Some of them will give you partial coverage while others may have complete omission of the tuition fee. Also, depending on the reward, you might get a stipend too which assists in covering the living expenses in Turkey.

5 key tips for securing a scholarship in Turkey

It can be a stressful task to apply for different scholarships and people may have an overwhelming experience. While there are several scholarships on offer, a lot of individuals apply for them, giving you a tough time securing the one that you are looking forward to. Therefore, you got to be careful when you are applying for a reward, and here are a few tips to help you.

Organize yourself

Take a look at your documents and consider what you may need to apply for a university and a scholarship. It is not something that might be completed overnight so you got to be careful and arrange stuff beforehand. See the schedule and make a note of the deadlines and tasks that you need to get done. Submitting an application after the given deadline won’t do anything for you because such applicants are not considered thus seen ineligible for the scholarship award. It is better to submit the application a few days earlier as you will have time to fix any problem you might run into.

Craft application carefully

There are individuals who pick up a single letter and application and use it for every scholarship they are applying for. You got to keep in mind that, as one size does not fit all, a single application won’t be appropriate for all scholarships. Whenever you are applying, take a look at the requirements carefully. See where you are going to submit the application and what are a few things that will give you an edge. Tailor each and every single word with caution as you submit the application for the scholarship.

References are critical

Be careful when you are picking the references and it is better to get a letter from different people who know where you stand, understand the requirements of the scholarship, and can clearly see why you are a good candidate. The reference letters can play a huge role in the selection of the applicants for scholarship awards and make sure that you consider multiple individuals to craft the reference letter. Don’t go with last-minute requests and rush the individuals in writing letters for you.

Proofread twice

Proofread your applications and documents twice before you submit them. Make sure that you understand the eligibility criteria and satisfy all the requirements which are necessary for being considerable. Proofreading your letter and documents is critical because a single typing error may ruin the day for you. Also, wrong grammar and bad typing lead to a negative impression which can be hazardous and may make the scholarship slip away from you.

Be honest and unique

Be honest when it comes to mentioning your details. There are two types of individuals; the ones who feel shy in bragging and the ones who overstate the details and the honesty comes into question. You should not stand in any of these categories. Be sure that you state the achievements and don’t shy in telling them why you are so unique. And in doing so, make sure that you don’t add something extra or come up with things that can’t be associated with you.

Final words

So, consider the above things in mind and apply for scholarships in Turkey for international students. Take a look at the institutes, organizations, and government logs and see what awards are available as you apply. Also, keep your options open and apply for more than one scholarship in Turkey.