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Austria is one of the most auspicious countries when it comes to the field of study. Offering high ranked worldwide education institutes, Austria is indeed a chance to be availed immediately. Given its concerns about international students, Austria has a comparatively friendly tuition fee system and has managed to attract many international students with its lenient study requirements.

If you too desire to study in Austria, here we provide you with all that you need in order to do so.

Requirements for Study in Austria

In order to apply for any study, a program in Austria, you have to send your application for the study program and the required documents to the university or to the UAS (University of applied sciences Fachhochschule) or the UAS degree program, either would do keeping in mind what is required by the study field.

These applications will then be forwarded to the education institutions by the Austrian authorities. However, it is crucial to make sure that your applications arrive on time. Some Austrian educational institutes even offer the online mode of application submission and the regarding details are then sent through e-mail.

To know the complete process of Study in Austria, check this post: Complete Process for Study in Austria.

Standard Application Deadlines:

There are a standard set of non-extendable deadlines drawn out to ensure that all applications are received on time shall be processed within the waiting limits. For that, it is necessary for the applicants to send in their applications and requests as earliest as possible. The following are the enlisted deadlines;

  • The required documentation needs to be received by the Austrian University by the 1st of September and 1st of February for the winter and summer semesters respectively. It is to be noted that these closing dates are non-extendable under any circumstance and when an applicant is unable to provide their applications after this would have to send in again for the next session. Hence early submissions are important
  • However, in the case of Austrian nationals and EU/EEA member countries and Swiss residents, the dates of submission are those which are required by the specified chosen universities and educational institutes for the applications of international students are sent directly to the UAS which then send them to the targeted institutes. For the mentioned nationals, mid of October and mid of March are most commonly the deadlines. However, the specific deadlines depend individually on the specific educational institutes.
  • A few institutes such as the Medical universities, Universities of arts and UAS degree programs require an entrance exam by the candidates for which students must be extra vigilant.

The necessary required Documents:

The following requirement for study in Austria is absolutely necessary for admission in the known Austrian educational institutes;

  • Application form for admission: it is the first and the most critically essential step for any candidate to apply for higher education in the institutes of Austria. Most of the universities have provided their relevant application forms online on their websites from where they can be easily downloaded and filled up.
  • Nationality: the proof of the candidate’s nationality is also an important requirement. This can include a copy of the original Identity Card along with a few passports sized photos and the candidate’s passport (if required).
  • Specific institute’s entrance requirements: for study programs such as the Bachelor and Diploma studies, the secondary certificate of school leaving is required. For post-graduate or master’s degree, the required documentation of the previous degree is important, in this case, which is a certificate of clearing the applicant’s bachelor’s studies. However, for the Master’s degree study, diploma, master’s certificate of clearance is required to be submitted along with the application of the admissions.

All the foreign documentation by the international students needs to be submitted along with an original copy and it must be certified or legalized for authenticity, otherwise, the application can be refused.

There are a few institutes that do not ask for a specific institute’s entrance tests but instead a more generalized entrance test on the basis of which, the institutes approve the candidates.

Once all the required details, information, and documents required are submitted, the process may take a while but the educational institutes will send in e-mails to inform whether you have been able to qualify for their institute or not.