Quaid e Azam University
The quality of a university is measured more by the kind of student it creates than the kind it takes into its fold. These are the benchmarks of its quality in the long run. Quaid e Azam University (QAU) Islamabad is not only top university of Pakistan, but also an international seat of higher education learning, advancement, intellectual contribution that has illuminated the human minds and broadened the vision during last fifty years. Quaid e Azam University (previously known as Islamabad University) was established in 1967 through an Act of National Assembly.


 Diploma, Graduate and Master Degree Programs
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Since then it has been producing post graduates and doctors through PhD and MPhil programs. It was, however, decided later on to offer Master’s, graduate, and now undergraduate programs. It has established educational links with some of the world’s best universities from Europe to South Asia and United States. It also has links or partnerships with the international educational and research institutions like UNESCO, IRSIP, Agencia Eapanole de Cooperation International (Spain) etc. these institutes collaborate their research activities with Quaid e Azam university. So many members of the faculty of the university have been working in the international universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Heidelberg etc. earning awards like International Peace Award from Brussels by representing Pakistan.

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This prestigious institution of higher education learning is celebrating its 50th year of establishment. During last fifty years, the university, for its international repute, faculty and programs attracted a large number of foreign students although it offered admission to a measured number of students from all regions of the country. Being a sole federal public sector university, admission in the university is offered as per federal government quota policy. Due to this unique characteristic, it is not only a dynamic place of learning but also reflects social diversity and rich culture of Pakistan through syncretic nature of students coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The university is a mirror of Pakistan at microcosmic level.

The top-notch faculty is real asset of this top ranked university of Pakistan who are alumni of top ranked universities of the world. Recently two faculty members have been nominated for these accolades another feather in its cap. So far, QAU has produced 1,221 PhDs, 8,464 M.Phil and 27,793 M.Sc students both in natural and social sciences. Most of the alumni of QAU are rendering valuable services at important positions in Pakistan as well as abroad. The old graduates still state their stay at QAU campus and their interaction with the qualified faculty as the best part of their life.

 Faculties and Departments

  1. Faculty of Natural Sciences
  2. Faculty of Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Biological Sciences
  4. Faculty of Medical Sciences

 Departments in Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Chemistry
  • Computer
  • Earth Sciences
  • Electronics
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/natural-sciences/

 Departments in Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Management Sciences
  • Anthropology, Sociology
  • Linguistics, Defense & Strategic Studies
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Law

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/social-sciences/

Departments in Faculty of Biological Sciences  

  • Bioinformatics
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine
  • Biotechnology

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/biological-sciences/

 Departments in Medical Sciences

  • Shifa College of Medicine
  • Al Shifa eye trust
  • Federal Medical and Dental College
  • Federal Post Graduate Medical College
  • Health Services Academy

Here is the Link to see the Details https://qau.edu.pk/faculty-of-medicine-affiliated/

Facilities Provided by QAU

While Quaid e Azam University is one of the best universities in Pakistan and has to maintain an international standard, it must have need and requirement available for the understudies who are enrolled here. Following are some of the Facilities Provided by QAU.

  • Libraries
  • Transport
  • Student Accommodation
  • Games and Sports
  • Cafeteria and Shops
  • Utility Store
  • Bank
  • Mosque
  • Security
  • Medical Services
  • Postal Services
  • Central Workshop

More Detail can be seen herehttps://qau.edu.pk/facilities-qau/

How To Apply For Admissions in Quaid e Azam University

The Admission Form along with prospectus for all academic programs can be obtained from

  1. The QAU campus branches of Habib Bank ltd. @2000.or
  2. Download from the QAU website(click the link to download)

 Regional Quota for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs

Merit                                                                7.5%

Punjab Including Federal Area Islamabad      50%

Sindh                                                               19%

Khyber Pashtun Khwa11.5%

Baluchistan 6%

Gilgit Baltistan 4%

Azad Kashmir 2%

Rankings and Reputation

According to Higher Education Commission QAU is ranked Number 1 University of Pakistan in the General Category. QAU is among top 100 Universities of Asia. QAU’s global rank is 549 in varsity with a score of 49.1. The sole reason for this is its quality education and research.

More than 80% of the Faculty members have Doctoral degrees and have overseas experience.

Scholarships Offered at Quaid e Azam University

A total Number of 45 types of Scholarships, fellowships and Assistance programs are offered in QAU following are some of the highlighted Scholarships…

  • QAU Financial Assistance
  • QAU Alumni Scholarship
  • USAID program
  • MORA Scholarship
  • MPhil/PhD Fellowship
  • British Council Scholarship
  • Prime Minister’s National ICT
  • Punjab Education and Endowment Fund (PEEF)
  • Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme
  • Baba Bashir Nawaz Scholarship
  • District Zakat Committee’s Scholarship
  • Professional Educational Foundation Karachi
  • Baluchistan Endowment Fund (BEF)
  • Sindh Endowment Fund (SEF)
  • Political Agent Scholarship
  • Ameer Begum Trust Lahore
  • Minority Scholarship
  • A Q Khan Scholarship
  • Ishaq Ahmed Scholarship
  • Jeri Ahmad Sayed Fellowship Assistance Program
  • Mumtaz Memorial Scholarship Program
  • Akbar Hussain Scholarship
  • Ramzi Fellowship and Scholarship Program
  • Aftab Manzoor Fellowship, Scholarship and Loan Program
  • Hamad Raza Shaheed Scholarship and Fellowship for International Relations
  • Pakistan Bait ul Maal Scholarship
  • Fata Scholarships
  • Karwan e ilm Foundations Scholarships
  • KPK Chief Minister Endowment Fee Reimbursement Program
  • District Zakat Committee Financial Assistance
  • & Mrs. Ameer Trust Fund

Major Concerns of University that Needs Immediate Governmental Attention

As this leading federal higher education institution is celebrating its 50th year celebrations, it is currently facing a number of problems which need immediate attention by the concerned quarters and government authorities. Due to limited financial resources and annual deficit of more than five hundred million rupees, QAU is unable to hire qualified faculty and staff, purchase new buses. Adding fuel to fire, owing to financial constraints it is unable to repair the present fleet of buses. The hostel residents are facing a number of problems due to lack of development and expansion of hostel vicinities. The decades old infrastructure and labs needs exigent focus to be addressed. Although as per signed MOU, QAU administration and the Alumni Association are working closely to involve old QAU students to cope with the situation but a special financial package for QAU could be greatly helpful as an immediate solution to overcome its financial deficit and to meet its growing needs.

Another important problem being faced by QAU is non-demarcation, illegal occupation of varsity land and the shrinking of its estate on all sides by influential land mafia. According to the recent letter sent by QAU Vice Chancellor to the federal cabinet members, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Land adjacent to QAU, along 3rd Avenue and Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad, has been illegally occupied, despite repeatedly requesting proper action against land grabbingelements; no effective action has been taken by concerned authorities. Further, within QAU estate, it says, there are small illegal settlements that are slowly growing. QAU simply does not have the capacity to remove these elements and several appeals to the ICT and CDA, while politely entertained, are invariably ignored on practical level.

The letter further states that on October 30, 2016, new violations were discovered and verified as about 200 acres of QAU land worth of hundreds of millions are under the occupation of various land grabbers. The Vice Chancellor appealed to the federal government to help QAU retain possession of its precious land. According to the university officials, in spite of payment for 1,709 acres of land, only 1,507 have been handed over to the varsity in spite of repeated reminders.

It is more mis fortunate that this tragedy is going to happen on the eve of 50th Year celebrations of QAU and instead of announcing special package for QAU, the federal government is being requested to save the precious university land. This issue has created a lot of resentment among university faculty, student, employees and alumni. The QAU Academic Staff Association and the Employees Welfare Association have also been preparing to protest against the illegal occupation of QAU land. Quaid e Azam University Alumni Association has also decided to form a delegation of its senior members in order to meet members of the federal cabinet, parliamentarians, and senior government officials to draw attention towards this important issue.

It is high time to pay immediate attention towards resolving the problems being confronted by this leading higher institution which has rendered valuable contribution for Pakistani nation during last fifty years. Following the international best practices in higher education sector, it should be declared a flagship institution along with announcement of special package. With more support, Quaid e Azam University could win more laurels for the country in coming times.