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To get Malaysia to work visa the complete procedure is given in this article. This visa is given to those companies who have obtained the working license in Malaysia, this is normally acquired by the business. In the event that you claim an organization and need to contract an outside national, be set up for a long and depleting process. These companies can hire international workers for their work. Malaysia’s Work visa in 2021 has the same requirements as in previous years.

Representatives of any business with their families who are coming to Malaysia, who have not acquired work licenses before entry, are permitted to get entry visa and social passes and they are allowed to work a short time later and they get Malaysia Work Visa. As Malaysia forces stringent laws for unlawful specialists, it is exceedingly prescribed not to begin working before the working grant is issued.

Wards of work license holders need to apply for their own working grants on the off chance that they wish to work in Malaysia.

Types of Malaysia Work Visa:

There are two major types of Malaysia work visas.

  • A to A, in other words, is a company visa, and the foreigner who gets this kind of visa will work in a company that is issuing this visa. On this visa, the company will do a contract of two or three years with the foreigner.
  • After arrival, the foreigner will work according to the contract and will get a salary according to the contract. The foreigner will not leave the company and can not work at any other place. If the foreigner wants to come back to his homeland he has to take leave from the company or he has to surrender his visa.
  • A to B or in other words Azad Work visa/ Openwork visa. In this kind of work visa, the issuing company allows the foreigner to work at any other place, the company hand over the passport to a worker, and he can work at any place. This is the most desired visa in Malaysia. Workers want to work in their own conditions.

Requirements of Malaysia Work Visa:

With a specific end goal to acquire a work allow, the identification ought to have a remaining legitimacy of no less than a year and a half. The citizen of any other nation who is coming to Malaysia to work must be 18 years or more. The work grants are generally issued for periods between 6 months and 5 years. Following are the requirements for Malaysia Work Visa 2021.

  • Age must be more than 18 years
  • Passport validity must be more than 6 months
  • Clear medical report from the approved medical centers
  • The police report from home town district
  • Overseas Nadra ID Card

Concerning bosses, any data with respect to the visa procedure, prerequisites, or the fundamental structures, can be seen on the official site of the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Procedure for Malaysia Work Visas 2016-2017

The procedure to get Malaysia to work visa in 2016-2017 is given below.

  • First of all, you must have a valid passport and the required age.
  • You have to get a clear medical report from the approved medical centers by the Malaysian government.
  • Blue or white background pics
  • After having all the above things, your employer will apply for your Work visa calling letter. This procedure can be up to 6 months long. Once it gets completed you will have to apply for a single entry visa sticker at the Malaysia embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • On applying with a calling letter for a Malaysia work visa, you will initially get a single entry visa from the Malaysian embassy. This is also called temporary employment pass Malaysia.
  • After getting a Malaysian work visa single entry sticker, you can fly to Malaysia. But before you have to obtain Protector from protector office.
  • After reaching Malaysia you have to wait at the airport to get cleared by your employer company. The representative of that company will come he will take you from Malaysian airport.
  • After getting cleared from Malaysia immigration, you have to go through medical again. After getting a clear report your passport will be submitted again to Malaysian immigration for multiple entry work visas.
  • After getting a multiple entry work visa for Malaysia, you can work in Malaysia without any problem. After one year this work visa will expire and you have to get it to renew.