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If you’re looking to move to Malta, it may seem like a daunting task to get a permit to work in Malta. Thankfully, we are providing a multitude of resources at RE / MAX Lettings Malta to help make the transfer phase less difficult and simpler, including advice on how best to get your work permit.

We spoke with our favorite experts and addressed a few frequently asked questions to help you get underway.

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I am an EU citizen – Will I need a work permit to commence my jobs in Malta?

EU citizens do not need a work permit in Malta, but you will need a residency card from Malta. A Maltese residency card looks similar to Maltese citizens ‘ Identity Cards, but it is for foreign residents.

As a Non-EU citizen, what paperwork do I need to submit to obtain a work permit in Malta?

If you are a non-EU citizen, you should submit with your application all relevant documents, including all forms, cover letter, proof of experience and/or qualifications, a market labor test (if required by your job position), a copy of your passport, your employment contract, health insurance, your CV, proof of property lease in Malta, and any health screening where relevant.

Can the application process be carried out whilst I am still abroad, or must it be done in person in Jobs in Malta?

Request for a work permit in Malta can be rendered in person or while still overseas, either in Malta.

If you’re still in Malta, you can take any necessary biometric authentication tests in person on the day of application and you will be granted a temporary residency permit until the application has been fully processed.

If you are still overseas, you have the option to ask someone to apply the application in Malta on your behalf, although in addition to the other required documents, you will need to have passport photos.

However, when applying from abroad, there is no need at the application stage to provide health insurance, proof of property lease, and health screening.

How long does the work permit application process take?

How quick the application for a work permit is processed depends on a number of different factors that vary depending on the individual.

If you also need a Visa, this will only be given once the work permit is accepted, so the overall processing time may vary from someone who is part of the Key Jobs Program, who may have their application reviewed within five days.

In fact, though, it can take up to four months to apply for a work permit on its own.

What might make someone ineligible to obtain a work permit in Malta?

Provided that all the required documents have been submitted as requested, there are no circumstances in which someone may be unable to apply for a work permit in Malta.

Please also note that if your work permit application is still being processed, you may not start a job in Malta.

How long will my work permit in Malta remain valid?

A work permit is typically valid for a year in Malta, after which it must be extended. This may remain valid for up to three years prior to renewal if a candidate is part of the Key Jobs Initiative.

How will I be notified that my application for a work permit has been successful?

If you have provided an email address during the application, you will be notified by email.

What documentation will I receive as proof of my approved work permit?

You should obtain a formal letter of approval with which you can begin jobs in Malta.

Required Documents

Passport, Birth certificate, Pictures white back 35 x 45, Job offer letter from employer, CV, Police clearance certificate, Health insurance, Bank statement (3 months old ending balance 5 Lac), Work experience or Business documents.