Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is a federal agency. It is one of the most incorruptible institutions of Pakistan. Its duty is to recruit public servants and administrators for the Government of Pakistan.
Their main purpose is the legislation in the constitution. FPSC office is located in F-5/1, Agha Khan road Islamabad among other renowned institutions in the diplomatic zone. Here we are going to tell you application process and how you can pass exams conducted by FPSC. Before going in core detail related to application we are going to give some information related to FPSC.

History of FPSC

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) was formed for the first time under British Rule in Indian subcontinent in 1927. In 1947 when the name ‘Pakistan’ emerged on World’s Map, this commission was set up under the shade of Government of India Act, 1935. At present, FPSC is operating under article no. 242 of Constitution of Pakistan. Its duty is to organize tests and exams for hiring in different federal departments of public sector of Government of Pakistan.
It is an autonomous organization which has been given financial freedom under the rules of business, 1973. FPSC works with the regulations 1978 to control its internal affairs itself. FPSC is a constitutional institute under the provisions of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

How FPSC work? 

Commission body comprises of a Chairman and the 11 Members. President of Islamic republic of Pakistan select the Chairman of FPSC. Prime minister of Pakistan final the names of individuals in FPSC as members.
The Secretary of BS 22 helps the commission. He/she provide a connection between FPSC, its Secretariat and the Government Agencies. This nomination can be short-term as followed by the required work.

FPSC Mission and Objectives

According to official website of FPSC their mission is to select the candidates and then recommend for the post that prove their eligibility by manifesting their professionalism and competence in the most transparent, efficient and merit-based test of FPSC.

  1. To build a prepared, well-organized, proficient and responsive Public service to compete against the challenges of the 21st century
  2. To act without any lean or favor,assuring functional independence, responsibility and integrity
  3. To sustain requirements, principles, tips and rules governing choice strategies
  4. To extend and enforce regulated selection standards and approaches to make honest and equal-possibility to all applicants
  5. To share assistance to the government on guidelines and techniques of recruitment, choice criteria and strategies

Functions of FPSC

They perform examinations and interviews to check eligibility for recruitment to:-

  1. Such federal services and posts linked with the affairs of the federation, as can be prescribed
  2. Such posts in or underneath a organization or other body or employer set up by means of authorities under any regulation, as may be prescribed;
  3. To propose the authorities on such matters as can be prescribed relating to the phrases and conditions of carrier of peoplewho’re contributors of a federal carrier or keep posts in connection with the affairs of the federation.
  4. Another capacity of this commission is to exhort the President on matters identifying with capabilities for and techniques for enrollment to, administrations and posts.


CSS is abbreviation of Central Superior Services.It is the most competitive exam of Pakistan.Through this test FPSC selects candidates for different posts for different departments of Pakistan. It is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats.

Bureaucrats selected through this test are then specified in various civil services of Pakistan where they play role in legislation. It is comparatively tough exam than FPSC exam. CSS exam is to a great degree aggressive.

Every year thousands of candidates from various parts of Pakistan appear in this exam. But despite of its toughness very few, almost 5%, candidates on average/year are able to pass written exam.

According to last year report of FPSC, a total of 20,717 candidates applied for the examination in 2016, while 9643 candidates appeared in the written test.Out of which only 202 candidates could pass the written examination with 2% pass percentage.

The selected candidates are then appointed for Federal services. Some groups are as follows:

  • Railways (Commercial & Transportation) Group
  • the commerce and finance group
  • Information Group
  • Postal Group
  • Provide revenue based services
  • Military and cantonment groups
  • Management services
  • Administrative Service
  • Group which provides you audit and accounting services
  • Pakistan Customs Service
  • Police Service of Pakistan

Objective of CSS

The essential goal of the Central Superior administrations is to upgrade the aptitude of the administration laborers to know about conveying fundamental open support of the ordinary occupants in an effective way.

To pull in, maintain rouse the government employees in an expert way. To grow astounding stunning government employees with the goal that it can enhance the elements of all the three levels of the legislature.

Instructions and Tips for Candidates of CSS

Observation on the Correctness of Question in Test:

If a candidate has any commentary on the correctness of any of the question, the identical can be delivered to the awareness of FPSC in writing, at some stage in the conduct of take a look at or after the test at the same day. No objection at the fallacy of any question can be entertained thereafter.

Terms and Conditions:

Applicants are advised to carefully study all expressions and circumstances and instructions mentioned in the commercial before publishing their on-line programs.If any mistake occurs in online application, candidate will be responsible for that.

Application Fee:

It is obligatory for all candidates to pay the fee written in the Advertisement in any Branch of National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan or Government Treasury before the Closing Date of receipt of applications.

  1. Receipt range can be cited within the online application shape of the candidates.
  2. Original Receipt might be produced and submitted on the time of Interview failing which applicants won’t be permitted to appear inside the Interview. Authentic Receipt could be booked by FPSC for document.
  • No bank Draft or Pay Order or Cheaque or this sort of instrument might be everyday as price via the commission.
  1. Candidates who don’t live in Pakistan, but have home in Punjab will deposit the fee on the Pakistani Embassy within the currency of their country equivalent to the amount of examination price prescribed on the advertisement.
  2. Disabled candidates don’t have to pay any test price.

Procedure for Submission of On-line Application Form:

Candidates are required to submit “On-line Application Form” up to the last Date noted within the commercial. Applicants must fill the On-line Form carefully in the light of the Guidelines and Instructions mentioned in the Advertisement for the said post.

If you have made a mistake in form and wish to edit or update it, you will have this facility available till the final date of that application. Otherwise your application with the wrong information will be rejected sooner or later.

Eligibility of the Candidate:

Eligibility of applicants for CSS exam:-

  1. A candidate should be citizen of Pakistan.
  2. He/she must have passed at least bachelor’s (16 years) with second division from recognized institute of HEC or equivalent degree from foreign university. Meanwhile by 2020, new criteria for CSS announced by FPSC will be 18 years of education.
  3. The age limit for candidates is from 21 to 28 years. Further relaxation is allowed for distant areas specified by Government i.e Baluchistan and for those who have served Government for 2 years.In Pakistan there is only three chances for the candidate to pass this examination. You can also visit our PPSC page.

A candidate age can be certified by one of the following documents:

  • Attested Birth Certificate
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Matriculation Certificate

Apply for Additional Marks:

If an applicant claims award of up to 10 additional marks being a son/ daughter of a deceased/incapacitated Civil Servant, throughout provider he/she have to submit the following files:

  1. Death certificates of the father or mother, as the case can be, from the employer/Municipality concerned.
  2. Certificate, showing name and Designation of the Incapacitated or Deceased Civil Servant, issued by the capable Authority of the department wherein he was hired.
  • Affidavit from the Candidate that he/she is jobless, and that he/she has neither as of now profited the advantage of extra checks nor should benefit this concession in future.
  1. Affidavit from other siblings of the Candidate stating that they give up their proper of right of 10-extra marks in favor of the Candidate and that they have neither availed this gain and also won’t be claiming in future.
  2. Family tree issued by NADRA indicating complete details of all family members.

Prohibited Gadgets in Test:

Following gadgets are strictly not allowed in the test and in case they found any, there will be penalties:

  1. Candidates are not allowed to carry mobile phone or similar gadgets in the examination hall and at the place of interview.
  2. If a candidate is found using mobile phone or similar gadget in the examination center, his/her cell phone or gadget as well as his paper will immediately be taken in control by the Supervisor and presented to the Member, FPSC on duty.
  3. If cheating is proved from the data of mobile phone or similar gadget, in charge Member FPSC will direct the Centre Supervisor to lodge FIR against the delinquent candidate and FPSC will also proceed to punish him/her as provided in FPSC Regulations/Policy Decisions.

In Case of Violation:

A candidate may be disqualified or expelled from any exam or Interview for any post held by the Federal Public Service Commission, if he/she is found guilty of violating any of the instructions issued from time to time or on the basis of submission of false information to the Commission.

FPSC Test (CSS) Structure

The Commission uses three categories of examination system:-

  1. Written Examination: The Written Examination for CSS comprises of 1200 marks (600 marksfor necessary subjects and 600 marks for discretionary subjects). The examination is ordinarily held amid the time of October/November consistently in 5 principle urban areas of Pakistan.

The qualifying marks for written test are as under:

  1. a) Compulsory Subjects – 40% in each subjects
  2. b) Optional Subjects – 33% in each subjects
  3. c) Aggregate Marks – half

Admission letters for the Written Examinations are uploaded collectively on the website by the Commission.

  • Kinds and Marking of Written Examination/Test:

It consists of total 12 papers for written examination phase. Six papers are compulsory and other six papers can be selected from a given list of subjects. Each paper will have descriptive section as well as MCQs part.

MCQs are to be solved on a separate given computerized answer sheet while for descriptive part are to be attempted on answer book.

Use of blue and black ink is allowed in exam. Use of any other color ink is strongly prohibited. Details of compulsory and optional subjects are available on the FPSC website.

There will be negative marking and 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in the Multiple Choice/Objective/MCQ’s paper.

  1. Medical and Psychological Test: Those candidates who have passed the written examwill appear for their medical test before focal Medical Board, as per the timetable recommended by the Ministry of Health. After that medically fit candidates are then subjected to psychological testsindividually and additionally in Groups, to get to their fitness and identity attributes for various Groups/Services, before the Viva Voce.
  2. Viva Voice:

This test comprises of total 300 marks and one should at least score 100 marks for qualification. If anyone is declared “not satisfactory” by the board of Viva Voce, he/she cannot be appointed to any service of Pakistan. This viva voce is led by chairman and with other five members at Islamabad and at other provincial head offices.

Apply Online for FPSC

There is only one way to apply for FPSC test and that is ONLINE. You will have an online application form. Make sure you have your ID card with you so you don’t make any mistake in filing the form. In case of any mistake your application will be rejected and you will be held sole responsible.

  • Click here to Apply Fill Online Application Form.

FPSC Exam and Interview Schedules

After you have applied online for FPSC, you will first be called for exam and if you clear exam, as mentioned above, only then you will be called for interview.

After you have filled online application form, you will receive all notifications on your mobile number and email that you provided in the form.

Keep in contact with official website of Federal Public SC for further instructions

If you do not receive any notification on your mobile and email, you are advised to contact FPSC office at their Phone No Tel:+92-51-9205075for confirmation but that must at least three days prior.

Click here to read Rules For Competitive Exam.

FPSC Exam Results

When you have given your exam of FPSC, next thing is to wait for the results. If you managed to pass the first test then you can for interview schedule. After you are done with the tests, be sure to keep yourself updated with results on the website of FPSC.

  • Here you can check Syllabi Policy for CSS Exam 2016 and onwards.
  • You can view CSS past papers by clicking here CSS Past Exams.

FAQs about CSS

  1. What is fee for the exam?
  2. (i)Candidate must deposit Rs.1500 in favor of Federal Public Service Commission. For rechecking, each paper will cost Rs.200. Mode of payment is to be yet announced by FPSC.

(ii) Rs.50 to be deposited by all candidates to State Bank of Pakistan or Government Treasury under Head of Account No. “1252-HEALTH MISC MEDICAL(CENTRAL)”.

  1. How many times can I attempt this exam?
  2. You have only three (03) attempts to pass this exam.
  3. Are females eligible for the posts declared by FPSC?
  4. Yes. They are eligible for CSS.
  5. Are females eligible for the posts declared by FPSC?
  6. Yes. They are eligible for CSS.
  7. How many subjects do I need to select for this exam?
  8. There are 6 compulsory subjects and 6 optional subjects. You can options to choose in optional subjects. Take them on your will.
  9. Where should I go to take this exam or What is the place of examination?
  10. This exam will take place on the same date at various places like Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, D.I.Khan, Faisalabad, Gilgit, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Larkana, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, &Sukkur. Mostly candidates are directed to nearby city for their ease.
  11. Can I apply for rechecking?
  12. Yes if you any doubt related to your result or you want re-counting of your marks , you will have to submit request application within 10 days after the result date.

 Contact FPSC

To contact FPSC please use the below information,


Address: F-5/1 Aga Khan road, Islamabad.


Fax: +92-51-9203410

UAN: +92-51-111-000-248

Email: fpsc@fpsc.gov.pk