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A bank statement is the basic requirement of a visa application either for student visa or visit visa. The proof of financial strength is the key to a successful visa application for any country.

Almost every country before granting visa want to know about your financial strength. Statements determines the financial strength of yours, it is necessary for study visa and visit visa. Bank Statement is compulsory for everyone.

It is not only demanded in those countries where you are going to pay heavy tuition fees but is also keenly checked in those countries where education is free like Germany, Austria, Norway etc. When someone apply for Germany study visa he has to keep funds in German bank account which they release after arrival on monthly basis.

Facility to provide Bank statement

WSL consultant also provide facility to obtain bank statement for visa. This facility is available for both student and visitor visas. We provide bank statement for visa for a required period. The required amount is kept in the personal bank account of applicant for a specified time. The charges are very affordable. We are providing this facility in following cities:

Bank statement facility in Lahore

Lahore is 2nd big city of Pakistan. It is capital of Punjab province. In Lahore there are many investors who are providing facility to keep your amount in your bank account according to your required time period. This time period can be minimum two month and maximum according to your desire.

Bank statement facility in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of  Pakistan and another big city. If you are from Islamabad then you can avail this facility from us.

Why you need Bank statement?

This is required by all countries to guarantee that the candidates who are applying for study visa have enough finances to pay their educational cost as well as they have funds to meet the cost of living during proposed time to stay in that country. All countries don’t want that international students may become burden on their public funds.

Factors to determine the amount

There are very important factors which are used to calculate the amount of Bank statement for visa. All countries have different factors but few are major and very common which are used by every embassy in Pakistan.

  • Tuition fee which will be paid to the institute for minimum one semester.
  • Maintenance cost of living, food, traveling etc for the limited period. This also depend on city and country. Different cities have different living and food costs.
  • In case you apply for visit visa, you have to show enough funds available to you for those time you will stay in that country. They usually calculate the living, food, traveling costs for the number of days which you mentioned in visa form. After verifying your amount of Bank statement for visa they issue you visa.

Each country has a different required amount which must be present in your bank account at the time of printing bank statement for visa. Here is the list of those countries where mostly visa is applied we will tell you the required amount and the time to maintain this account balance.

Bank statement for UK visa

Lot of students and visitors apply for the UK visa. UK or United Kingdome is the country where people want to study and want to visit. In UK embassy the bank statement for visa is the basic document to consider. The amount of the bank statement for visa usually depend on the city where you want to stay.

In case you are applying for student visa then you have to cover semester fees of your institute as well as maintenance cost. All this amount must be shown in your bank statement for visa. For visit visa you have to show Rs. 5 to 6 lac in Pakistani Rupees and for student visa you have to show funds almost Rs. 15 to 20 lacs.

This amount must be in your personal bank account for the period of minimum 28 days.  You can also show loan letter from bank on your name of same amount. The bank statement for visa or loan letter must be on bank letter head, signed and stamped by the competent authority of the bank. UK embassy does not accept copies of bank statement for visa they accept in original copy.

Check UK approved financial institutes.

 Bank statement for Canadian visa

When you apply for Canada visit or student visa, you can show sponsor’s bank statement for visa or your personal account bank statement for visa. In case of visit visa you have to show the amount in your bank account which is required for the period you want to stay in Canada.

If you are going to apply for Canadian student visa then you have to show sufficient funds available to you in your bank account. The required amount for the bank statement for Canadian student visa is Rs. 20 to 30 lac minimum. For visit visa you can show Rs. 5 to 10 lac in your personal bank account. To get visa guarantee you have to show funds in your personal account’s bank statement for visa.


To lean more about Bank statement for Canada, please visit this post: Bank Statement for Canada | Bank Statement Facility in Lahore and Pakistan

 Bank statement for USA visa

For USA student and visit visa application, bank statement for USA visa is very important. Amount of Bank statement for USA student visa usually depends on the university/college fee, the city where you are going to live while you are studying. This amount is different for each university and city. When we talk about bank statement for USA visit visa, we find that the required amount is not fix amount.

You have to show the amount which is enough for you to stay for maximum 6 months. There are few common question which are usually asked

  • How much bank statement required for USA student visa
  • How much bank statement required for USA visitor visa

The answers depends on the educational institution fee and the city where you will live for study. Same the case in visitor visa.

How to apply for USA visit visa

statement for different visas

For Australian student visa, a student can show funds in his/her personal bank account or he can present a bank loan letter issued by bank in his/her favor. The amount of the statement or loan letter depends on the University fee and living cost of that city. In Australia you need AUD 19,830 per year as living charges along with tuition fee and traveling charges.

To learn more about Bank statement for Australia, visit this post: What is required Bank Statement for Study in Australia

Key Point to consider 

Acceptable bank statement must have following characteristics depending on required country. Usually following are the common factors.

  1. statement  must be on personal name of the applicant.
  2. It must be minimum 3 months at the time of issuance.
  3. It shows the transaction which are made during this time.
  4. statement must have the required end balance.
  5. statement  should be printed on bank letter head and duly signed and stamped by the competent bank authorities. It must show the account number and other details which are used to verify the ending balance.

if above factors are fulfilled by someone, then his statement will be definitely be accepted by the embassy of applied country.

Sponsor Statement

There are few countries which accepts sponsor’s bank statement. In case sponsor it must be your blood relative. Parents as sponsor are mostly considered as legitimate sponsors but other sponsors like your company, your close relatives are also considered depending on the case.