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There are many processes that need to be followed when applying for an Australia Student Visa. Following is a list of total things For Australia Student Visa Requirements & Documents.The documents are an essential part no matter the country. Australian authorities lay great emphasis on the necessary required documents before applying for a visa to Australia. There are two kinds of documents. One is original documents other are copies of those documents certified by the proper chain of line. These certified documents are eligible to forward to the embassy. Different Embassy has different policies but the Australian embassy accepts certified documents.

What should these certified documents contain for Australia Student Visa?

The document should contain the visa application that should be filled at the time of submission. The application should also be signed by the applicant himself. Those certified documents also contain a family form that should allow the applicant to leave the country for further studies.

These documents should also contain a list mentioning all of the documents that are provided with the application.  Passport copies should also be available. A passport is essential to travel abroad to countries. National identity card certified copies should be available in the application.

The documents can also contain the adhesive name and address labels. The pictures should be taken recently. The pictures should have passport size. The confirmation letter is very important for this process. The confirmation letter should be present in the documents that would be Australian education provider.

There are two kinds of confirmation letters COE confirmation letter of enrolment and AASE acceptance advice for secondary exchange. Some courses don’t require COE. Australian embassy refuses the application of student visa in such cases. If there is a required English course before the enrollment student has to pass the English course before applying for the course.

Copies of student qualifications should be present. These copies should be certified by the educational establishment committee in the country. The test scores of the student should be eligible when he would be applying for the country within a year.

These educational documents should contain almost every academic certificates and transcripts. All of these documents also be certified. IF the applicant has some awards he should have all those awards certified. All of the awards should be clearly stating the name date and institution that provided that award.

The academic documents should be original they should provide the name of the institution. The name of the student and the name of the course title should be clearly visible. Then there should be confirmation of the transcript provided. A certifying person should have an authorized stop and authenticate the document authority.

The person who is certifying the documents should be recognized by the home country. Proof of cash deposit in the bank and proof of the funds if any providers inform scholarship. The medical report is very necessary before applying for a student visa. The medical report should be provided from a certified hospital. The medical report should contain sufficient info to be eligible for the Australian visa application.