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To Apply for Malaysia visa you need to check the requirement for Malaysia visa. To apply for Malaysia visa from Pakistan you need required docs mentioned by the Malaysia embassy in Pakistan Islamabad and Malaysian Consulate in Karachi. Requirements for Malaysia visa for Pakistani can be found here. Malaysia visa requirement for Pakistani citizen

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-
Malaysia Visit Visa with Confirm Entry, call for price

Visit Visa Extension in Malaysia
Conversion from Visit to Work in Malaysia
And Solution of Every problem.

Contact on Pakistan number or Malaysia number.

Mobile Pakistan# 0322-6742267 (Also on whatsapp)
Mobile Malaysia: 0060 105034149 (Also on whatsapp)

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Malaysia Visa Services In Pakistan

To apply for Malaysia visa we are providing Malaysia visa services in Pakistan as well as in Malaysia. To get Malaysia visa while you are in Pakistan you need to contact to us. Malaysia visa for Pakistani passport holders

Malaysia Visa Without Bank Statement

Malaysia visa without bank statement can be obtained. You can provide us only passport, copy of CNIC and white background pictures. We will arrange remaining documents like your job letter and bank statement and then will apply in Malaysia embassy in Islamabad, on these documents you will get the visit visa of Malaysia. check more detail about Malaysia visit visa fee for Pakistani 2017

Can I Get Malaysia Visa On Arrival

Malaysia provide visit visa on arrival on following condition and to following countries Passport’s holders. To apply for Malaysia visa the nationals of China and India arriving straightforwardly from Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand and hold legitimate visa of those nations can acquire a visa on entry for a greatest remain of 7 days (that can’t be stretched out) at Kuala Lumpur– International (KUL), Johor Bahru (JHB), Kota Kinabalu (BKI), Kuching (KCH) and Penang (PEN), if they hold return flight tickets and at any rate USD 1000 for each individual. The visa expense is 430 Malaysian ringit, other cash not acknowledged as visa charge. Ticket or tickets are required to demonstrate that you have landed from a particular nation.

Work Visa for Malaysia Pakistan in 2020

Online Visa Applications

MALAYSIA TOURISM Advancement BOARD OR TOURISM MALAYSIA is an organization under the Service of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia. Tourism Malaysia concentrates on the particular errand of advancing Malaysia at all levels. Since its beginning, Tourism Malaysia has developed significantly and it has risen as a noteworthy player in the global tourism scene. In 2014, Malaysia enlisted 27.4 million vacationer entries and RM72 billion in receipts, making tourism its second biggest outside trade worker.

Through the Tourism NKEA (National Key Monetary Territory), community oriented endeavors between the Service of Tourism and Culture, other Government organizations and the private division have been improved to enable secure Malaysia’s to position as a main traveler goal and accomplish the nation’s objective of 36 million visitor entries and RM168 billion in receipts by 2020.

The objectives set under the Tourism NKEA will be accomplished through the usage of twelve Section Point Activities (EPPs) grouped under five topics: Reasonable Extravagance; Nature Experience; Family Fun; Occasions, Amusement, Spa and Games; and Business Tourism.

On 1 March 2017, Malaysian government has set up another online application framework to acknowledge applications for Electronic Visa (eVisa) and Electronic Travel Enlistment and Data (eNTRI) to encourage tourism. eVisa applications are accessible to residents of Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia and Sri Lanka, while eNTRI applications are accessible just to holders of Indian and Chinese travel papers.

The application site contains IP address location, candidates need to apply from one of the allowed nations or they will be obstructed from the application.

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To check Malaysia visa online you have to apply online then you will be able to check its online status.