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Scholarships in Italy for Pakistani students 2024| WSL

Are you a student from Pakistan who has done your intermediate or fourteen years of education and wants to move abroad for higher education purposes? Are you frustrated with choosing the best country to fulfil your study abroad dream? Don’t worry! WSL consultants are here to guide you. 

Studying in Italy is the best option for Pakistani students. Italy has world-recognized educational institutions, and these universities will offer multiple scholarships for international students in 2024. Here is are list of universities that are offering scholarships for Pakistani students in 2024.

Top Universities, Programs, and Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Italy



University Programs Available Scholarships Application Fee
University of Bologna Bachelors, Masters, PhD Study Grants, Tuition Fee Waivers Varies by program
University of Siena Bachelors, Masters, PhD DSU Scholarships, Other external scholarships Varies by program
Politecnico di Torino Bachelors, Masters, PhD International Scholarships Varies by program
University of Turin Bachelors, Masters, PhD EDISU Scholarships, University of Turin Scholarships Varies by program
Sapienza University of Rome Bachelors, Masters, PhD Sapienza Scholarships, LazioDISU Scholarships Varies by program
University Ca Foscari Venice Bachelors, Masters, PhD Ca’ Foscari Scholarship, Regional Scholarships Varies by program
Politecnico di Milano Bachelors, Masters, PhD Merit-Based Scholarships, Tuition Waivers Varies by program
University of Pavia Bachelors, Masters, PhD EDISU Pavia Scholarships, University of Pavia Scholarships Varies by program
University of Messina Bachelors, Masters, PhD DSU Scholarships, University of Messina Scholarships Varies by program
University of PISA Bachelors, Masters, PhD DSU Scholarships, University of PISA Scholarships Varies by program
Università Cattolica Bachelors, Masters, PhD UCSC International Scholarships Varies by program
LUMSA University Masters International Scholarship Varies by program
University of Padua Bachelors, Masters, PhD Padua International Excellence Scholarship, Departmental Scholarships Varies by program
University of Bergamo Bachelors, Masters, PhD University of Bergamo Scholarships, External Scholarships Varies by program
Bocconi University Bachelors, Masters Merit and International Awards Varies by program
Universities of Piedmont Bachelors, Masters, PhD EDISU Piemonte Scholarships Varies by program

Politecnico di Torino

  • Programs Available: Offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, with specializations that include but are not limited to Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. The programs integrate theoretical studies with practical applications, preparing students for a variety of global career paths.
  • Scholarships: The TOPoliTO scholarships provide significant support for talented international students, with the aim of attracting top students to their varied programs. The scholarships are merit-based, and the amount is €8,000 per year, which helps cover tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Application Fee: Varies based on the selected program and level of study. Interested applicants should check the specific requirements for each program.
  • More information: Politecnico di Torino Scholarships.

Università Cattolica

  • Programs Available: Offers a variety of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs across disciplines such as Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences. Known for its strong humanities and social sciences programs, it also provides robust opportunities in health sciences and innovation.
  • Scholarships: Offers UCSC International Scholarships which may include tuition fee reductions and possibly additional financial support, aiming to support international students in their academic pursuits.
  • Application Fee: This fee varies by program and is necessary for processing the application.
  • More information is typically available through the university’s admission pages or by direct inquiry.

University of Bologna

  • Programs Available: Known as one of the oldest universities in the world, it offers a vast range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. Fields of study include International Law, Business Administration, Medicine, Engineering, and more.
  • Scholarships: Provides Study Grants and Tuition Fee Waivers to international students, aimed at reducing the financial burden on talented students from abroad.
  • Application Fee: The fee is dependent on the chosen program and must be paid at the time of application submission.
  • Detailed information can be found on the University of Bologna’s International section.

Bocconi University

  • Programs Available: Specializes in Economics, Management, Finance, Law, Political Science, and Public Administration at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD levels. Bocconi is well-known for its rigorous academic programs and strong connections with international industries.
  • Scholarships: Merit and International Awards are available, offering a range of benefits from partial to full tuition fee waivers, aimed at attracting and supporting high-performing international students.
  • Application Fee: The application fee varies with the program and serves as an initial step in the admissions process.
  • For additional details, visit Bocconi University’s official website.

LUMSA University

  • Programs Available: Offers a range of Master’s programs particularly in the fields of Law, Economics, Psychology, and Education Sciences. The university is known for its personal development focus and community engagement.
  • Scholarships: International students can access specific scholarships which aim to support their studies and integration into the Italian academic environment.
  • Application Fee: This varies depending on the course and level of study.
  • Further details can be obtained from LUMSA University’s official portal.

Universities of Piedmont

  • Programs Available: Comprising several universities including the University of Turin and the Politecnico di Torino, they offer a wide array of programs in the arts, sciences, engineering, and humanities.
  • Scholarships: EDISU Piemonte Scholarships are available for students who meet academic and financial criteria, offering support for housing, dining, and tuition fees.
  • Application Fee: The application fees will differ based on the specific institution and course applied for within the Piedmont region.
  • For comprehensive details, it’s advisable to visit the respective universities’ websites or contact their admissions office.

University of Padua

  • Programs: Offers a wide range of undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs across various disciplines such as Engineering, Arts, Sciences, Medicine, and more. Noteworthy is its Galileo Galilei program, a highly selective course aimed at fostering research skills among undergraduates. The university is known for its historic contributions to education and offers numerous courses in English to cater to international students.
  • Scholarships: The Padua International Excellence Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that includes a full waiver of tuition fees and a subsidy for living expenses. Additionally, departmental scholarships are available that cater to specific academic interests and research fields. The university also participates in various international scholarship programs.
  • Application Fee: The application fee varies according to each program. It’s generally required when submitting the application and is non-refundable. Fees and payment instructions are outlined on the individual program application pages on the university’s website.

University of Siena

  • Programs: Offers diverse academic programs in fields like Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Medicine. Known for its research and teaching in historical and biological sciences, the university provides several English-taught programs designed specifically for international students.
  • Scholarships: Offers the DSU Toscana Scholarships based on income and merit, covering tuition and providing a stipend. Additionally, the university has partnerships with external organizations offering scholarships to international students, which can cover tuition and living costs.
  • Application Fee: Varies by program. Detailed information can be found on the specific program’s application page. This fee usually covers the cost of processing the application and is not refundable.

University of Turin

  • Programs: Provides a comprehensive range of programs across various disciplines, including Law, Psychology, Political Science, Veterinary Medicine, and more. The university offers numerous English-taught programs, especially at the graduate level, catering to a diverse international student body.
  • Scholarships: International students can apply for EDISU Scholarships and University of Turin Scholarships, which are awarded based on financial need and academic merit. These scholarships can include tuition waivers, free accommodation, and a living allowance.
  • Application Fee: The fee depends on the selected program and covers application processing costs. Information regarding the fee is available on each program’s webpage.

University Ca Foscari Venice

  • Programs: Renowned for its language, economics, and environmental science programs, the university offers a variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, with a significant number taught in English to accommodate international students.
  • Scholarships: The Ca’ Foscari Scholarship for International Students provides financial aid based on merit, covering tuition fees and providing a grant for living expenses. Additionally, regional scholarships and other financial aids are available, supporting accommodation and living costs.
  • Application Fee: This fee varies based on the program chosen and is outlined in the application procedures for each course. It must be paid when submitting the application.

University of Pavia

  • Programs: Known for its strong programs in health, engineering, and humanities, the University of Pavia offers a wide range of courses, including English-taught programs designed to attract international students. The university promotes a vibrant campus life, embedded in a historical city known for its cultural heritage.
  • Scholarships: Offers the EDISU Pavia Scholarships and the University of Pavia International Scholarships, providing financial support based on economic need or merit. These scholarships can cover tuition fees, living expenses, and might include housing.
  • Application Fee: The fee for application varies with different programs and is detailed in the admission criteria provided on the university’s website.

Sapienza University of Rome

  • Programs: One of the oldest and largest universities in Europe, offering a broad spectrum of programs across all disciplines. Sapienza has numerous English-taught programs, particularly at the master’s and PhD levels, aimed at fostering an international educational environment.
  • Scholarships: The university provides Sapienza Scholarships based on merit and financial need, which cover tuition fees and offer a living allowance. The LazioDISU Scholarships are also available, targeting students based on financial conditions and academic achievements.
  • Application Fee: This varies by chosen program. The university provides detailed instructions and fee amounts on the program-specific admission pages.

University of Messina

  • Programs: Offers a range of programs in law, economics, engineering, and more. It is particularly recognized for its focus on research and innovation. English-taught programs are available, catering to international students.
  • Scholarships: DSU Scholarships are available based on financial status and academic merit, including benefits like tuition waivers and housing. The University of Messina also offers specific scholarships aimed at international students.

To Apply for the above-mentioned scholarships click here to apply.

FAQs: Answers to Your Burning Questions

When can I apply for 2024 in Italy?

The application process for 2024 in Italy generally commences in late 2023. Be vigilant about university and scholarship deadlines.

Is Italy offering fully funded scholarships for 2024 without IELTS?

Absolutely! Italy presents a range of fully funded scholarships for 2024, many of which do not necessitate an IELTS score.

What is the Italian fully funded scholarship 2024?

The Italian government and various universities offer fully funded scholarships designed to attract and support international talent for the 2024 academic year. These scholarships are awarded based on merit, academic excellence, and sometimes financial need.

What is the 2024 scholarship options in Italy?

The scholarship landscape in Italy for 2024 is exceptionally promising, with universities actively seeking to diversify their student body.

For Pakistani students seeking to apply for these scholarships and navigate the Italian study visa process, WSL Consultants Pvt Ltd offers expert guidance and support. For enrollment inquiries, contact us at query@wslconsultants.com.

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