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You can get a job without Working in Canada as an international student in Canada. Canada’s immigration policy offers international students who have selected Canada as their study destination the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

Off-campus job

An international student can work outside the campus of the educational institution where he or she registers, with a valid Canadian Study Permit.

When international students are eligible for off-campus work, they can work up to 20 hours a week during regular school sessions or full-term pauses periods, such as winter, summer, or spring breaks.

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Your Eligibility Working While Studying in Canada

An international student needs  

  • a valid study permit;
  • to study at full- time in a designated educational institution( see our page for the DLI) list;
  • to be studying and to remain at a satisfactory academic level as defined by their institution;
  • to be able to study during their course of studies.
  • studied for at least 6 months in a university, professional or professional training program that leads to a degree, degree or certificate and
  • have a Social Insurance Number( SIN).

(note): If the situation of an international student changes and no one of the above requirements for eligibility is fulfilled, he or she has to stop working off-campus.

Sometimes a student who is out of school can continue to work on campus under the following circumstances:

  • since the beginning of the study program, he has been enrolled as a full-time student in Canada.
  • and is now studying part-time. That why the full-time study is not needed if he has half of his course. 

The international students who cannot work off-campus:

  • The students who use English as their second language
  • The French graduate students.
  • General interest classes or programs
  • Or a student who attends a designated institution or is a visiting student

DLI shall determine the status of a learner according to the number of hours and credits provided by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) to the students who are to complete their training, degree, or diploma.

On-campus Working While Studying in Canada

On specific criteria, you are allowed to work within the boundaries of the campus. If you want to work without a work permit, as an international student you have to do:

  • Get an authentic study permit;
  • Must have a social insurance number(SIN)
  • You must have been registered as a full-time student in a public, post-secondary school, college, or university. 
  • or the CEGEP, working under the laws of public education at a Quebec private college school with at least 50% government grant or a private Canadian school research paper;
  • Keep a valid license for study

On-campus work consists of working for an employer on the campus of a school where a student studies. The employer on the campus includes a school, a professor, a student organization, a private company(  within the campus), a private contractor providing services to the school, and being a self-employed individual on campus.

The employer on the campus includes a school, a professor, a student organization, a private company( located within the campus boundaries), a private contractor providing services to the school, and being a self-employed individual on campus.

Work in Canada as an intern

For a  valid study permit, international students who have been studying at a DLI in Canada and who need employment or internship must apply to be licensed as an intern.

Work Permit after Post Graduation

A postgraduate work permit may be obtained once the international graduates have graduated. In some cases, international students studying full-time may receive an open work permit from their spouses or common-law partners. For information on the benefits of an open work permit, visit our dedicated page.