Visit Visa Canada

canada visit visa


IELTS Requiremnt

NOT Mandatory

Visa duration

1 Month to 12 Months

Minimum Education

Not Required


Minimum age 18 years

About Canada Visit Visa

Canada visit visa is important due to many reasons. Canada is the second-largest country in the world.  It is the main attraction for tourists to visit Canada. Tourists from all over the world are looking to visit Canada and that’s why they apply for Canada visit visa.

Canada consists of 10 provinces and three main territories. Canada consists of much of North America. The Capital city of Canada is Ottawa. Two main languages are spoken in the whole country. English and French are the most spoken languages of Canada. Some other languages are also spoken here because of the presence of minorities.


Who can apply for a Canadian visit visa

 Canada ranks 2nd in the world by area. Almost all of its provinces are surrounded by freshwater lakes and three oceans. Canada ranks fourth on the basis of freshwater resources throughout the world.

Therefore, people from all over the world visit Canada to enjoy its awesome sceneries, weather, and its multicultural scenario. 

One can apply for a Canadian visit visa if s/he wants to: –

  • 📌 Travel to Canada for a business trip,
  • 📌 For tourism purposes,
  • 📌 Meeting family and friends,
  • 📌 Visiting relatives,
  • 📌 To spend your holidays,
  • 📌 Rest from the work,
  • 📌 Having a medical check-up in Canada
  • 📌 Attending mutual or social activities, etc.

If the purpose of your travel is one of the above then you can visit Canada.

The applicant can include his/her family members in the passport to accompany him/her in Canada. But a separate application form must be submitted for each person.

The accompanying person must have all the valid and required documents to travel. If the applicant is traveling with a patient then the applicant must have his/her medical checkup reports. 

Canadian visitor visa checklist

 All the following legal documents must be check carefully before applying to visit visa for Canada: –

  • 📌 A valid national identity card
  • 📌 An original passport with a validity of at least six months
  • 📌 An application form
  • 📌 Original passport size photographs
  • 📌 Fee paid receipt
  • 📌 Interview letter from the Canadian Embassy or consulate
  • 📌 Business invitation letter
  • 📌 Evidence of your financial means
  • 📌 Family details
  • 📌 Home country ties
  • 📌 A letter of no criminal record
  • 📌 All previous visit history
  • 📌 A letter from the doctor for your treatment or diagnosis
  • 📌 Applicants’ social media details
  • 📌 Applicants’ proof of assets
  • 📌 A bank statement for the last six months
  • 📌 Photocopies of your relatives’ status residing in Canada

Documents required

 The applicant must have the following documents available to Canada visit visa from Pakistan: –

  • 📌 A valid and original passport with at least six months validity remaining beyond his/her trip.
  • 📌 The recognizable passport size photographs. These photographs must not be older than the last six months.
  • 📌 A medical report if the applicant is visiting Canada for a medical checkup.
  • 📌 A salary slip, if the applicant is an employee or a no-objection certificate. 
  • 📌 A bank statement of the applicant explaining all the transactions occurring within the last six months.
  • 📌 A letterhead from your company or a cover letter.

Types of Canada Visitor Visa

Canadian Business Visitor Visa

 Canada provides a platform for business developers. A huge part of the annual GDP of Canada is based on the management of the business and finance industry. People from all around the world visit Canada for business purposes. Most applicants visit Canada for the following purposes: –

  • 📌 To negotiate a business deal
  • 📌 To attend a business meeting
  • 📌 Meeting your business partner
  • 📌 To do a contract with a business partner
  • 📌 To attend an international business conference or 
  • 📌 To negotiate a research project.

 Canadian Tourist visa

 Canada has a vast diversity in its nature, historical background, culture, literature, and different other aspects. People from different countries around the world visit Canada to enjoy its natural diversity, beautiful scenarios, to spend their holidays.

Canada is famous among tourists for its sight-able visual arts. Visitors come here to play or watch the national sports of Canada that are Ice hockey and Lacrosse. The music industry of Canada is ranked at the sixth number in the world.

A lot of famous singers, musicians, composers, and ensembles belong here. Therefore, tourists visit Canada to attend music concerts.

 Canadian family visit visa

 Canadian family visit visa is granted for a temporary residency. If the whole family is traveling Canada for visiting their relatives or spending vocations. Even if one of the family members is visiting Canada to conduct a business deal, meeting or contract.

A family visit visa restricts the lengthy stay of visitors. To visit Canada as a whole family, applicants must attain a temporary resident visa. 

 Canadian visa application procedure

 Before applying for a visit visa to Canada the applicant must check his/her eligibility. S/he must have a legally acceptable passport, must be of good health, and should not have committed any violation. The applicant must have enough money to meet all the expenses. 

Before applying an application you must decide either you want to submit an online application or application on paper. You can fill the application form online or download it from the IRCC.

Checklist all the required documents and pay the visa application fee.

Canadian visa application online

 Fill out the electronic application form

  • 📌 The application form must contain a barcode page.
  • 📌 Pay the visa application fee. This fee can be paid through a bank draft or certified cheque.
  • 📌 Now the applicant should visit the nearest visa application center along with all the legal documents, passport, photographs, and payment details.
  • 📌 The applicant should submit his/her application form in the visa application center.
  • 📌 Track the application online via a tracking number written on the payment slip. 

Canadian visa application on paper

 Download the visa application from the IRCC Website.

  • 📌 Checklist the reasons for your tour or visit.
  • 📌 Completely fill the application form online.
  • 📌 Print the barcode on the sheets.
  • 📌 Check all the valid and legalized documents as required by the IRCC required document list
  • 📌 Pay the application or visa fee and if you are eligible pay the biometric fee
  • 📌 Visit your native Canada center with your authentic passport, photos, completely filled application form, visa fee, and each and every legalized documents.
  • 📌 The applicant must submit the application package charges.
  • 📌 If biometric is required, then an appointment is compulsory for biometric enrolment.
  • 📌 The applicant must pay the charges for biometrics of about CAD$85.
  • 📌 At your appointment please bring your appointment letter at least 15 minutes before the time during business hours.
  • 📌 Your biometrics and application form along with all the legalized documents will be collected at the visa application center.
  • 📌   Pay the charges of the services provided by the visa center and attain a receipt. This receipt contains the tracking number to follow the application online.