usa visit visa interviewVisiting the United States might be a dream of your childhood. Walking along with the Empire State Building, USA visit visa Interview is very difficult to stage, and spending some time in Times Square, going through the Hollywood Walk of Fame and experiencing Rodeo drive, there is so much that the US has to offer to you. Even when it comes to work and business, there are a number of opportunities available on hand.

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But getting a US visa is not an easy task and there are many individuals that fail to go through the interview phase. It might be because of your nervousness or lack of concentration or maybe it is just because you are not prepared enough for the interview that is hindering your travel and standing in the way of you and your visa. So here are a few tips to help you.

Appointment for US Visa

When you are making an appointment for the USA visit visa interview, make sure that you come up with a valid reason for your travel to the US. There are instances when you are asked for your tour so know your plans and make a blueprint beforehand. If you know where you want to go and what you want to do, it will work in your favor. Don’t go with forged documents because they can quickly trigger the individual interviewing you to put a rejection stamp. Also, if you are said by an agent that he will help you with the interview, don’t believe it because you will go through the stage on your own.

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Take a look at your documents and your visa form. Assure that there is no error. Proofread and double-check each and every single thing. State whether you have gone to the US before or not and be honest in your answer because lying won’t help you.

Prepare yourself mentally

Come up with a specific purpose that you are going to the US for a given duration of time to do a specific job and then you will return to your home country. Don’t say that you desire to stay in the US or you will win a jackpot in Vegas and will relocate to the states. In fact, tell them why you would wish to return to your homeland.

Also, when you are answering the questions, don’t be too shy either be overconfident. Honestly answer all the questions asked from you and provide supporting documents to stamp on the fact that you are telling the truth. Don’t give them a reason why you would like to state in the US and won’t come back to your hometown. If you don’t feel comfortable with the consular, you have the right to ask for a consular who can speak in your preferred dialect.

Make sure that your reason for visiting the US is to see a friend or a family member, spend your holidays, or do other allowed activities.

Things that will helpful for you in USA visit visa Interview

When going for the interview, it is advised that you should dress appropriately. Be a little early and don’t look shy or nervous. Try to look fresh and keep a gentle smile on your lips. Show come confidence and be polite in the conversation. Don’t go overconfident and over the board when communicating. Demonstrate respect with the way you speak and your actions. In case you are unable to understand the question, don’t feel shy in ‘saying I beg your pardon’ or ‘I am sorry, can you ask again.’

Assure that you have the required documents on hand and have strong ties to your homeland such as family members that are dependent on you or the job/company you are operating.

Things to avoid during USA visit visa Interview

In your interview, don’t skip the answers or provide false information. The former would cause rejection while for the latter, whatever you state will be cross-checked and if any false statement is concluded from your interview you will be immediately denied entry to the US. Be confident and overthrow all the nervousness but don’t look overconfident and be aware of your body language. Just answer what is asked from you and avoid coming up with long and lengthy answers that take a lot of time and include unnecessary information.