US Tourist Visa Requirements

The United States of America often referred to as the Land of opportunities, is also a top tourist destination. Comprising of 50 states that hold numerous cities and town provides its visitors with a huge assortment of diverse cultures and sights to make your holiday tour a memorable one. So once you’ve decided with destination to hit, now comes the time to go through the requirements set up by the host country for holiday trips. Like most of the countries, you are required to have a visa to enter the country for whatever purpose you intend. In this article, we shall briefly shed light on the US Tourist Visa requirements and try to guide you through it all.

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Acquaint yourself with some of the specifics regarding the US tourist visa:

  • The tourist visa for entering US for tourism reason is called the B2 visa.
  • The American Govt. holds the rights to accept or decline grant of B-2 visa. You must be holding an approved stamped visa on your valid passport to travel to the US.
  • Visitor visa is granted for the precise reasons like sightseeing or maybe get medically treated at a hospital during the visit, etc. the entitled visa holders are not be caught up in studying, carrying out a business, or working in any capacity.
  • Utmost duration of visiting US on tourist visa can range from any time less than 6 months, which is granted on arrival at the immigration desk at any of the US airports. An extension can be requested while inside the US for a maximum of 6 months with additional processing fee and is subject to approval by the US government.

Moving on forward, following is a brief overview of all the US tourist visa requirements that you need to fulfill before you head for your vacation at any of the destinations in the US.

  • Complete visitor visa application form DS160: the first step is to head to the US Govt. website and fill up the DS160 form specified for tourism entry visa. Fill it up along with your photograph and apply online. You are required to keep a hard copy of this form as well.
  • Pay in advance for the visa application process: a non-refundable fee of $100 (generally) is required to be paid in advance for the validation of the visa process.
  • Take appointment for visa interview:register yourself for an interview with Counselor general of the embassy in your country. Know beforehand for there may or may not be any fee required for the interview.
  • Congregate necessary personal records:

A Passport that’s valid for at least 6 months after the intended stay period.

  • The hardcopy of DS160 application form that has been confirmed at the website.
  • The processing fee proof of payment.
  • Preferably 2 passport sized photos.
  • Evidence of monetary possessions at home.
  • A sponsor letter – in case someone else intends on bearing your travel expenses.


  • Show for your interview at the consulate or the embassy: you might be called for an interview but if you are, then you should be present at the venue with all the documentation and ample preparation to avoid any confusion during the interview.


Once you fulfill the US tourist visa requirements you can start planning your vacation. But bear in mind not to book flights or hotels until you receive you passports with valid visa stamped on them.