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Austria is a culturally rich country with regards to its past and present and education in Austria is a great deal for people who really want to experience education in one of the best countries in the world.

The landscape in Austria is regarded as one of the most famous in the world with respect to tourism and the other spots and things which are famous for are skiing resorts, where a person could enjoy a lot.

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Moreover, it is like now a tradition in a world that people like to travel to Austria for seeking the chance to complete their higher education mostly the research-oriented studies. Another key benefit of going to Austria for studies is that it has got complete security and economic stability forms various aspects.

Austria is no far than perfection from all of the aspects like historical buildings, cultural heritage, and best educational facilities from many other countries. To get your education in Austria you need to have the idea of German because basically it is a German country but you have got the option to complete your study in English.


Why the education system in Austria is better than a lot of other countries?

The universities in Austria are simply different from those which are present in other countries of the world and that difference is the key element which makes the whole education system of it different from others and the difference is in form of structure and size.

There are some most famous universities in Austria which offer a wide range of programs and specializations in almost all the disciplines. Several pieces of research have been made which show that the education related to research majors are like separate units in the universities in Austria and there is always more importance granted to interdisciplinary education.

The Tuition Fees in Austria

Well, the tuition fees at the each University of Austria may differ but that difference is just a slight. In the Arts based universities in Austria, for the Austrian students and citizens, there are no regular fee prescriptions for the 2 basic semesters but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to pay anything because there is then the need to pay the membership dues to the union that is mandatory and it is total of € 363.36 per semester and it has to be paid after the tolerance period of two semesters.

The other students which aren’t residents of Austria need to pay €726.72 per semester that is mandatory being the tuition fee of each semester and this fee is to be paid by the student once he/she has got the residence certificate from the authorities.

Well, there are some of the cases which make a student exempted from paying his tuition fee and that is just for some specified situations like if the students if there to study in Austria by being a part of an exchange program from any university in his home country, or if the student has been into a deal in the university partnerships with each other, and the last situation is that when the student belongs to a lessor underdeveloped country.


For the applied science universities, the tuition fees of € 363 are charged on an annual basis and if the student has also been a part of the training courses or the university,  the fee is then altered and the accurate fee is then to be known by the institute’s administration.  Well, there are still some cases where the students are required to pay the student union fees which are obligatory and they cannot deny to pay it and that is separate from the tuition fee of the institution in which they have got the admission.

Some universities are also there which charge application fee for the further processing of the application otherwise there might be chances for the cancellation of the application by the specific university’s administration. In all the scenarios, the basic fee remains the same for the students and other details are confirmed by the respective universities.