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The time a student decides his country where he wishes to continue his higher education, he/she first search about the condition and ranking of the top universities of that particular nation. If the Top Universities in Australia of the country have extraordinary reputation and ranking, it is assumed that their whole higher education is extraordinary but, on the other hand, if their institutes’ reputation and ranking are poor, the whole higher education system of the country is assumed to be underprivileged.

country? Their answers are two educational organizations. One is the QS ranking, and the other is Times Higher Education. These two establishments have a vast network that gathers, scrutinizes, and printed all concluded statistics giving a ranking of all the top universities and countries.

Whatever, rank they may decide for a country and its universities, it is respected and accepted all around the globe. The first search about every single detail on specific factors related to educational performance and then decide on a very strong basis about which rank to assign to a university and country. Both research the whole year, process and publish a list of ranking of universities with details. Following are the latest national and international Australian university rankings approved by these organizations.

University of Melbourne:

The University of Melbourne is one of the most well-known institutes of higher education all around the world. The University of Melbourne has an education system rivaling that of Oxford and Harvard, and it has always been very competitive. As expected of such a prestigious university, it is currently the most top university in Australia and not to mention Australia is one of the most attractive and popular studies abroad destinations for higher education. In the latest ranking of top universities, it was ranked 33rd best university in the world.

The University of Melbourne is the second oldest university in Australia as it was founded in 1853. It is such a huge university that its total student population is about Forty-seven thousand and has staff members of over 6,500 to manage and administer them. Of their total student population, over 12,000 students have come there from overseas for higher education. Their scholars have many times proved their metal on international platforms and have won many honored awards and prizes. They have such qualified staff that some of teachers and researchers are Nobel Prize winners. Here is a link to the official website of the University of Melbourne.

Australian National University (ANU)

This fabulous institute has a position that people say one can never challenge and only respect because of its quality education and faculty. Australian National University has currently ranked the second top university in Australia. In addition, it is ranked 44th best university in the world for higher education. Though it is currently ranked second in Australia in past, it was ranked first best university and still one just cannot say with certainty if it is second to any.

Australian National University was founded in 1946, since then it has educated many world leaders and notable personalities. There can be found six Nobel laureates in its faculty rendering their services as teachers and researchers to this educational institute. It has a student body of 22,500 currently studying there toward a bright tomorrow. Here is a link to the official website of Australian National University.

University of Queensland (UQ)

The University of Queensland is currently the third top-ranked university in Australia and has been in this position for many years. In the latest, the ranking, University of Queensland secured the title of being 60th best university in the world. Other than their highest quality of education, they have created an attractive environment that is not only friendly but feels like never going back home. It is also a tourism spot for the natives.

The main campus of the University of Queensland is located in the city of St. Lucia. This university is educating over 50 thousand students on its campuses in hundreds of different programs. There are about 17,000 international students enrolled from over 140 different countries creating a very diverse cultural environment. As it is one of the top universities, it also has educated many notable awarded scholars, leaders, scientists, and personalities. Its most illuminating students are a Nobel Prize winner, two Oscar winners, and two of the world’s top CEOs. Here is a link to the official website of the University of Queensland.

University of Sydney

Located in the capital city of Australia, Sydney, the University of Sydney was named after it. The city of Sydney has also been ranked as one of the best cities for higher education. It’s also among the most famous and dreamy universities of not only Australia but all around the world. This university’s graduate never has any problem in finding employment and their degree is very well respected and easily accepted, irrespective of where you are in the whole world.

The University of Sydney has always been one of the top 5 universities in Australia. Currently, it is also ranked 3rd best higher educational institute in Australia along with the University of Queensland. In the world ranking, the University of Sydney was also ranked equal to Queensland securing the position of 60th best university of the world since both are very highly esteemed institutes with extraordinary performance, it is vague to decide which is one is better.

The University of Sydney was founded in 1851. It is the oldest university in Australia, always proving itself the best in the field of education. This vast university has a total student population of about 52,000 regularly attending their curriculums. It is a university that produces leaders as it has educated 5 Prime Minister of Australia. It also offers over 280 overseas exchange programs in more than 30 countries. Here is a link to the official website of the University of Sydney.

Monash University

Monash is currently ranked 5th best higher educational institute in Australia. In the latest world ranking, it is bestowed with 77th rank as top university of the world. Monash has a very beautiful campus that takes astonishes its visitor with the appeal. It is located in the city of Victoria. This university has five foundations in the city of Victoria and another one in Malaysia.

Monash has numerous teaching and research centers all over the world in different countries including India, Italy, and China. It is currently educating over 47 thousand undergraduates and 20 thousand postgraduate students in its different bases in the city of Victoria and Malaysia. Despite housing and graduating such a big population none of its students ever had any problem finding a job or degree acceptance. Their degree is respected and preferred in every part of the Earth. Here is a link to the official website of Monash University.

Top 30 Universities of the USA and their Ranks

Australia Rank World Rank University
1 =33 University of Melbourne
2 47 Australian National University (ANU)
=3 =60 University of Queensland (UQ)
=3 =60 University of Sydney
5 74 Monash University
6 =78 University of New South Wales (UNSW)
7 125 University of Western Australia (UWA)
8 142 University of Adelaide
=9 201-250 University of Newcastle
=9 201-250 Queensland University of Technology
=11 251-300 Charles Darwin University
=11 251-300 Deakin University
=11 251-300 Griffith University
=11 251-300 James Cook University
=11 251-300 Macquarie University
=11 251-300 University of South Australia
=11 251-300 University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
=11 251-300 University of Wollongong
19 301-350 University of Tasmania
=20 351-400 Flinders University
=20 351-400 La Trobe University
=20 351-400 Swinburne University of Technology
=20 351-400 Victoria University
=24 401-500 University of Canberra
=24 401-500 Central Queensland University
=24 401-500 Curtin University
=24 401-500 Murdoch University
=24 401-500 RMIT University
=24 401-500 Western Sydney University
=30 501-600 Bond University
=30 501-600 Edith Cowan University
=30 501-600 Southern Cross University
=30 501-600 University of the Sunshine Coast