temporary resident visas(visit visa) for canada

Temporarily or permanently immigrants who attempt travel in Canada just meet the criteria of Canada’s citizenship regulations and laws, especially with regard to their safety and security.

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What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

These are certificates that enable an individual who otherwise does not meet the requirements of a Canadian citizen to reach Canada via TRP.

Is TRP useful?

Sure, it is beneficial for peoplewho are notaccessibleto Canada on criminal or medical grounds.

When to Apply for a TRP?

You may register for aTRP at a consulate unless you area permanent resident in Canada.American citizens or permanent residentsmay apply directly tothe Canadian border.

Visa Processing time and a government fee

It’s going totake 3–6 months at the consulate, thena few minutes or hours at the border. A fee of $200 (CAD) shall apply.

In addition, a temporary resident permit:

  •  Requireslegal entry to Canada for aspecifiedperiod of time;
  •  A TRP can occur at any point (in relation to felony parole, TRPs may not be limited to a period of time for the completion of a punishment. However, an offender may be subjected to TRP in certain cases when completing a part of his or her probation); It is provided for a period of time and may range from within Canada to three years.

The criterionthat an inadmissibleperson be allowedto enter Canada against safety and healthhazardsto the Canadian population is consideredto becomea Canadian immigration visa officer. Applicants must show that they are justifiedwhen entering Canada.

Unless the re-entry has been approved after receipt,the permit is no longer valid for theapplicant entering Canada. The certificate may also be revoked by the officer at any moment. Under certain cases, laid down by the individual country.

Two ways to apply for TRP

  • Please submitan application to theConsulate;
  • Apply directly to the boundary. This option is available only to US citizens and residents in Canada.

Since nationals ofnon-US countries either require a Temporary Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter Canada, a consularrequest to travelto Canada is the only option.

Based on where the request is made, the processing time differs.