engineering in turkeyThere are a lot of people who look forward to study abroad. When we talk about enrolling in foreign universities, we end up with countless options around. While we have a lot of countries offering students to come and study there, some of them are very popular and worth considering. Each country, location, and university, has its own specialty and there are individuals who would look forward to specialize in a certain subject. Considering that, we recommend you to shape your choice accordingly and if you look to study the social science and engineering subjects, you might want to take a look at Turkey. Why? Well, there are countless benefits of studying engineering and social science subjects in Turkey.

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Great universities

Whenever we look to study in a foreign land, we want to enroll in good universities. Turkey is a country where you will find universities that are known internationally for their strong education ethics and discipline. Thus, you are likely to get a good university offering you a chance to come up and study there.

Internationally recognized studies

As we are doing our graduation, we tend to look towards the institutes that provide us internationally recognized degrees. In Turkey, if you manage to cling onto a good university, you will be able to get a good degree that you can use on any platform all over the globe and get a good job at any level.


International studies tend to be highly costly and there are countries where people can only dream about studying but won’t be able to do it because of high tuition fees and other costs. However, with Turkey, you have several institutes offering you a chance to enroll and study on scholarships. Moreover, the tuition fees are usually reasonable and the living cost in this country is also low as compared to most of the European or American countries.

High education standard

Going out to Turkey to study social science or engineering, you won’t demand anything less than standard. Here, you will get high standard and quality education that complies with the modern methodology and techniques of education. There are some very decent universities in the country that are equipped with advanced teaching methods, providing students most up to date learning.

Multicultural land

As we talk about social science, what can be better than studying in a land that is multicultural? Turkey is seen as a bridge between East and West. It is a land that connects Asia to Europe, and is fairly close to Africa too. Moreover, people from all cultures and races come to this land and according to an estimate there are over 30,000 students that come here annually to study. Considering that, you are in for some really good social science experiences and experiments.

Friendly people

When you are living in a foreign land, things can get tough if the people are not cooperative or look towards you with hatred. While we have good and bad people all over the globe, the individuals you will find in Turkey are likely to be cooperative and friendly, willing to help foreign people whenever needed.

Naturally gifted

Turkey is gifted with natural beauty and has a very good landscape. It features a 5,000 miles coastline which touches the waters of very different seas. At one side, you can see the Mediterranean and on the other side you will experience the waves from Aegean. Then, you have the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara washing the beaches too. There are mountains to explore and wildlife to see if you set out to explore the country in your holidays.

Rich history

Another thing connecting to social science can be the rich history of the country. There are museums, ancient sites, and traces that many civilizations came up and settled in the country from Greek to Roman to Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Good food

The last thing you need when going to study abroad is having difficulty in finding good food. Sometimes, it just won’t match your taste. However, Turkey features amazing local taste with almost every city and food corner providing you a list of English, European, African, Arab, and Asian meals to try out.

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