studying abroad expensesWhen planning to study in a foreign country, most students and their families usually make mistake to calculate studying abroad expenses during time of study. They only take living expenses into account. Only thing they concentrate on is the fees of the student. Some may have a slight notion about rent but that is all. Here in this article, we, WSLConsultants team have gathered all the possible expenses you will have to face when you will be studying abroad. You will know that what are studying abroad expenses actually is?

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1 –   Food, Accommodation and Dressing:

When we talk about studying abroad expenses, the very first thing in this article are the most basic living expenses. Everyone is aware of these expenses but you might not know everything about them. Here I have mentioned every critical detail you must know before moving abroad for your education.

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studying-abroad-expenses-foodsFirst is food. In studying abroad expenses, food has major role. You definitely have to eat in order to eat in order to survive but have calculated the cost of food you will be consuming in abroad country. The thing you don’t always eat home, if you could cook and eat home it will help you save a lot of money. But eventually you end up eating out or fast food most of the time. How much it will cost, depends on the country and their currency. But the point is that other than the home cooked food you also have to calculate for Snacks, fast food, drinks, when you have friends over and when you go out with friends or colleagues to eat.

Second is accommodation in basic living expense. This something you must arrange before you move to the foreign country. You must register a place for yourself where you are going to rest after the long journey. Accommodation in a foreign country is divided into two categories for international students.

  1. On-Campus Residence
  2. Off-Campus Residence

On-Campus Residence. While calculating studying abroad expenses, residence is the dorm you get in inside your university campus. They are a lot cheaper for international students when compared to Off-campus residence.  University dorms are specially created for students who are away from their home and need place to stay. Your first priority should be to get On-campus residence.

Off-Campus Residence is any flat, house or room you rent outside the university campus. Off-campus residence can be expensive since you have to deal a private personal whose sole purpose is to make a business out of you.

Third thing is the Dressing. You must be well aware that every country has their culture and fashion style. You can wear Shalwar Qameez in any foreign country but it will make it difficult for you get along with native people. So, once you are settled abroad, you have to buy clothes according their culture, fashion and style.

With all these things also keep the medical expenses in mind. We can never be sure about health and it should be our first priority to maintain the best of the health. Be sure, to have enough money aside to cover your medical essentials when necessary.

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2-   Conveyance and traveling:

Conveyance-and-travelingEvery international student needs a form conveyance in order to move freely. You are certainly not going to spend your entire 2 to 4 year program just sitting in university. So, transportation is necessary to make your movement easier. But have you estimated the expense it will cost you. There can be different modes of transportation one may use. Most commonly used form of transportation is public buses in developed countries that are rather cheap compared to other vehicles. But these big vehicles don’t go everywhere and have particular fixed stops. With busses you also have the facility of local trains for transportation. But the real cost comes when you sometimes have to get a taxi or rent a car. That is really difficult for an average Pakistani student to afford.

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Some students have figured an easy way to this problem. I have seen students rent or buy a bicycle for this. This may seem a little awkward for a university student riding a bicycle all the time but it is a lot more common in international students than you may think. It is genius way which not saves you cost of transportation but also the cost of Petrol and Parking and you can move freely inside your university campus without any hindrance. This way you also get exercise and keep you healthy.

3 –   Tickets

This is an expense one doesn’t even think about until they found themselves in empty handed in a foreign country and they are in dire need to visit their homeland. Tickets to go back to home is another major role in studying abroad expenses. During your years of stay, there are going to be multiple occasions, like Eids, weddings, holiday, some other happy and sad events when you have to come back to your home.

This is the most costly expense an international student has to bear. International flight tickets are very expensive. Every time you visit your home, you also have to purchase a return ticket, so, it is basically two ticket cost you have to suffer. Make sure, you have planned every unexpected event planned and enough money in your account to help you in this case.

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 4 –   Study Materials:

Talking about studying abroad expenses, The one, you must expect least of all is study materials, you are most probably thinking that how can it even an expense. Well my friend, this is why I had to write this article. You do know Pakistan’s currency Rupee has a very low rate and what we get produced in Pakistan is kind of affordable for us. Now, think your income is in Pakistani rupee and you have to spend in Dollars. It is technically like dividing your whole salary to 100.

Notepads, notes, helping materials and especially books are going to be quite expensive than what we get in Pakistan. You won’t find any pirated/cheap copy of a book; you will have to buy the original one. When you rent a book from library that helps but when you delay it that fine is going to cost more than the book itself. I have read somewhere most developed countries take their library issues pretty seriously. And the most important thing, depending on your degree program, you may also have to spend some money for the semester projects.

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 5 –   Tax and Insurance:

Tax on students may sound weird but there are many countries where even students have to pay tax of the little amount they earn. If you don’t do a job even this headaches not over because you will still be charged on every transaction you have in your bank. When you are abroad, your all finances will most probably be coming from your guardians in Pakistan. All of these financial matters are solved through banks. When money is transferred form a country to another, it cost you a big time tax and some custom charges.

Other than this, in some countries like Germany, students have to buy some basic insurances of which the most basic Health Insurance. Insurances may help you save some money but with that you also have a compulsory obligation on your head to pay