study in MalaysiaStudy in Malaysia without IELTS is a really amazing place. It is considered best because of the affordability as well as the living standards of this country. International students love to come here because of hassle-free life. The educational opportunities of this country are also high which makes it a center of education in South East Asia. The capital of this country is considered to be the best in terms of technological development. Both trades, as well as business, is flourishing here. Some of the important facts about this country are as follows. So study in Malaysia is quite beneficial to you. Malaysia student visa can be obtained in the following way.

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Why study in Malaysia without IELTS?

There are multiple reasons behind choosing Malaysia for study. First of all, the natural beauty of this country is exceptional. The presence of ancient rain forests, as well as the colorful mosques and markets, keep the people occupied. The festive celebrations of this place are also amazing. Malaysian culture is really rich and people enjoy a lot here. Another fact is that this is the most stable country in terms of politics. The economic clout is really less that make its place in the world’s top ranking. The lifestyle of people in this place is also really organic as compared to the cities. Many high ranking universities are present here that offer diversity. There are the following reasons to study in Malaysia without IELTS

Top ranking universities

There are many top-ranking universities in the world that are found in Malaysia. They are teaching without IELTS. The level of education in this country is really amazing and huge campuses are present with a better quality of education. The research factor is also amazing. High-quality research avenues are available in this country that make it best for research. The universities have also developed a partnership with many international units to make a diverse educational environment. The courses offered here include all the fields. The rankings have shown that this country is ranking on 10th level overall in the world in terms of competitiveness.

Bright future

While studying in Malaysia without IELTSprovides a better lifestyle and a lot of success opportunities in the future. The future goals of a person are well satisfied if he studies in Malaysia. Many famous universities in the UK and Australia have campuses present in Malaysia to build educational alliances. In this way, students can get dual degrees and both from internationally recognized places. This is the best opportunity for foreign students. Huge campuses are present that are equipped with research prospects with quality of education. The weather in this country is also really pleased that is another positive incentive to choose this place.

Considering all these positive aspects of study in Malaysia without IELTS, the place is amazing in all respects. Better opportunities wait for the person and a completely secured environment is offered to the students from arrival to passing out. Alliance with international universities and the presence of top-ranking universities make a standard of education high. It is more accessible to get high education up to the mark of international standards by studying in this country. State of the art facilities is provided to Asian students in terms of both living standards as well as security.

Job opportunities while a study in Malaysia without IELTS

The trend of international students going to study in Malaysia has increased a lot in the past few years. This is because of the high quality of education delivered in this region. Many foreign universities have campuses in Malaysia and they offer valuable degrees at really reasonable costs and without IELTS. When a student goes to a foreign country to study, they like to have some part-time job to run their routine expenses. Many post-study opportunities for work are also considered if they want to stay in Malaysia after their study.

Wages for students

The wage rate is important to consider when looking for a job. This is the disadvantage that as the cost of living is less, correspondingly, the salaries offered are also less. If a person does work for a week, he will earn about RM 150. This will only cover the routine expenses so backup support should be present to pay the tuition fee and other big expenses. However, it really depends on the field what kind of further opportunities are available. If a student gets a job after study, he must have an employment pass before even starting the work.

Conditions for a part-time job

Some of the rules and regulations are applied to international students if they want to have a part-time job in Malaysia. First of all, they can work up to 20 hours a week as a maximum limit. Then, they can work in the days of holiday break that should be of more than seven days. There is a restriction about what type of profession to opt for. the work that is morally wrong including singing, music, and cashier is not allowed to do by the students. They can only work in the cafes, restaurants, petrol stations and mini market. The request for working is made through a proper channel such as any university or private institute where the person is studying. It is not advised to rely on part-time jobs to pay for all the living as well as course expenditures in Malaysia.

The application process for Study in Malaysia without IELTS

The application process for a part-time job for any international student should be done through a proper mechanism. Some of the documents need to be submitted beforehand to avoid inconvenience later on. At first, the photocopy of the passport should be given especially the pages containing the student pass and information of bearer of the passport. A letter from the employer, contact details as well as the address should also be provided. The processing fee of RM 120 is given that is nonreturnable. A support letter from the university should be provided that allows him to work. The application is approved after the interview taken from the student. The immigration department of Malaysia is also involved in this process and they have the right to cancel the job under certain circumstances. If all these things are provided according to o requirement, international students can do a part-time job to cover living expenses. The cost and expenses of Study in Malaysia can be found in our other post “What is the cost of studying in Malaysia”