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It is very easy to study in Malaysia on Scholarship due to affordable education cost. It is a prime factor in selecting Malaysia for study. Malaysia offers reputable and authentic certifications in all fields. The Pre-University studies are the option for the students to get the benefits of higher education here. It is the prime choice of the international students because it offers the US and UK trained professors and lecturers at very affordable study in Malaysia cost. Moreover, Malaysia is the country that gives a financial grant in the form of the scholarship in all fields. It is a beneficial aspect for the students who are searching for inexpensive education.

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How to apply for study in Malaysia Scholarship for Pakistani students

  1. Choose the university and the field in which you are expert.
  2. Start the procedure after completion your study level. Search the institution that offers a scholarship in the relevant field.
  3. Search their dates of submission and merits of application
  4. Prepare yourself for interview or test in the institution as per your academic skills, accomplishments, weakness, strengths and qualification.
  5. Search the sources that are helpful in applying for scholarship
  6. For this purpose, you need to prepare some documents including last academic certificate, application form, and qualifications according to the university merit.
  7. Collect all the information and submit the documents as per your financial status.
  8. Request application form and information on the merit and standard of the University
  9. Provide complete data and information about your personal and academic records,

How to get Malaysia Student Visa for Pakistani Citizen?

For getting this pass, you need to download the application form of the university and submit the fees. You need following documents with it.

  1. Visa fee payment
  2. University letter
  3. Approval letter from the department of immigration from Malaysia
  4. CNIC copy
  5. photograph passport size with blue background,
  6. visa application form
  7. passport copy

This pass is the basic document that is the first requirement of your visa approval. This process is very easy and it take 21 days. The university sends offer letter to the students for applying this pass. You can go for the procedure online as well.