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For receiving a student visa for study in Hungary one must get an offer letter from any Hungarian university. The Hungarian consulate or the embassy in your country allows you to apply for the visa, the visa process takes almost a month to get completed.

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Visa process for Study in Hungary

The requirement for visa application vary for different students and nationalities, therefore it is suggested that students should inquire information beforehand.

For the international students who intend to stay in Hungary for more than or for 90 days are required to apply for the long-term visa only in order to stay in the country, these international students shall not be a part of European union member state.

The main documents that are required for applying Hungarian student visa are;

  • The letter of acceptance from the university
  • Passport that should be valid for 6 months after your arrival in Hungary
  • Copy of photographs
  • A health insurance proof
  • The housing address for you stay in Hungary’s proof
  • A bank statement showing that you have enough balance that can cover your living expenses in Hungary
  • The stamped envelopes addressing the applicant

You might need to consult a consultant to make this process easier for you

Also, you will be required to apply for residence permit in Hungary within the first fifteen days of your arrival in Hungary

Universities in Hungary

Some of the best universities to study in Hungary are described below;

  • Semmelweis university, Budapest: this is one of the oldest university of Hungary, it was founded in 1635, whereas this university faced the 245th academic year of its history in 2014 for the faculty of medicine. In 1955 the pharmacy and dentistry faculties were added in this university in 1955. Even today this university has been able to incorporate not just the medicine, dentistry, pharmacy but also physical education sports sciences and the health science faculty. This university also offers some international programs. This university has almost 3200 students studying at the faculty of medicine and around 630 students at the dentistry faculty.
  • University of Szeged: this university came to an origin in 1581 along the foundation of Academia in Cluj. Since then till now this university has not stopped to amaze everyone. In 2000 this university reached a milestone by making the higher educational institutes of Szeged to get integrated with the name of a university of Szeged. This university today has 12 faculties which cover different fields like science, arts, law, business, economics, medicine, dentistry, engineering, agriculture, music, health sciences, agriculture, education, and music.
  • University of Pecs: this city of Hungary is known to have the oldest universities, and this university was founded in 1367 by the great King Louis. It is a state university and the medical school has been listed in the directory of WHO’s medical schools. This university also offers international programs and it started in 1984.
  • The Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences (Hungarian: Kodolányi János Főiskola) is a higher education institution in Hungary, having its main campus in Székesfehérvár, but also has regional campuses in Budapest, Siófok and Orosháza, with an additional campus in Austria. Its Hungarian abbreviation is KJF.The university was founded in 1992. The municipality of Székesfehérvár donated a building for the campus, because until then there was no university in the city. It was named after Hungarian writer János Kodolányi, because of his connections to the city. In 1994 the university started its own local radio station. In 1997 opened a faculty in Siófok, and in the following year campus in Budapest. The Orosháza campus was opened in 2004.The university offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate programmes in Hungarian, English and German.

The entry requirements to study in Hungary

There are some very important entry requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to study in Hungarian universities and also to get the visa. The language proficiency exam and the exam for entrance are two main things that have to clear.

The diploma from the high school and the transcript

The diploma and the transcript from the last school you left are very important. The grades mentioned on your transcript are also of great importance.

The exam for entrance

This exam is of great importance for some universities in Hungary, this exam has to be taken to get admission. If this test is not being passed than there are preparatory courses that you have to take before applying for university studies. This course takes 2 semesters to get completed and a tuition fee is charged according to the university you have applied for.

Admission Process.

: Application 350 Euro  Fee with all Documents.  without IELTS
2: CAL Latter , in 1 Week, with or with Skype Interview. 
3:Deposit Copy of Pay Order or Cheque  for Total Program Fee and  Counseling
4: Received Visa Supporting Documents. 
5: Application for visa, With Bank Statement Of Blood Relation Person, Rupees 15 Lac.
Fee Structure (In Rupees)
  1. Application Fee:350 EURO
  2. University Fee (:5000 EURO) 6,25000PKR( Bachelors) ,  (5500 EURO) 690000 PKR (Masters)
  3. Embassy Fee  : 10,000
  4. Travel Insurance : 5000
  5. Other Expected Charges : 20.000
Required Documents for Application of Study in Hungary:
  1. All Educational Documents
  2. Passport
  3. ID Card
  4. Picture
  5. CV
  6. Skype ID
  7. Home Address
  8. Mother’s Name
  9. E-mail ID
  10. Sponsor’s / Payer’s Name

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