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Cyprus is the place where the people want to visit and work. It’s a European state and going to be part of schengen in coming years. Cyprus is flourishing day by day and lot of students want to study in Cyprus. Pakistani students want to learn the full cycle in this article regarding learning in Cyprus for Pakistani students. There are several institutes in Cyprus that are providing courses for international students coming to Cyprus to learn.

  1. Low Cost of living.
  2. Eu standard of education which is fair.
  3. Safe Environmental Situation.
  4. Competitive European standard of education and preparation.
  5. Safe Atmosphere alongside friendly air.
  6. Travelling places to visit.
  7. Community of people from around the world.

There are also local students who are taking admission in these colleges and universities. Alongside differing qualities in controls there are various different advantages and open doors for worldwide; students who will think about study in Cyprus. Some of them are said here, the review given below is for Cyprus visa and study in Cyprus for international students due to following benefits.

Initially students needed to apply for their significant course in the school/college they had wanted to proceed with their review while remaining in Cyprus. This stride will help them to apply for a visa handling the.

List of study programmes, for Pakistani students, in Cyprus

  1. Business Administration
  2. Computer Science
  3. Computer Networks Technician – Diploma
  4. Computerized Accounting – Diploma
  5. Culinary Arts (Cookery)
  6. Office Management (Secretarial Studies)
  7. International Business
  8. Hotel Management
  9. Human Resource Management
  10. Marketing
  11. Management Information Systems
  12. Travel and Tourism Management

Admission Criteria for Pakistani students studying in Cyprus

Criteria for entry to undergraduate programs

Applicants for an undergraduate program of study (Certificate, Diploma, Lower Diploma or Bachelor’s degree) must meet the following admission criteria: a recognised Secondary (High) School Leaving Certificate (i.e. 12 or 11 years of schooling depending on the country of origin) or comparable certificates (i.e. GCE’ A’ levels).

Criteria for admission to postgraduate programs

Applicants for a postgraduate study program (Master’s degree) must meet the following admission criteria: a recognized secondary (high) school leaving certificate (i.e. 12 or 11 years of schooling depending on the country of origin) or comparable certificates (i.e. GCE ‘ A’ levels).

STEP 1 – APPLYING TO ADMISSION As a student in Pakistan

Candidates seeking to qualify for admission for Pakistani students to study in Cyprus will print copies of the following documents:

1) Print of Secondary and Senior College graduation Certificates and Mark Sheets (with a minimum overall average mark of 50 percent at Senior Secondary). Postgraduate students need not have a target of 50 percent at Senior Secondary, as long as they have an overall average level of at least 40 percent at their Bachelor degree.

2) Copy of the Bachelor Certificate and the Mark Sheet (only applicable to postgraduate applicants, for example MBA).

3) Two reports (from present and/or retired lecturers, supervisors and other associates) that use the College Review Form (only available to postgraduate candidates, e.g. MBA).

4) Passport copy (only the page(s) showing your photograph, personal details and signature) valid for at least two years from the start of the classes.

All students must be at least 18 years of age at the time classes started.

The Office of Admissions must give the applicant a Certification of Admission along with an Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Practice form as soon as the Office of Admissions receives the above documentation and the application for admission fee and given the applicant meets the admission requirements.

Important Dates

Summer Semester 2020
Application deadline : 15 April 2020
Commencement of classes : 18 June 2020

Fall Semester 2020
Application deadline : 31 July 2020
Commencement of classes : 8 October 2020

Spring Semester 2020
Application deadline : 30 November 2020
Commencement of classes : 11 February 2020

List of Required Docs for study in Cyprus for Pakistani students

Please note the following docs which need to prepare for Cyprus visa.

–       Passport effective from the beginning of the course for at least two years. Also initially approved versions will be authorized attested by both the Consulate of Cyprus and the Notary Public.  

–       Police certificate that shows the claimant has no criminal record, given no later than 6 months before the date for the submission. Only original documents will be accepted attested both by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Cyprus Consulate.

–       Bank Letter claiming that the borrower is in a position to cover living expenses in Cyprus and to pay the tuition fees provided in Cyprus no more than six months before the date for the submission.  Requires original documentation approved respectively by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Consulate of Cyprus and the Notary Public.

Bank Statement released a deposit of EUR 7000 in the account no less than one month before the application deadline. We need the original documents that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Consulate of Cyprus and the Notary Public refer to. (Please note: -bank statement page must be completely approved, and not just the last page).

–       Medical examination (from a federal institute) confirming that the patient is clear of Hepatitis B and C, Aids, Syphilis and Tuberculosis–given no later than 4 months before the date for the submission. We need the original documents attested by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate of Cyprus for medical purposes.

–       Academic Documents

  • Metric degree should be attested by their Board and then from IBCC.
  • Intermediate degree should be attested by their Board and then from IBCC.
  1. The records should be accredited by both the Foreign Ministry and the Consulate of Cyprus.
  2. Additionally, please note that the bank letter and the statement must carry additionally a notary stamp.
  3. Please note that any supporting documents (ie. affidavit, IELTS certificate or relationship certificate) must also be fully attested (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cyprus Consulate and Notary Public).

There are two choices for students requesting Cyprus Visa. These may be released either by a Republic of Cyprus Embassy / High Commission / Consulate in the candidate’s home country or by the Ministry of Migration in Cyprus.

 Cyprus Visa allotted in the Applicant’s home-country:

If the candidates have in their own country a government office or high commission of the Republic of Cyprus, then they should apply for a visa specifically from that point. The reports required to prepare are as follows:

  1. A completely finished request form.
  2. Non-refundable fees apply.
  3. Four (4) photos.
  4. Attested (guaranteed genuine) duplicates of educational documents of the recipient.
  5. Capability proof in English (if conceivable)
  6. A The Passport photocopy. Recalling the travel permission has to be comprehensive for not less than one (1) year from the date of the student landing in Cyprus.
  7. If the candidate is called for a meeting then the accompanying reports should show up in the meeting:
  8. Original educational documents in English, with validated duplicates.
  9. Passport which should be comprehensive not less than one (1) year
  10. The home country’s police audit.
  11. Bank letter and comment of student’s assistance describing the specific residing and planning expenditures in Cyprus.

Visa given for students in Cyprus:

If the applicant does not have a foreign safe haven or authority agent in his or her own country, then he or she will send the school / school they are applying for research in Cyprus a copy of the paper. The school must apply for a student visa, for the gain of the applicant, the transfer section. Important list of records is:

  1. Fully completed application form.
  2. A 15-30 Cyprus Pounds transaction fee (non-refundable).
  3. Four (4) of those frames.
  4. Attested (guaranteed genuine) duplicates of educational documents of the recipient.
  5. Proof of English (if conceivable) competence.
  6. A Passport photocopy. Remembering that travel permit must be substantial from the date of the student landing in Cyprus for no less than one (1) year.
  7. If the candidate is called upon to meet then he should appear with the accompanying reports in the meeting.
  8. Initial instructional records in English, with certified duplicates..

Once the visa is issued, its copy is sent to the student.


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  • Scholarships are available in different colleges and universities.
  • study in Cyprus cost
  • Study in Cyprus cost depends on college and university. Usually tuition fee is between 3000 to 5000 Euros.
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  • Please check the list of universities and colleges in this website.
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Fee for Study in Cyprus:

The student visa often moved under the restricted visa or visa class with minimal national validity for this type of the visa planning fee is approximately 10.25 Euros for one passage.

Time for Study in Cyprus:

The Cyprus method takes around a month, which is why it is necessary to submit a request no less than 2-3 months prior to the regular enrollment date. Individual applications are usually prepared in the 24-hour season, that day, but it may take up to 2 weeks if applicants for research in Cyprus are listed.