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Study In Austria Without IELTS

When you are looking to study in Austria without IELTS, one of the many requirements you may be asked to satisfy is proficiency in the English language. There are a lot of people who are fit to study in Austria and have the desired qualification and finances. However, they lack when it comes to English proficiency or there might be any other reason why they may not be interested in IELTS.

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Apply where IELTS is not an institute requirement

There are a lot of institutes in Austrian, some being highly reputable and very proficient in certain disciplines. So, when you are looking to apply to an institute, you may be able to find a university that won’t ask you for the IELTS. Well, the problem is solved.

As you won’t be asked for IELTS, you don’t have to worry about giving it and passing the exam with a certain score. All you can do is satisfy the requirements of the university that are present for the enrollment and apply for the course you like.

Apply where IELTS is not a course requirement

And as you browse for the universities, don’t just turn off the page by seeing a single course. Browse through multiple courses and see what they require from the students. In some institutes, you will be able to get courses where proficiency in English is not a necessity.

So, as you find any such course, don’t shy in applying for it. Make sure that you are eligible and don’t be worried when it comes to submitting multiple applications to different universities. Just be certain that you are not submitting many applications for a single course in one university.

Your studies count 

To study in Austria without IELTS, the first thing which counts is a requirement of English. Some universities ask for English proficiency requirements and may ask you to demonstrate proficiency in the language by getting certain bands. However, some of them may omit the requirement if you provide them proof in a different way. Your previous studies come very handily here and most of the universities won’t ask you for IELTS if you have done O Levels or AS/A Levels with English.

list of the institutes may do it with only O levels or just AS/A levels while others might ask you for English in both. Also, there can be grade requirements too. Usually, universities won’t take anything less than a C in English. But for that, you have to discuss with your consultant or send a query to the university before you apply.

Get any other English proficiency certificate

There are numerous other English proficiency certifications that are available for you. Sometimes, you have the required skills but are just not able to go through with the IELTS exam. So, you can always consider other options. Most of the universities give you a chance to study in Austria without IELTS provide any other certificate than IELTS and you will be able to get through with the requirement.

Usually, TOEFL and TOEFL iBT are seen as the best alternatives to the IELTS. But if you want to try something else, the PTE and OTE tests are there for your consideration. Also, people consider doing the Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) test to have documented proof of their proficiency in English. However, you should note that each of these can be weighed to consider its equivalence to the IELTS.

Final words for Study in Austria without IELTS

So, these are a few ways you can have the IELTS requirement omitted from your eligibility criteria as you look towards applying to various universities in Austria. Apparently, there aren’t many solutions other than these listed above for studying in Austria without IELTS. And also, it is better to give yourself some time, enroll in a few English courses, and raise your language to a certain level before you proceed to study abroad. Unless you know the local language, English is your way of communication with these people.