There are factors that affect the study cost in Australia. This paragraph is about the total cost it takes to study in Australia with all the main factors intact.

What is tuition Fees for International Students in Australia?

Less-Tuition-FeeThe different countries have their own tuition fees policies. But Australian government has done many improvements. They set the bar of the fees in Australia. The bar is an authentic limit set up by the authorities. No university can cross this bar the fees are annual to be paid. The Bachelor’s fees are around the fifteen thousand Australian dollars. Master degree is around twenty-six thousand Australian dollars. The Ph.D. program is around twenty thousand us dollars. These fees don’t include the more expensive courses that are offered in medicine. The government has applied the fees per yearly not per unit. If the fees of international students were standardized then the study would have been very costly in Australia.

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What are different scholarships available in Australia?

The Australia scholarship program is different from all of the programs. The program is mostly funded by the professor himself to the student. The students help the professor in doing his research. While the professor pays the student for studying and researching with him. When the professor publishes the paper the student name is present inside the paper. In Australia, the government offers a different kind of scholarships to the students.Scholarships-in-Australia

There is a special criterion to apply for the scholarships but they are available for those who are in need of a scholarship. The bachelor student could get almost twenty-four thousand Australian dollars per month. This is the maximum limit provided by the Australian to provide the bachelor student with enough money to study and stay in Australia. A master degree student could get almost fifteen thousand Australian dollars scholarship.

What is the student cost of living in Australia?

cost-of-living-in-australiaThe student cost in Australia is almost eighteen thousand dollars. Immigration department of the Australian government is very active. They post the updated expenditure list every year. The students that are visiting Australia need to show the bank statement of at least eighteen thousand dollars. If the student is married and he is bringing his family with him. Then he needs to show his bank statement that is almost twenty-eight thousand Australian dollars. The immigration department also has provided with the list of expenses that a student would need money for. Expenses include four hundred dollars per week. This amount of dollars is totally dependent on the student where he lives. The place can be expensive or cheap.

Transport bills are between ten to forty dollars. Electricity bills are between sixty to ninety Australian dollars. Phone and internet cost around almost twenty to sixty dollars. When balanced in right proportions it comes around almost three hundred dollars per week. The students can also do jobs in different companies. The students can easily earn more than they spend in Australia.