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Education in Austria

The educational institutions in Austria provide the opportunity to Free study in Austria for higher education in the country. These facilities are for the students of EU as well as for non-EU students. The education in the country is free, however; the students from outside of EU have to pay tuition fees. This fee is also exempted if the student belongs to an underdeveloped country. The institutions offering the education in the respective discipline should be contacted in order to get the admission.

Austria is a country that is enriched with the European culture and students from all over the world like to get educated from Austria because it is located in the central area of Europe and surrounded by other European countries like Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, etc. Its standard of living is high in the world. This country is not only best for the education but also the beautiful landscapes of this country also excites the students to get education in such a country where they can travel and promote tourism.

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Free Study in Austria without IELTS

When you are looking to Free Study in Austria without IELTS, one of the many requirements you may be asked to satisfy is proficiency in English language. There are a lot of people who are fit to study in Austria and have the desired qualification and finances. However, they lack when it comes to English proficiency or there might be any other reason why they may not be interested in IELTS

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Tuition Fee in Austrian Universities

Well, the tuition fees in the each University of Austria may differ but that difference is just a slight. In the Arts based universities in Austria, for the Austrian students and citizens, there are no regular fee prescriptions for the 2 basic semesters but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to pay anything because there is then the need to pay the membership dues to the union that is mandatory and it is total of € 363.36 per semester and it has to be paid after the tolerance period of two semesters.

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Scholarships in Austria

There is another brief database which is called as Grants and it provides a list containing scholarships of various categories for the students who want to study in Austria.  Well, institutional or universities scholarships are also there which are offered by almost all the institutions and for this, you have to contact the international office of that specific university which you have applied for.

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Study Procedure & Visa processing

The visa is given to students if they contact the respective embassy of Austria in their own country. The registration should be done with the registration office three days before coming to Austria on Austria student visa. The categories of travel visa C or Residence Visa D is necessary for the students who want to study for more than 6 months. There can be another requirement which is entrance  examination which is necessary for some courses.

The detailed information can be obtained from the OeAD office or homepage. Complete guidelines and checklists for the resident permits and application are available easily. Then the authorities of Austria and universities are filled in the application form. Once the application process is done, it should be submitted to the respective authorities or embassy; they will get back to all details.

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Residence Permit in Austria

Austrian visa requirements are different for EU nationals and non EU nationals. For EU nationals, Swiss nationals and citizens of EEA countries there is no requirement of obtaining visa if they intend to stay Austria for lesser than a period of 3 months.

But if the stay has to be longer than the period of 3 months it is required to get registered at the immigration office within the time limit of 3 months.

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Universities for study visa

People either go for degree programme like bachelor programs, masters programs or Ph.D. programs to Austria in public universities or private university. There is a number of universities that can be searched online and a person can apply to them. There are many private as well as public sector universities. The students looking for scholarships can look for public sector universities because education is completely free. International students usually like university of applied sciences and university of vienna. universities of the arts also attracts international students they select different kinds of study programmes.

Required Documents for Admission in Austria

To study in Austrian higher education institutions, you must provide the school leaving certificates which are necessary to get admission in any bachelor program. The passport and photographs are essential for the process. as this is a place where the German language is used for communication, so the certificate form proficiency in the German language is needed. The students who are non–EU should additionally have the certificate for special university qualification along with these. health insurance is another requirement for study in Austria.

Documents for masters and Ph.D. programs

The students for masters program should complete their 6 semesters specialized Bachelor degree in the relevant discipline. However, the students applying for Ph.D. programs should submit their research proposal in the respective discipline. In that research proposal qualifies, they are permitted to get admission. All these things should be submitted before the deadlines. Some disciplines also require entrance exams and they are normally conducted 6 months prior to the regular admissions. So, the students looking for admission in such disciplines should keep in mind the closing dates for entrance exams.

Deadlines and closing for admissions in Austria

The last date for document submission in the winter semester is 1st September however for summer semester 1st February is the last date. The people with Swiss nationality or EU member countries have the deadline of mid or end of October in winter semester and mid or end or March in the summer semester. The application period also depends on the type of university selected. The entrance exam is necessary to qualify in order to get admission.

Admissions in applied sciences

While applying for study in Austria, which is in european union you must know that the most of the universities teaching applied studies require online admissions. The professional qualification in the related field, as well as the entrance qualification, is necessary to get admission in these universities. The German Language proficiency or sufficient knowledge certificate is needed. This includes the written or oral test along with the interview for admission process. Also, to get the teacher education, applications are submitted online. Other required information is available on the websites.

Once the candidate fulfills all the requirements and application process goes right, the student is given notification for admission from the university. The degree, as well as non-degree programs, are granted to the students based on their skills and qualifications. There are many opportunities out there to provide quality education to students coming on merit. There is a fee for Student Union Membership that has to be paid even if the tuition fee is exempted in the account of scholarship. Also, the expense of living and study in Austria in Austria is about 800 Euros per month. This includes food, accommodation, and personal expenses.