Study In China


IELTS Requiremnt

NOT Mandatory

Course duration

4 Years, 2 Years

Minimum Education



70% Marks in previous degree


Why Study In China?

Study in China gives international students chances to look at things from a Chinese viewpoint. The combination of awareness of China and the countries where they reside would allow students to consider possible future opportunities in China. Because of its long history and vibrant community, China has become one of the most popular international study destinations for international students. Living costs and school fees are relatively affordable, particularly compared to the US and other western countries. International students have the advantage of studying in china and also, they can also save money. The state, colleges, organizations, and companies offer scholarships to provide funding for international students from various academic disciplines. ⠀ International students can get an education with an English-language platform. English taught curriculum is a good alternative for international students who do not want to devote a further two years studying Chinese. The State has changed the visa policy with the support of foreign nationals and is now subject to part-time or internships for international students while studying in China. International students residing in China may take part-time jobs or internships outside the campus if academic institutions and administrative bodies approve them.  

Why Study in China

There are Six Reasons that you should study in China. 1) china offers Reasonable tuition fee and also provide scholarships 2)  you can learn about China’s development by living in their country 3) living in china can Enhance your global trade and business experience 4)  Chinese institutes Improve your career goals 5)  you can quickly learn the Chinese language 6) China is the next emerging global power so you can also part of this development

Advantages of Study in China

  • A new economic and industrial center
  • Accelerating global growth at the University’ level 
  •  With excellent proximity to studying,
  • Top-quality services equal to the top-ranking school in the world in technology and learning.
  • A large population of international students beyond the boundaries of Europe and the Asian States
  • Providing quality services and a beautiful climate.
  • There are Chances to study in a school among the world’s most dynamic trading companies and follow up on your business or trade dreams.
  • The demands and the process are less stressful admission. 
  •  Affordability
  • Employment Advantage
  •  Education quality and international recognition

Discover the best universities in China

Here are some of the top universities in China that you should remember while going on your studying adventure in China:
  •  Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
  •  Peking University
  • Tsinghua University
  •  Xiamen University
  • Beijing Institute of Technology

Choose the right degree for study in China

There are plenty of disciplines you can pick to study at Chinese universities
  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Masters in General Engineering
  • Masters in International Business
  • Masters in Economics
  • Masters in Languages

How to Apply for Study in China?

Think carefully to which degree you want to follow Some different and unique diplomas are to be found, but all details should be read carefully.
  •         See if the requirements comply with the university’s criteria.
  •         The enrollment is dependent on your previous graduate school’s high scores.
  •         China has established its limitations on students ‘ age when applying for a diploma and a Masters and Ph.D. degree: most colleges do not accept students above the age of 30.
  •         Apply to at least three universities, and your chances of admission can be enhanced.

Apply Online for Study in China

Apply directly online on the website of your institution is the simplest and fastest way to do it.
  • Apply through CUCAS –an online portal for applying to any Chinese university. It is fundamentally a mediator between the university and you.
  • CUAC (China University Application Centre). Register through CUAC for a Chinese university, but this website is also an online career tool and your professional guide, helping you to get the right choice in China.
  • You may apply your application with the support of your mates who has already enrolled in the same university.  You can easily provide complete information about all the necessary documents and credentials and submit the documents and apply through them.

Language requirements for Chinese universities

If you would like to qualify for a degree in English, the accepted language tests are:
  •  TOEFL

The Required documents for the application

  • Your Passport size photo
  • Photocopy of your valid passport
  • Photocopy of your valid visa
  • Your ID card
  • Health certificates
  • no criminal record Certification
  • Chinese/English language skill record
  • Guarantee Letter The student’s parent or legal guardian signatures a Declaration in which the student is obligated to comply with Chinese and University rules and regulations)
  • There must be Proof that you can economically support your studies in China
  • Certificate or diploma from last graduated school
  • Academic transcript from the previous graduated school

Note: More documents may be required depending on the request of each school.

Application Deadlines For Chinese University

In China, there are typically two sessions in the academic year, Spring and Autumn, except for a few high schools that have a three-semester program. For the spring semester: The following are the general recommendations
  • For fall semesters: apply until the end of April.
  •  For the spring semester: submit applications before mid-July

Final steps in the way of your studies after receiving your acceptance letter

To study in China requires a few additional steps after the application process:
  •  Apply as soon as possible for a Chinese student visa. See the Chinese embassy/consulate for information in your city.
  • It would be best if you have a Residence permit from a local public safety office or police station within 30 days of your arrival in China.
  • Get a health insurance plan; it must include accidents and serious incidents to pay a total of USD 62,000.

How can families seek consultants’ help to study in china?

WSL Consultants always support families with an instructor to find their solutions for study abroad. When you intend to recruit an educational specialist, please contact us. A selection of consulting services can be given depending on what you want and how you can cope with all your problems in the way of education abroad.