shanghai government scholarships

Shanghai Government Scholarship SGS is open for Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. studies for international students in different universities of China. Applicants should apply as soon as possible. Details are given below:

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Scholarship Value:

i. The Shanghai Government Scholarships (SGS) is classified into A and B types.

ii. Coverage

Type A

includes tuition, expenses for accommodation and living, and medical insurance

Type B

includes tuition and medical insurance.

iii.Standard (RMB/person/year)


  1. Classification 1 includes philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, management; Classification 2 includes science, engineering, and agriculture; Classification 3 includes medicine and art.
  2. International Students of pre-college programs can enjoy the scholarship with the undergraduate standard of Classification 1, which will be allocated to the Shanghai International Student Pre-college

If you are looking for Scholarships in China then take a look at this page: Free Study in China | Free Food | Free Accommodation| Apply Now

Funding period


  1. Three years for doctoral students;
  2. Two-three years for graduate program;
  3. Four years for an undergraduate program; five years for an undergraduate program in medicine studies
  4. One year for a pre-college program

Universities Providing SGS:

List of Shanghai universities recruiting SGS
1. Fudan University
2. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
3. Tongji University
4. East China Normal University
5. East China University of Science and Technology
6. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
7. Donghua University
8. Shanghai International Studies University
9. Shanghai University
10. Shanghai University of Foreign Trade
11. Shanghai University of Engineering Science
12. East China University of Political Science and Law
13. Shanghai Maritime University
14. Shanghai Finance University
15. Shanghai Normal University


Eligibility Criteria:

i.Age and education background

Students applying for the undergraduate programs, should obtain a high school degree or above and be no more than 25 years old; for the graduate programs, students should have a bachelor or above degree and be no more than 35 years old; for the Ph.D. programs, students should have a master degree or above with academic research ability, and be no more than 40 years old. Students applying for the pre-college program should obtain a high school degree under the age of 23 years old, with a letter of pre-admission of an undergraduate program by a Shanghai university.

ii.Language proficiency

If the program applicant has selected  is in English language, English language proficiency from your university will work. Generally, applicants should achieve a Chinese level of HSK4 for courses taught in Chinese and meet the language requirement of the university applied to join.

iii. Students that have won the Chinese Government Scholarship or any scholarship offered by other organizations are not entitled to apply SGS.

How to Apply:

Students can log onto the Study in Shanghai website, (, which provides information on universities, courses, application periods and procedures. Students can apply for the scholarship on the website.

Students need to check their selected university Website to check university application procedure and deadline. If the university requires to fill the application online then applicant needs to fill that online application and follow the procedure according to university.

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