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Residence and Visa permits

Austria is a great place for getting an education and there are a lot of reasons behind it. This guide will let you know about the chances to study in Austria in forms of the number of scholarships present there for the students and the nature and requirements of those scholarships but before that some other important things are:

The residence and visa permits are different for the students based on whether they are EU nationals or not. For the NON EU nationals, if it has been 6 months for them been living in abroad, they can apply for the residence permit in Austria for any purpose for the Austrian authority for residence just before they could make an entry to Austria after they have got the confirmation of their admission in the desired program in the desired university.

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So whatever is to be done is necessary to be conducted when the applicant is in his home country and the application would just be sent to Austria mentioning the key request and the applicant has to wait for the response by staying in his homeland.  Well, generally it said that the application should be submitted 3 months before the arrival of an applicant in Austria.

Still, there is some exception here and that is the Applicants who don’t need any visa to enter in Austria may then apply for and receive the grant at the spot while he is still in Austria.

For the students who are EU nationals or if are from the EEA member countries, they won’t require any visa or any other residence certificate from the Austrian government and when it has been 3 months for them to live in Austria, they then have to register themselves in the immigration office within 3 months after they have been entered to Austria.

Documents needed

For anyone who wants to get himself registered in any university in Austria in any offered program, the following mentioned are the set of documents which would be needed to be submitted:


–     A completely filled and duly signed application form which is available over the Internet and you has to download it in order to fill it well.

–    The passport which has the validity until you complete your stay in Austria, it shouldn’t expire in between.

–    Colored passport size photograph

–    Birth certificate of the applicant

–    The certificate of good conduct of applicant in the last educational institute which he has had attended

–    Health insurance should have been duly done for the period the applicant does his study and the certificate should be attached with the other documents

–    The notification which the applicant has received regarding his admission in the specific university of Austria

–    A financial proof which conveys that the applicant is in the stable position to cover all his living costs and fee payments in case he hasn’t availed any scholarship and if he had have still there would be a lot of expenses to cover

–    Proof or a certificate which shows that the applicant has already registered himself for accommodation in Austria before he had reached there

A study in the Czech Republic, Without IELTS

Entry Requirements

For the students who want to apply in Austria for seeking their education is important that they send an application which is properly filled up and some necessary documents which are mentioned above to that specific university or to the University of Applied Sciences Fachhochschule for the UAS degree program. When the applications are submitted to the authorities, the applications are then directly sent by them to the respective universities you have applied for.

Scholarships for education in Austria

Well, there are a lot of opportunities for the aspirants to get scholarships in Austria and a lot of educational organizations are ready to support the education of the students who are there to complete their education. Well, a lot of scholarships are offered for bachelors, masters and then the doctoral programs by the OEAD but one thing for you to know is that there could hardly be any program in Austria to study which is completely supported financially by the scholarships.

There is another brief database which is called as Grants and it provides a list containing scholarships of various categories for the students who want to study in Austria.  Well, institutional or universities scholarships are also there which are offered by almost all the institutions and for this, you have to contact the international office of that specific university which you have applied for.