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Turkey-Why Study in Turkey? - WSL Consultants

Why Study in Turkey?

While studying in Turkey international students get a chance to learn Turkey as a language as well as a course. Learning the Turkish language is a friendly way to interact with students from different cultures or civilizations.

Study in Turkey in English and without IELTS

The international entrance exam and high IELTS, IBT, or TOEFL result is required by the state or public universities. Their tuition fees are usually low which range between 500 to 2000 US$ per year. While most private universities do not require IELTS, IBT, or TOEFL results and international entrance exams for teaching English.

But they usually prefer high grades in the main course of about 80% average. Instead, you have to be ready to attend the university’s English prep program for one year.

Turkey for Medical Students

Turkey is an Islamic country and it has good friendly relationships with Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistani students can avail different scholarships in various degree programs. Different medical programs from bachelor to Ph.D. level are offered by Turkish medical universities. Universities of Turkey are highly ranked in the world.

Out of the top ten universities in the world, there are three Turkish universities, and seven universities in the top hundred universities in the world. Mostly Turkish universities are independent and they assemble their own academic calendar but funding and policies are made by The Council of Higher Education. The academic year often starts in September and lasts in June.

However, the registration process for admission in MBBS starts in January or in June in different universities. For registration or enrollment purposes students must sign up on the desired university website. Then provide the academic information.

There are various medical courses or programs offered by the universities with varying duration of course. For example, the duration of the Bachelor of Medicine program lasts six years and starts every September. The tuition fee for this program is about 22000 US$/year.