MBBS in Turkey fee structure for Pakistani students

In public universities, semester fees are very minimal, whereas the tuition fees of non-public universities will reach thousands of dollars For Pakistani students.

On to the Public-Sector Universities

Universities where the language of education is TURKISH

Residents from Turkey is: 80 USD– 250 USD

Foreign residents are: 240 USD– 750 USD

Universities where the language of education is ENGLISH

Residents from Turkey is: 150 USD – 500 USD

Foreign residents are: 450 USD – 1500 USD

Study Expenses

Admission and other expense Details (including tuition fee) :

One Semester Tuition Fee of MBBS to be paid after confirmation of acceptance (550€ Equal to PKR 86,950- (paid by the students to university)

DHL, Visa fee, Translation charges =   PCRs 32,000/- (paid by the student)

Charges of health insurance  PKR 5800  (paid by the student)

The fee of Visa:  PKR 12,600

Consultancy Fee: PKR 50000

One way Air Ticket fee:  PKR 50,000 – 65000

The university tuition fee for Medical will be 1050 Euro/year. Equal to PKR 174,000/-

Total course duration: 6 years

The living cost will be Rs. 20,000/- per month. (Including hostel and food)

Living Expenses

Normally, the International students living and Study in Turkey pay from four hundred to five hundred U.S. bucks per month in housing prices food, clothing, amusement, conveyance, and phone. Books and body expenses are nearly a 100$ to 150$ for every semester.