Benefits of studying in Cyprus

It is highly beneficial to study in Cyprus as it offers affordable and high-quality education. The Cypriot government spends more than 7% of its GDP on its education system. This much GDP is the third-highest funding in the European Union. Cyprus offers top-quality education to its national and international students. The Cypriot universities offer cheaper and affordable education at the lowest tuition rates, ranging from 2400 to 3500 Euros per year.

The accommodation facilities are also affordable in Cyprus. Students can use university shuttle services over public transportation. It is a multilingual country and about 80% of the Cypriot nation speaks English and it is also spoken as an official language in universities for instructions and administration. Students can study double degree programs. International students generally are not required to provide EILTS or TOFEL certificates.

Disadvantages of studying in Cyprus

Although Cyprus provides high-quality education, there are some disadvantages to studying and living in Cyprus. North Cyprus is not recognized as a country but a Turkish-occupied territory. But English is not its official language. Rather, the currency and official language of Cyprus are Turkish. There are no good jobs for international students to do during or after the completion of their studies.

Most jobs are menial and very difficult like construction, furniture making, painting, and for female students are only cleaning jobs. But the most bitter truth is, international students and native citizens are not equally paid. If you are not a student from the European Nations, then it is most likely to face racism by natives.