Study in Canada for Pakistani students on scholarship

Scholarships are non-repayable monetary rewards thats why Study in Canada for Pakistani students on scholarship is highly demanded in Pakistan. They’re normally allocated to high school students with wonderful academic achievements. From time to time high-quality volunteer offerings and work report additionally reason you to eligible to require to enjoy these scholarships.

How Scholarships helps students

✓ Significant scholarships are to be presented to eligible students getting into a Canadian university in varied fields like Engineering, records generation, health sciences, arts, languages, and humanities, and so on.

✓ These scholarships can really worth $10,000 for each scholar for example for incorporated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences there are accurate scholarships within the amount of $7,500 every. It got to be stored in questioning that most of the people of the Canadian scholarships are furnished entirely for college children qualifying for admission to the relevant fields.

Scholarships to Study in Canada

The Canadian Government also offers many scholarships to accommodate international students. You can also apply for these scholarships to cut down your education expenses.

Name of the scholarship


Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

Offers a variety of fellowships ranging from graduate through post-doctoral, as well as research and training scholarships.


Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

This initiative is for the students from Commonwealth Nations who are applying to Masters and Ph.D. programs in advanced study and research. It covers Travel, residence, and mandatory tuition expenses.


Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

Graduate students from a wide range of fields are eligible to apply. Students must accept an offer from an Ontario university and receive a valid study permit before applying.


National Research Council of Canada (NRCC)

Master degree holders in engineering and Ph.D. holders in natural science or engineering subjects are eligible for a research associate ship.


Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

In the case of Quebec students Students pursuing a master’s degree or above may be eligible for financial help. Each application is evaluated individually.