punjab universityPunjab University (PU) is the oldest and most respected higher educational institute of Pakistan. This institute has been the main hub of Pakistan’s education system. PU is a government research university and its main campus is located in the city of Lahore. Lahore is one of the biggest and most advance city of Pakistan where there is no shortage of universities some even ranked globally. However, Punjab University is the most highlighted, popular and favorite of all. Punjab University follows the motto of great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah that is:

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“Faith, Unity and Discipline”

If you have read Pakistan’s history then you must know that there used to be British rule in this region. During that reign British government established this institute for higher education in 1882.There are currently over 40,000 students studying in this institute in different programs and there are also over 1 Lac students enrolled and studying in off-campus programs. According to Wikipedia, they have an academic staff off 730.

Every year hundreds of thousands of student from all over the Pakistan apply in PU for admission but not everyone is lucky enough to become a part of this institute as its merit can be pretty competitive. Two of PU associated scholars have been awarded Nobel Prize that is highest award of all in the world.In this article discussed points are:

  1. Punjab University Campuses
  2. PU Vice Chancellor
  3. PU Affiliated Colleges and Sub-Campuses
  4. Departments, Colleges and Institutes in PU
  5. PU Student Hall of Residence
  6. How to Apply for Admission at PU
  7. Faculty of PU
  8. PU Offered Scholarships
  9. Contacts and Address

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Punjab University Main Campus:

Main campus of PU is located in Lahore. It is a huge campus of 7.2 kilometers making it largest institute of Pakistan. It is a beautiful campus with a great number of departments, institute and colleges inside it. Most of the campus is covered in green and you will find a lot of great places to sit in peace or hang around with friends. There are actually two PU campuses in Lahore named:

  1. AllamaIqbal Campus
  2. Quaid-i-Azam Campus

Campus that British built was AllamaIqbal campus now also referred to as old campus.It is located in the area of Lahore called Anarkali. Later second campus was built in the same city near Canal. This second campus was named Quaid-i-Azam Campus and today it is the huge main campus of prestigious Punjab Univeristy.

PU Vice Chancellor:

Chancellor of Punjab University and all government universities in the province of Punjab is the Governor of Punjab. Main governing authority of PU is the Vice Chancellor that is appointed on great merit of education and scholarly achievements. Current Vice Chancellor of Punjab University is the great scholar Dr. ZaffarMueenNasar. He is a well-known economist and educationistwith over 33years of experience in education,teaching,research and education management.

PU Affiliated Colleges and Sub-Campuses:

Other than its two campuses in Lahore, PU also has 3 more Sub-Campuses in different cities of Punjab and many affiliated colleges.Other three campuses are located in:

  1. Khanaspur
  2. Gujranwala
  3. Jhelum

There are hundreds of colleges affiliated with Punjab University. Here see complete List of PU Affiliated Colleges.

 PU Faculties:

As Punjab University have to secure the title of most Respected and biggest university of Pakistan, it has developed almost every faculty that is to play a role in the education of its student. There are currently 12 faculties in Punjab University.

  1. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  2. Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Commerce
  4. Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  7. Faculty of Islamic Studies
  8. Faculty of Law
  9. Faculty of Life-Sciences
  10. Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  11. Faculty of Oriental Learning
  12. Faculty of Pharmacy

PU Student Hall of Residence:

To home a big population of students from all over the Pakistan, PU is also provides the facility of Hall of Residence for its students. Its student Halls of Residence are located inside the main campus. In these Halls there are hundreds of dormitories (small rooms) where 2 to 3 live in each.All basic needs like electricity, internet and mess is provided to students. There are total 28 Halls for male students and 11 Halls for female students. There are about 7,000 students living in these Halls. Also you can visit UET.

Admission Procedure at PU:

In order to get admission in Punjab University, you will most probably have to take part in a test first. They had association with NTS for entry tests before but now they no longer acquire their services. You can get admission form at the campus you can download it. After filling the admission, it has to be submitted at the campus with the admission fees. Please check more detail for admission in Punjab University.

Here is PU Fee Structure for Foreigner Students

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