prime minister laptop schemeThough Pakistan is not a developed country nor its education system is among dominant of the world but still, our government tries its best to make development in the field of education. The government of Pakistan initiates multiple schemes in order to facilitate deserving students on the basis of merit. There is an other well known scheme which is called prime minister laptop scheme. after the successful completion of pm laptop scheme 2016  now hec announced the hec laptop scheme 2017.

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According to this scheme all eligible students are rewarded in different ways that can be helpful for them in future.A huge budget of 21 Billion rupees was allocated for laptop rewards for programs of 2014 – 2018. Now this scheme is in its third phase and applications are being collected to allot laptops to eligible students.

hec student search

Every year many students all over the Pakistan from the middle class to Doctorate programs are given reward in the form of cash, scholarships, solar panels, and laptops. A lot of students are doing hec student search for laptop scheme. Each scheme and reward has its own eligibility criteria and according to Prime Minister’s claim, everyone is to be rewarded on strict basis of specified merit. In this article, we will discuss these Laptop schemes, who distribute them, who are granted, why they are granted and how can you qualify for a laptop of Prime Minister Laptop Scheme or HEC laptop scheme.

prime minister laptop scheme, Who distributes

As discussed above all these schemes are actually started and governed by the government of Pakistan in Punjab province and capital Islamabad. The government uses the medium of Higher Education Commission to operate them. Higher Education Commission is responsible for maintaining the quality of Higher Education all over the Pakistan. It is their job to identify and resolve the errors with the education system. If a university degree is not recognized by HEC it has no value in world or Pakistan whatsoever. In the government of PMLN which got elected in 2013, prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and in Punjab province CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz sharif decided to give laptops to the bright students of colleges and universities. Every year when PM laptop scheme distribution is announced, HEC then decides the merit criteria and it is their job to verify the applicant’s record. prime minister laptop scheme merit list can be found on HEC official website. HEC laptop registration forms are made available in all HEC recognized government universities and online. This is also called Hec laptop scheme.

Why They Distribute Laptops?

All you have to do is fill the form and submit it after that you are informed of the results. Since the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, president and chairman of PMLN, numerous projects have started that fund students in every way possible to motivate them to work hard in further education and do something back for the country. It started from the province of Punjab and today these PM laptop schemes are accessible all over the Pakistan.The real purpose of these projects is development in the field of education and by distributing laptops in college and university students, government aim to advance the technology and digital revolution.

Who They Reward Laptops?

Every year One Lac students are rewarded laptops all around the Pakistan on the basis merit.Student has to be registered in a government Higher Education Commission approved educational institute. Only students from undergraduate programs to postgraduate programs, research students of MS, MPhil and PhD will receive the laptop. In addition, Associate Engineer Diploma students in the field of Polytechnic are also included for laptops scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for HEC Laptop scheme 2017:

  • Candidate has to be student of HEC recognized public university.
  • Candidate has to be student of undergraduate, postgraduate, research programs or associate engineering diploma in polytechnic.
  • Students of distance learning program currently admitted in Allama Iqbal Open University or Virtual University can apply for this reward.
  • Federal Government (ICT) and FATA candidates who are under the Federal Government and studying in public universities are eligible to apply. find at laptop registration form.
  • Candidates who are students of Intermediate from FATA and other Tribal Areas are also eligible for this program.
  • Candidate must have at least 70% marks or a CGPA of 2.8 from a total of 4.
  • PHD students who got admission till 30th June 2011 for Ph.D Degree will be selected.
  • The students who got admission in M.Phil.MS Program till 30 June 2014 will be eligible for this scheme.
  • For MBA qualification (3.5/2.5/1.5) the candidates got admitted on 31st December 2014, 2013 & 2012 of same date as 31st of each year.
  • For Masters degree (16 years) admission must be done on 30 June 2014.
  • Under Graduate (5/4) candidates must got admission on 30 June 2011/30 June 2012 are eligible to be selected for this scheme.
  • Diploma of Associate Engineering candidates who have got admission on 30 June 2013 are liable to apply.
  • A/FS.c (For FATA & rest of the Tribal Areas) the candidates who have got admission on 30 June 2014 are eligible.

How to Qualify for PM Laptop Scheme 2017:

You must have now read the above mentioned eligibility criteria that you must fulfill in order to get a laptop. One thing to remember is that the Laptop scheme is announced every year and every year laptops are distributed among the potential students. If you don’t qualify for a laptop once then you should not lose your heart. If you are a undergraduate or post graduate student then you will get more than one chance to apply for the laptop as long as you are a student.

First admission in a public sector university is important for that I am afraid you will just have to work hard get good grades and pass entry tests. Once you get in university then they have your full record including your marks.HEC verifies all its records from university and grants reward on this basis. In order to qualify you must have demanded grades. First your goal should be that your grades are not less than 70% percent then if you don’t qualify one year you should work again a little to your grades up and apply next year. It is always better to be prepared prior hand as your marks are also directly associated to your further career.

How to Apply for Prime minister Laptop Scheme:

In order to apply for PM laptop scheme, there are two ways offered. One is by submitting a form online and other is to directly consult your university department’s information office.

To apply online for PM laptop scheme, you should to page of HEC laptop scheme at their official website. Here is the link: “ Laptop Scheme”. There you will be given the option to apply for laptop.When you click it then a form will appear on screen where you will have to provide all your academic and personal information including CNIC. Once you have applied then you can enter your CNIC and university name to filter your record to check your application status.

hec laptop scheme

Otherwise, you can simply go to your department’s information office where prime minister laptop scheme forms will be available once the scheme is re announced. You will have to fill the form of pm laptop scheme, get signatures of your Head of Department and then submit it back to information office. After that your university will be responsible for further process and informing you of the result. You should keep visiting the site of HEC website and check the latest status of HEC laptop scheme.

Queries for Prime minister Laptop Scheme:

If you have any query about prime minister laptop scheme, you can freely ask WSLConsultants for laptop scheme latest news, we are here for your service. WSLConsultants is one of Pakistan’s biggest Study Abroad Consultant team with a wide network and success rate.