ntsAny student who ever applied for admission in a university or a job must have a good awareness of NTS. The word NTS that you heard a lot actually means National Testing Service. Just as its name manifests, it is a proper testing system and, as a matter of fact, Pakistan’s most renowned one. They conduct appropriate exams of students to test their eligibility for certain positions like a vacant job post or seat in a university. If you ever took NTS exam then you must know that their testing system is not a piece of cake as students have to work very hard and prepare as much as possible just to be able to pass it.

History of NTS:

While many institute and scholars are very grateful for this organization, a great number of students hate the establishment of NTS because of their tough testing system. As much as you may like or dislike it, NTS came into being in July 2002. It was established at a time when a number of departments and institutes felt a need for such system that would filter the number of applicants based on their abilities. This way it was less effort for them and they would also get the best of eligible candidates. So, as its requirement was demanded in Information Technology Policy and National Education Policy of Government of Pakistan, they finalized the decision of putting this idea to practice and thus we got our respected (or hated in some cases) National Testing Service.

NTS Achievements:

People mistake NTS as a governmental organization because of the value and respect it is granted in Pakistan by educational institutes and departments of all fields.NTS is actually a Private Organization that is governed by a Board of Directors. In its successful journey of 14 years, NTS has come a long way and today it is not just a testing service but it is a symbol or promoting merit and it also has the liberty of ranking the education system on college and university which quite a big honor for a private organization. Its tests and valuations have become a permanent part of many well-known and respected educational institutes like COMSATS, Bahauddin Zakariya University, and many other engineering and medical universities. In addition, NTS is also playing a permanent and vital role of recruitment in many public and private organizations.


These two are a different kind of tests, FPSC is a test taken by federal public service commission in Islamabad. PPSC is another type of test which is taken by Punjab Public service commission.

 Purpose of NTS:

National Testing Service aims to make Pakistan market the best of the world by producing the best of the human resources that can compete and win all international standards. To materialize the prestigious objective, it facilitates Pakistani organizations with the best possible testing and assessment services. It is working to establish and further develop the standards in the field of education and professions.

To fulfill its purpose, it also conducts research on educational and professional systems of Pakistan. This way it evaluates the liabilities that are pulling our systems backward so it can be adjusted.NTS is admired on international levels that can be guessed by its membership of International Association for Educational Assessment and recognition by our very own Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

NTS Tests and Products 

NTS Tests as mentioned above are the most successful and admired tests in Pakistan. Their work and quality is respected in internationally. They have different categories and designs known as their Test and Products that are used to scrutinize for different positions. These test and products are used for the test of:

  1. Admissions
  2. Scholarships
  3. Recruitment
  4. Promotions
  5. Assessment
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility

All of these tests and assessments can be divided into Two main categories that are specified according to their purpose. These categories have further products to examine the abilities for above-mentioned purposes. These NTS categories are called:

  1. National Tests
  2. International Tests

National Tests:

These are called national tests because are conducted to the server for purposes only on the national level. By national level mean everything that is within the boundaries of Pakistan. These tests may be used for admission in a university within Pakistan or a job that is in Pakistan. National Test result certificate has great value in Pakistan but they are useless when it comes to international level other than making a bullet on your resume. Still, these tests follow a pattern that is being used on an international level by organizations such as SAT or GRE. All of NTS offered National Tests are mentioned below:

  1. National Aptitude Test (NAT) – for the undergraduate program
  2. Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) -General
  3. Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) -Subject
  4. Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAWGAT)
  5. National Teachers Database Program (NTDP)
  6. Medical Representatives Certification Program (MRCP)
  7. Customized Tests
  8. E-marking

International Tests:

NTS being Pakistan’s most famous testing service also facilitates in tests are internationally accepted. These tests can be used to apply for post or seat in a foreign company or institute. All of NTS international test is to administer international language proficiency, especially of English and behavioral examination. In language tests, a candidate’s language skills in English or French (only language test offered by NTS) are inspected on different levels depending on the product. Even in the English language, there are different types of test to inspect different categories and levels of skills like there is one test for Listening and Reading, and there is another test for Speaking and Writing. In addition, there are also tests for the primary and junior level of students depending on the program they applied for. All of NTS International Tests are following:


  1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Primary – +8 years
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Junior – +11 years
  3. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)-ITP
  4. Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) – L&R
  5. Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) – S&W
  6. Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Bridge
  7. WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit
  8. Test de Français International (TFI) – Proficiency test for French


Following are some of the most used test products in Pakistan offered by NTS.

National Aptitude Test (NAT):

nat test

National Aptitude Test is used in Pakistan to get admission in universities and DAIs that are associated with it.NAT is designed according to the respective subject group. Candidates who apply for certain educational institutions which are associated with NTSmust go through this phase. They are given a single test only which they must pass. Once students have passed this test then they apply for the university with the result card of NAT provided to them by NTS. However, if you have once attended these tests doesn’t mean they will work for the lifetime as they have an expiry. NAT result is only valid for One Year and after that, you will have to retake this test to apply for admission with NAT result card.

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) – General

gat test

Graduate Assessment Test – General is a necessity to prove your eligibility for multiple objectives. You must take part and score merit points if you wish to apply for a scholarship that is being granted by the Higher Education Commission or Ministry of Education. In addition, this test by NTS is a must to get admission in MS or M.Phil. programs in all the universities of Pakistan. GAT – General test is conducted on every three-month basis. This test result is valid up to two years and after that, you must pass this test again to use GAT result card. According to NTS official website this test is very much like the GRE- General test that is used on an international level to get admission in a foreign university. However, this GAT is locally based and can only be used within Pakistan.

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) – Subject

Graduate Assessment Test (Subject) is very much similar to GAT – General but this one is specified for Ph.D. programs. If you wish to get admission in the any university of Pakistan then you must clear GAT (Subject) first. This test is only two times a year and just like GAT- General, its result remains valid for two years. In addition, to being an obstacle for Ph.D. students this test is used in many private and government organizations. If organizations, associated with NTS, have to recruit or promote individuals they acquire services of NTS which conducts the test named GAT (Subject) to inspect their eligibility.


TOEFL –ITP means Test of English Language as Foreign Language – Institutional Testing Programs. It is one of NTS International Test. This test is paper-based and used to examine the English language proficiency of those who are non-native English speakers by using academic contents in the test.


TOEIC – L & R means Test of English for International Communication, Listening and Reading. As its name shows, it tests the ability of English in Listening and Reading. This is a test for a beginner at a very basic level or in other words intermediate level. Taking part in this test, candidates can understand their English proficiency level and work further to improve it.


TOEIC – S&W means Test of English for International Communication, Speaking, and Writing.This test used by many organizations on an international level to measure the English communication abilities of their future employees. A big organization doesn’t just require their workers to have technical skills and soft skill like communication is a must to deal with other companies and do business in a professional environment. So, to improve or test their employees’ listening, reading speaking and writing in English they acquire services of NTS and conduct TOEIC- S&W.

How to Prepare for NTS Tips

Thousands of students every year take tests designed by NTS. As famous as NTS tests have become, almost every student in Pakistan have to go through this examination at least once in life.Every time you take this test, there is usually something important online like admission in a good university or a respected job. So, it is always very important to pass NTS. Here we have shared some of the best and most useful tips based on experience to pass NTS with good score.

1 –   Start Preparation Beforehand:

If you leave a task to tomorrow, that tomorrow will never come. Laziness wastes a great a deal of your time and with energy is also surfed for no reason. If you really wish to score well in NTS then you must take it seriously and start preparing as soon as possible. Don’t look for friends to join up or wait for the date sheet to come out.You know the subjects you need to prepare and get the syllabus and start self-preparing. The sooner you start the better you are prepared for your test. That time will not go in vain.

2 –   Set Study Timetable:

Self-disciplined mango very far in life. But one has to make itself disciplined. The worst one can do himself is wasting his time at times like this where you have to prepare for an important test. If you don’t want to waste your time and utilize in the best manner then you must set a timetable for your study. Make a schedule for daily chores and specify the time for your study. Set time when you go to sleep when you must wake up and you will not do anything else in that time. If you have specified that time to study, then you must continuously do your study at that time. It is always better to keep breaks in your schedule as a normal human can’t focus on study for continuous hours and needs to freshen their minds.

3 –   Understand the Test Format:

Every NTS test has its own format and structure depending on your application. TOEFL of NTS has its own pattern and NAT has its own. Some of the tests are paper-based and some are taken on computers in soft form.It is recommended to get the paper pattern which you can find in NTS books. After you get test format you will have a better understanding of what your goal is and how to prepare for it. This should one of the earliest tasks you should do.

4 -Use Up to Date Papers:

Up to date or past papers are a great way to prepare for your upcoming test. When you read old papers it gives you an insight of how your test will be, how difficult it is going to be, what your level is compared to it and how to prepare for a required level.You can easily find these up to date papers of NTS in any book shop. Be sure to get the papers of your own test. If you have to pass NAT of a particular subject then you must get NAT papers of that particular subject, any other subject’s paper might mislead you.

5 –   Organize Study in Group:

You learn more in group studies as everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. Group study helps you overcome your weaknesses and further develop your strengths.Once you have learned something, the best way to clear and brace your concepts is by teaching them. When you teach something, it clears all confusions that you could have in your mind and while you are teaching, you will get new questions and you might have missed.

6 –   Learn Academic Vocabulary:

In the essay-based test, you must use a formal language based on academic vocabulary. You should read books and get a general idea of what academic vocabulary is and then must practice it. For this purpose, you should also have good writing skills.

7 –   Take Practice Test:

The books you will use for NTS preparation will have the entire syllabus divided into chapters.You should follow their order and study accordingly. It is also recommended to take a test of yourself after you have completed one chapter. This way you can know where you stand on your preparation and if all the time you surfed on studying was worth or not. You can find or make your test from the end or exercise of each chapter from NTS book. After your test, if you feel that your preparation is not good enough then you change your method or style of studying.

8 –   Increase Your General Knowledge:

NTS tests also require a good general of knowledge of your field. They are not limited to one book or a paper. They test the overall general ability of the student to check eligibility. To get good grades you should read as much as possible to increase your knowledge. You should spend time with the seniors or teachers in your field and learn as much as possible. The more knowledge you have, the more chances of getting better score increases.

9 –   Be Independent:

Becoming an independent is the best thing you could do to yourself. You should not depend on anyone and do everything by yourself in every field of life. This rule especially applies to your education. Instead of depending on your friends, teacher or anyone else, you should do all your study yourself without waiting for anyone. Do keep in mind that no one else is going to help you. This way, when you feel alone, you will prepare better. You must depend on anyone especially no during the test. The NTS tests you get are very strict in rules, five tests of different colors and questions are prepared and divided in each class. So, you can just forget cheating.

10 –   Strengthen Your English:

Strong knowledge of your English language is very important to pass NTS test. Without a good understanding of this language, it can get pretty difficult to survive NTS tests. You will be given questions in English that you must fully understand in order to answer them. There is also part in some NTS tests where a student has to do some problem solving and a big problem is written on question paper in such English that can’t be easy to understand even for those who fluently speak in English. So, make sure to strengthen your English language as much as possible.

How to Enroll for NTS Test

Enrollment procedures for all NTS test are almost the same and very simple. There are different types of tests i.e. NAT and GAT; each test has its own requirement and fee. To enroll for NTS test you will have to visit the official website of NTS.

Enrollment for NTS International Test:

For all International Tests like TOEFL will register by filling the application form and then sending to the following:


  • National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS), Plot # 1-E, Street # 46, Sector I-8/2, Islamabad.


  • +92-51-9101239


  • 0337-0778778


  • +92-51-9258480


Following are the links to download an application form. Their fees are mentioned on the forms.

Enrollment for NTS National Test

Enrollment for GAT – General and Subject:

You will be given an online Application Form and Bank Deposit Slip after creating the account. Follow the following instructions to register for GAT – General and Subject.

  1. Go to NTS Online Registration(click the link)for GAT – General and Subject.
  2. You will have to fill all the required information and create an account.
  3. Download Bank Deposit Slip.
  4. Pay Bank deposit fee through bank deposit slip in the online branches of MCB, UBL, HBL or ABL.
  5. Then enter bank deposit information into NTS online Registration Portal to proceed your application
  6. Select product of your choice from the given list on that form
  7. Enter bank deposit information into NTS online Registration Portal to further proceed your application
  8. You may also be prompted to provide your formal photograph with full face exposure.
  9. Send the original deposit slip to NTS Headquarter at (Islamabad Office),1-E, Street No. 46, I-8/2, Islamabad

Enrollment for Law GAT and NAT:

  1. Click the link to download the Application Form for NAT
  2. Click the link to download the Application Form for Law GAT
  3. Bank Deposit Form is attached to the application form
  4. Fill registration form and bank deposit slip
  5. Pay Bank deposit fee through bank deposit slip in the online branches of MCB, UBL, HBL or ABL.
  6. Attach 2 photographs (1 x 1.5 inch) at the front of the registration form
  7. Send the Deposit Slip and Application For with two attached photographs to NTS Headquarter at (Islamabad Office), 1-E, Street No. 46, I-8/2, Islamabad

NTS Roll Number Slips and Results:

After you have enrolled as discussed in our Enrollment section further information or steps will be entertained by NTS to you. Be sure to given valid address on your form because that is where your NTS Roll Number Slip and NTS Result Card will be sent.

NTS keeps updating all of the required information on their website. All latest news regarding NTS can be seen there. In addition, if you have any query you can share it on their online forum.

You can also your Roll Number Slip online on the official website of NTS. Here is the link to see Latest Lists of Students Enrolled. They have also updated the information of the students who may have made mistake in their application.

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Latest NTS news

After giving the NTS test students are very eager to see their results and it is difficult to wait for results to come to your home. To ease this excitement of students NTS also provides the facility to see online results. Here is the link to see all the Latest Test Results. If you don’t see your test mentioned there, you can visit again later as the execution of results might still be in the process. We will keep you update regarding latest nts news as well.