Kyrgyzstan has top universities for MBBS studies. Few are following:

  • International Medical University, Kyrgyzstan
  • The International School of Medicine ISM, University of Kyrgyzstan
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International Medical University, Kyrgyzstan

IMU Kyrgyzstan Bishkek, IMU Bishkek International Medical University, Established in 2016 Based-in Bishkek Town, Kyrgyz Republic. IMU Bishkek The WHO & Worldwide Students are be suitable for PM&DC, MCI & ECFMG Certifications. 

IMU Kyrgyzstan International student registration completed in 2017 and issued05-year M.B.B.S (BACHELOR OF MEDICINE & BACHELOR OF SURGERY) /MD (Medical Doctor) in English Medium.

The International Medical University IMU unlocks there gates to applicants into the aforementioned sectors:

Nursing (MBBS), 

Dental service (BDS), 


Adopting the curriculum authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in these fields and compliance with national education necessities, the IMU has progressed a special extensive college grounds where healthcare, educational and technological educational centers are established with equipped labs and accommodation.

Ranking of IMU Kyrgyzstan is higher than most other research institutions in the country. The University’s covered area comprises 27 acres, including college parking, pharmaceutical research schools, athletics, and resources for society The system of education blends its holistic strategy with the emerging technology and classes. Throughout the state, formal, and English languages, presentations and technical courses were held. On graduation, the State level is given a certificate in higher medical education.

International Medical University IMU, created by the decision of the sole founder of LLC dated July 14 2016 in Bishkek.

MTN is registered as a legal entity in the Ministry of Justice, registration number 160149-3301, Ltd. on July 18, 2016.

The license given by the Kyrgyz Republic Education ministry and Science for the operation of higher education activities dated 14 September 2016. The LD code 160000696, number 16/0385 in the database.5 Years Program.

  • No Donation
  • MCI/PMDC Preparation from 1st Year
  • USMLE Based Syllabus & Preparation
  • Fees Only $1600/Semester
  • Biggest Campus in Kyrgyzstan

The campus has all the requirements to truly entertain itself in the process of learning. Students attend uni not just in Kyrgyzstan, but also in places like Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Palestine, the Russian Federation, Mongolia, South Korea, Europe, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan, Nepal, Myanmar, Turkey, Syria, etc. International Medical University is a multi-level education program.

Description of IMU, Kyrgyzstan International Medical University:

  • Lowest & affordable Kyrgyzstan MBBS fee schedule.
  • More than 1000 students from foreign countries (India, Nepal, Pakistan and others) undertake admission in MBBS & MD. 3. The MBBS degree period is five years, which includes 1 year of medical experience (4 + 1).
  • The International College of Medicine of Kyrgyzstan has 03 allied hospitals.
  •  Your gradation is compatible with PM&DC / WHO / MCI standards and is equal to that of WHO medical qualified alumnae.

The International School of Medicine ISM, University of Kyrgyzstan

The International Medicine School ISM, University of Kyrgyzstan delivering MBBS & MD in English language. The primary catalyst for the creation of the college was a proposal to overhaul the Kyrgyz education system and improve the productivity for local Institutes, resulting in the ISM management and faculty’s main focus on developing a modern, creative educational establishment that can deliver elevated-quality training.

Presently, the ISM in Kyrgyzstan is a contemporary university with wide-ranging arrangement, trained staff and faculty who are worldwide and some of them internationally famous experts in dissimilar medical fields, qualified medical organizations and departments. 

15 years before, the first registration was only thirteen, while the college currently has about 3,500 students. Most of our undergraduates are foreigners: China, Pakistan, South Korea, Nigeria, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Syria. therefore English is an instructional language.

Fee Structure 2020-21 for MBBS/MD in (ISM)

MBBS program length in ISM: 5 years incl. internship entry fee with documentation = 300 U$D

Points of importance: 

  1. The candidate must reimburse the embassy fee roughly. 70$U$D alone upon landing at Bishkek Airport. 
  2. Fee will be paid at ISM, University of Kyrgyzstan on the very first day of entry.
  3. Students will follow the availability and fee policy of the hostel as advised by the official university.
  4. Students will provide themselves with the air ticket, food expenses, and stationary.
  5. Students will pay the fee & insurance fee for the Residence Permit from 2nd year onwards on their own.
  6. PM&DC & MCI rules and regulations will be followed by Pakistani & Indian students.
  7. Students must obey the policies of Kyrgyzstan’s college and education department.